"Are you sure this is going to work?" The young female scientist questioned.

"Not really, but it is what Soundwave did." He spoke softly uncertainty creeping into his vocal processor, as he looked at his bond mate. He looked at her with the utmost respect; he loved how she was able to keep her armor to a high gloss despite the war that raged around them. "I made sure to note all the steps Soundwave took Uni."

"I know Case, I just want to make sure it has a good start." Uni tilted her head down. "If I had known that Megatron was plotting to start a war I wouldn't have agreed."

"Do not talk like that Megatron wants what is best for all Decepticons that means you and I as well." Uni was always more cautious that he, which resulted in her saving his function cycle on more than on occasion. "I understand though if I had known I would not have started the process. Soundwave never said anything, but you know he hardly ever does."

Uni smiled having worked with the now infamous silent communications expert. "Right. Have you chosen a name for her?" Her bright red optics pulsed slightly in the dim room.

"I was thinking Sustain. Her primary function is to build weapons for the armies, thus sustaining them." He glanced over the smaller chassis that lay on the table between them.

"It fits, but it is not very feminine."

Case took the spark container off the desk, holding it gingerly over the chest cavity he slowly removed the bottom allowing sparks of lighting to arch into the main body. It slid in slowly, and the instant it fully entered the main chamber the proactive casing closed instantly starting the hum of the electronic components. The two Decepticons watched intently as the smaller form's optics blinked once then softly burned.

"I was able to complete the preprogramming, she should be fully functional." Case added. They both waited silently till the Robot on the table sat up. The smaller robot's armor was a dark green, with a few bits of highlights.

Sustain didn't really know what her purpose was other than her knack for weapons. It was obvious that by her alternate mode, a cassette, that she was intended for a cassette host. However to the best of her knowledge she hadn't been build by or related to any of the known hosts like most other cassettes were. Her second alt. mode was also different, the motorcycle mode was hard to come by and not mot mention to Shockwave's knowledge she was the only triple changing cassette.

Her daily activities always consisted of a daydream, something where she would find a place where she would fit in. Her job was simple she deconstructed weapons then reassembled then in a more efficient and powerful way. Each was a project; break down as well as mapping, and then introductions of smaller power converters as well as smaller more powerful power cells, reassembly, and finally testing. Sometimes the project would come to a halt as the new parts had to be rebuilt to fit in, but in the end the result was always the same, stronger longer lasting weapons.

Sustain's superiors were pleased with what she could do and many times a head of schedule. They allowed her to more confidential documents and access to more cutting edge materials, the break through for her came when she was commissioned to work on a weapon that was more than just a weapon he was a transformer.

Such was the case with Shockwave, though he had his own power source, to make best use of it and the space it would allow him was much more logical. Sustain never actually did any of the work on Shockwave, her plans and reapplications of his systems were taken to him approved then implicated by his younger brother Soundwave.

Soundwave interested her though. She had never been asked to go over Soundwave's weapons, but the thought of using sound as a weapon interested her. Not to mention she wanted to meet the infamous cassette host. On her free time she set about building a weapon. It would be her first try as something more or less from scratch. Sustain choose carefully the components of this weapon it wouldn't be just another hand held weapon, this she would build into herself.

Her work place was small by most standards, it was fine for her and fit her smaller size well, and of course the fact that she wasn't a full sized Transformer helped. Each shelf had is labels though warn and incomprehensible, lines of items at the ready, and drawers that were under the tables within arms reach. Sustain sat down and laid out her blueprint, it was one of the things Shockwave had granted to her for her excellent work. She studied her own structure unaccustomed to working on a full body job. It would require more modification than she was capable, her wheels would have to change from the more common spokes to a hollow rim with her forks completely reworked to hold the new rim, the rims themselves would be part of the new weapon in her cycle mode they would fill in and act as amplifiers. She started to draw, as she finished one section and led into another she made what modifications she could.

"Healer, I want you to have a look at this." Sustain finally had decided to announce her plans to her direct supervisor.

"It has a lot of potential." He nodded.

"I have all ready started the process."

"Have you?" He looked her over the dim light with her dark green coloring had concealed the changes well. "I see. Who were you hoping would finish them?"

"I had hoped you might."

"I don't think I am qualified to make most of these." He said with a bit of a huff. "Our commander has however; I will bring this to his attention."

