Chapter 15

"What did you do?" Dawson asked Harry as he followed Ron and Hermione into the common room after his last class of the day

"What?" Harry asked taking a step back from his angry looking brother

"Mum's just been over the floo" Dawson explained "She was in tears! Dad's been arrested!"

"I didn't mean too!" Harry blurted out as Dawson grabbed his collar

"Dawson leave him alone. Now." Sirius's deep voice came from behind Harry

"Sirius! Come on you don't believe the little…" Dawson hissed

"What your Dad did was wrong Dawson, don't turn out like him." Sirius warned him "If I see your hands anywhere near Harry again you will wish you were the one heading for Azkaban." hed spat "come on Harry I need a word back at Remus's quarters." he added to his godson

Dawson let go of Harry and watched as his younger brother followed Sirius out of the common room.

"I was coming to find you to tell you he'd be arrested but it looks like Dawson got there first" Sirius told Harry as they walked "We thought you might be better off with us tonight just incase... Well you know" Harry nodded

"What's going to Happen now?" Harry asked curiously

"Well they will question your father under Veritesirum, then they will probably want to question you under it as well, then once they have the two stories and evidence given from other people probably Casey, Remus and Myself then it will be brought before the Wizengmot and they will decide the conviction." Sirius explained

"I have to be questioned?" Harry paled

"Yes, to back up your story." Sirius explained "Don't worry they ask the questions and the Veritesirum will help you tell the truth."

"Oh" Harry replied "I don't want to do this Sirius." He muttered

"Tough kid, you've got to make sure your father gets what he deserves and knows he wont get away with things like this." Sirius replied bluntly "You'll be fine."

"I wont." Harry replied "I can't face him" he blushed and pulled up his sleeve showing Sirius the fresh wounds on his arm "I can't"

"Gods Harry!" Sirius said grabbing his godsons arm "I thought…"

"I cant stop, I deserved…" Harry started

"Don't you dare say you deserved that." Sirius snapped "You didn't. End off. I don't ever want to hear you say that again ok?"

"Sorry" Harry whispered

"Or that. You have nothing to apologise for." Sirius told him "Come on lets go inside I'm sure Remus can do something for your arm."

"Don't tell him please Sirius!" Harry pleaded

"He'll find out eventually and if he smells blood on you again he will check you so you don't have much choice really kid." Sirius explained "Honesty in this case the for once the best policy."

"Never thought I'd hear you say that" Harry muttered a small smile crossing his face

"I can be responsible if I want!" Sirius winked "Come on Kid"

Harry heading into the living area of the quarters where he was met by Remus who took one look at his arm and immediately sat Harry down and started applying a healing potion and a bandage.

"See he only bites on full moons" Sirius smirked causing Harry to burst out laughing

"He's an idiot" Remus rolled his eyes "You ok?"

"Yeah, I was just worried about facing him and what he would do when he found out…" Harry explained

"Good job I got there when I did, Dawson wasn't too pleased." Sirius told Remus "I think we'd be scraping Harry off the wall if I hadn't gotten there when I did." he added with a laugh

"Sirius that's not funny!" Remus told him

"Don't worry he wont be touching Harry again." Sirius replied seriously "I'll make it known that if he messes with Harry he will be the one plastered on a wall." he added winking at Harry who smiled.

After Remus had thrashed Sirius in a game of wizard chess much to Harry's amusement as he watched from the table where he had been doing his Potions homework. Harry laughed as he watched his godfather throw the chess board across the room swearing.

"I think… Its time… you turned… in." Remus told Harry between fits of laughter

"Ok Remus" Harry smiled he closed the book and headed into his room "Night Remus, Night Sirius."

"Night Harry!" Remus replied as Sirius sat in an armchair pulling a face

"Night." Sirius nodded before going back to sulking

Harry laughed a little as he shut the door and dug out some old pyjamas which he slipped into.

"Harry?" Sirius's voice asked as he knocked on Harry's bedroom door as Harry climbed into bed.

"Yes?" Harry asked pulling the duvet over himself.

"I just wanted to check you were ok" Sirius nodded "Plus I wanted to make sure you didn't think I was annoyed with you…"

"What because you're a bad loser?" Harry asked innocently laughing a little

"I am not!" Sirius complained "Well I am!"

"No I knew you weren't being stroppy with me" Harry nodded "I'm not thick Sirius"

"That good to hear." Sirius laughed "Ok then kid, you get a good nights sleep."

"Sirius?" Harry looked up at his godfather who was leaving the room

"Yes Harry?" Sirius asked as he turned round

"What will happen to me if dad is sent to Azkaban?" Harry asked nervously

"I will hopefully be assigned as your guardian." Sirius told him quickly "Because of the whole werewolf thing Remus can't be but as I'm your godfather I'm the obvious choice anyway, if I'm not immediately then I will fight for you ok kid?"

Harry nodded

"Good, now get some sleep and stop worrying, you wont be going anywhere!" Sirius ruffled Harry's hair affectionately before leaving the room.