Alright. Here's a notice. for the reviews.

1) Even thought the Code Lyoko show takes place in France. Mine's taking place in America. It's supposedly right after XANA's shut down. And out of nowhere, this ginat bolty of "lightning" strikes the new computer. However, it unnoticedly hits the four kids standing nearby.

2) The elevator is actually inside an old rundown High School. It's been abandoned since some sort of accident, but no one can remember it now. And there's no written records. Strange? it's a countinuing plot coming up... So there is this old school in a hole that they won't knock down. They use the nearby land, however, as a park.

3) Since it's a different place than the factory, it has a different layout. When Lidnsay and Dusty got off, they saw the computer screens and such. There's like a giant hole in the middle. If you supposedly looked down, there'sa spiral ladder that leads tothis time four scanners, but one was destroyed. The ladder countinues, and leads to that big CPU thingie.

But on a side note, there are actually shots of the order in the french factory the order is Monitor log, Scanners, and XANA tower.

I say the architecture of my version was a little easier to get to, and more of an experiment.


The following is a spoiler to upcoming stories. If you want to hold up as much suspense as you can, Do not read.


Oh great. Why does MaryAnne's family have to be so weird? There's like no on here except a bunch of old people. This hour couldn't be going by any slower... Cleo thought as she made her way across the floor. But not before running head on into someone.

"Uh, sorry, didn't see you... No way." Cleo recognised the person. "Oh, my... what are you doing here?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing!"

"Ah Cleo, I've see you've met my youger cousin Odd..."


Okay, not telling any more! You'll just have to wait!