Sustain nodded leaving her manager with a copy of the blue prints. The design its self wasn't really for her as it was her cassette alt. Sure she would be able to use it on her own, but to have it work at its maximum efficiency it would have to be in her cassette mode within a cassette host. She thought for a moment this would most likely mean that her current freedom would be taken and most often she would reside within the host. After examining her thoughts on that she remembered how much Rumble and Frenzy got in trouble, which would mean they would have to be out and about. Surly whom ever she got sent to would allow her such freedom as well. She walked back to her workspace. She couldn't think of another cassette host that she could be sent to, but to think Soundwave was the only one would be too naive. She decided to search a little about Soundwave. Although most of his details were still classified, it did show his other relations. First Shockwave, which she knew was he eldest, a pair of Twins Sythonic and Syphonic, and the youngest mech Datamatrix, most of who were cassette hosts.

'Hmm. Datamatrix.' She thought it seemed familiar. She started another search. This time it yielded a bit more information. Datamatrix's current location, a listing of his cassetticons as well as his current teammates, that triggered her memory banks, it was a search of Megatron that she had come across Datamatrix the first time. She took the time to read the cassette hosts full profile, finding him interesting. 'It would be a lot of pressure to join Soundwave's team. However Datamatrix's team seemed a bit more lax and less demanding.' She didn't like his history though, with the way her weapon was make it was likely that he would use it against other Decepticons.

She thought back over the list of siblings. It would be a possibility that she would be assigned to one of the twins. Both having been an Autobot didn't thrill her. For the moment as far as she was concerned Soundwave was the only possibility; should she have a choice.

It took sometime to hear back from Shockwave, which she used to fine-tune some of the modifications she had done recently. To her surprise Shockwave had agreed to d the work himself.

"Commander Shockwave wants you to come immediately." Without a word Sustain took off with Healer in the direction of the citadel.

Once at the command center Shockwave didn't hesitate to tell her what he wanted. "I understand you have made many self modifications."

Sustain nodded.

"Good. That will cut down the installation time nevertheless I will scrutinize them. If you are to be a warrior you will need to be in perfect operational order." The larger purple mech finally turned his attention to Sustain. "This way." He led her to a lab where a few drone where preparing a table. Needing not to be asked she sat on the slab. Shockwave brought over a smaller wheeled tray that contained many of the new assembly parts. "You can self stasis or I will do it for you." His tone of voice seemed arrogant. With an inward sigh she took most of her subroutines offline then powered down her optics.

He internal clock chronometer's alarm was triggered, and all her other functions restored. Sustain's optics didn't flicker, coming on a bright scarlet red.

"Modifications completed." Shockwave announced with his back to her. "Each cassette host you enter will yield a different result, due to their own unique capabilities. I will require you to learn to control this first. Without self-control you run the risk of damage to the host. I have arranged for you to join Soundwave. He has the most patients for these circumstances."

Once the Cassetticons and their leaders Thundertron, and Soundwave finally made it back to Cybertron for refueling, Sustain finally got to meet them. She stood there as the much larger daunting and noisy Thundertron looked her over and basically scoffed. The war soiled leader would have rolled his optics if he could have.

"Another cassette, as if there weren't enough little pests running around to piss me off?" Thundertron walked straight for Shockwave. "Is there anything else you want to unload on me now?"

"I am not just a little cassette." Sustain spoke, her bit of hesitation pushed a side at the idea that she would be put in the same category as Rumble and Frenzy.

"What, do you dare?" Thundertron turned back and approached Sustain who only came to his mid section.

"You don't know what I am capable of, how dare you accuse me of something you know not."

Thundertron's optic ridge rose as he turned back to Shockwave. "What is this she speaks of?"

"There have been numerous modifications to her person that have yet to be entered into the database. I assure you that it will be done brusquely."

"See that it is." Thundertron finished, the then turned and headed into the command office.

Soundwave stood before Sustain who in turn looked up at him with nearly an awe expression. He nodded to her then approached his elder brother his two younger siblings Sythonic and Syphonic. Sustain watched the idea of being part of one of the more known teams was exciting. Valclaron, walked by and she had not realized who he was until his face mask slid down over his face. She scanned around, and decided that the cassettes themselves must have been within Soundwave as no one but Star Raider followed. It was just as well Rumble and Frenzy might have taken offence, and while she knew she'd have to prove herself to them at some point that wouldn't have been the best way to start off.

Even now though that time has passed and to put a fine point on it Sustain had risked everything for the good of the team. Rumble and Frenzy had started to respect her when she managed to get a higher kill count then they had. She had even begun to understand some of the body language that Laserbeak and Buzzsaw used, making her feel welcomed to the team. One thing still stayed on her mind, her new design had made her a weapon, and it had been not yet tested.