Summary: What if Voldemort never existed? What would Harry's life be like? Living with his parents and older brother and younger sister? Perhaps it wouldn't be as good as you might think…

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Chapter 1: What did I do wrong?

It was a dazzlingly sunny day in the middle of one of the hottest summers for several years. Godric's Hollow was bathed in sunlight, Harry Potter was dozing in his favorite spot, inside a hollow tree, which he had stumbled upon on of his explores of the small wood on the grounds several years ago. Thankful for the peace and quiet of the shady tree and the privacy of its hidden entrance he dozed on peacefully.

"Harry!" Yelled a red headed woman from the door of the house

Harry opened an eye lazily.

"Harry!" she yelled again "Get in here NOW!"

Harry sighed before getting up and strolling over to the house.

"There you are! Get inside!" she yelled angrily

"Sorry mum" Harry muttered ducking under her arm and heading into the house

"Dinners on the table" she told him shaking her head "go on!"

Harry headed into the kitchen and took his seat next to his brother Dawson who ignored him completely and tucked into his plate of food hungrily as his dad walked into the room.

"Hey Dad! Guess what!" Dawson said happily

"What?" James asked as he sat down

"I got my letter!" Dawson grinned madly

"Really?" James said excitedly "Great!"

Lily smiled sat down next to Aimee, Harry's sister.

"We'll go shopping for your stuff tomorrow!" Lily smiled

"Mummy can we go to the ice cream place?" Aimee asked "Pretty please!"

"Of course we can!" Lily said "after we've got Dawson's stuff"

"Can we go to…" Harry started hopefully

"No" James said before Harry finished his sentence

Harry looked back down at his plate and began picking at his potatos.

"Will I get my wand?" Dawson asked

"Of course" James said proudly

"And a new broom?" Dawson asked innocently

"Well you can't take it to school but yeah ok then, the new Comet came out last week I suppose you want it! I fancy one myself!" James said

"Can I have one?" Harry asked awestruck

"Of course not" James said sharply "you've never been on a broom in your life why would you need a broom especially a Comet…"

"Can I learn to fly then?" Harry asked

"Maybe later" James said lazily

"Mummy, when can I go to Hogwarts?" Aimee asked hopefully

"Not yet sweetie you have to be a bit older before you can go to Hogwarts" Lily explained

"Can I go with Dawson?" She asked

"No sweetie" Lily smiled "You have to wait your turn"

"Please can I? I really really want to go!" she asked

"No Aimee like your mum said not yet" James agreed

"How about we get you a new pet sweetie" lily said seeing Aimee getting tearful

"Okay!" Aimee said "I want a kitty!"

The cheerful conversation about the trip to Diagon alley for Dawson's School Equipment continued until they had all finished eating. After the meal Harry headed up to his room.

Harry loved his room it was small but cozy with his bed next to the window with a little desk with selves and draws etc next to it. Against the opposite wall was a small seating area filled with cushions and around it on the walls were more shelves and draws littered with random objects. Harry had crimson red curtains draped around is bed and the walls were covered in moving and still pictures, drawing and little pieces of written work. On his small wardrobe sat a beautiful little owl with tattered wings that Harry had brought a few years ago with some birthday money. The owl dozed happily occasionally clicking its beak. Harry shut the door behind him.

"Whisper! " Harry said softly. The owl opened a bleary eye and fluttered gently on to Harry's arm where Harry stroked her shimmering coat and fed her an owl treat before she flew gently back up to her perch.

Harry pulled out his sketch book from his desk draw and took his pencil case from the desk too and clambered up onto his bed. He pulled the curtains back and fastened them securely with their ties to the walls before beginning a sketch of Whisper. Harry continued to sketch peacefully until he heard his dad's voice echoing through the house.

"Harry Get down here now!" James yelled

Harry hurried downstairs glancing in the rooms as he passed to see which his father was in. finally he found him in the second living room.

"What did you do with Aimee's Marvin the Muggle Magician book?" James asked

"Nothing dad" Harry said honestly

"Nothing? Nothing! Well then where has it disappeared too then?" James spat angrily pushing Harry towards the wall "You know its her favorite book"

"Sorry dad I don't know where it is" Harry said truthfully

"I don't believe you, you little liar" James yelled pushing Harry into the wall and clenching his fist round Harry's left arm. "Where is it?"

"I don't know honest!" Harry said close to tears

"Don't give me that rubbish" James spat and Harry whimpered as his fathers hand came into contact with his face hard.

"Sssorry" He muttered

"Get out of here" James said viciously pushing Harry into the wall once more.

Harry scampered out of the room as fast as he could and hurried back to his bedroom and collapsed on his bed tears running down his cheeks.

'Why me' He thought sadly 'why can't I be perfect like Dawson or Aimee? Why don't my parents love me?'

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