At first I wanted to write a Hana-Kimi story but then I realized that I couldn't get the words out the wanted and I got bored with it. Next I wanted to write an Inuyasha story but the same thing quickly happened once again. So now I guess I'll write a Gundam Seed story… Haven't done that in a long time, this will be interesting.

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Lacus woke up to the sound of birds chirping at her window. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around her room. Her pink Haro jumped up to say good morning to her. "Morning Haro!" It stated blissfully.

She smiled holding it in her hand. Getting out of bed she placed a robe around her body and walked into the garden. 'It looks just like they describe the Garden of Eden.' She thought to herself.

The thought made her smile. She had a little piece of paradise right in her own backyard. 'But then again my garden could never actually compare to God's paradise.' "Ms. Lacus," a voice came from behind her.

She turned around seeing who it was. She did not recognize the man that had just said her name. He was short and balding with great big eyes that were fixed on the young lady. She could tell that he was probably one of the new servants because he wore a fresh uniform that looked to have just recently been bought. "Yes?" she asked.

"I was told to tell you that a visitor will be coming later today to stay with you." She looked questioningly at the man. "Who told you that someone was coming?" she asked. "Well, I answered the telephone and the person on the other end told me." He looked proud and that couldn't help but make her smile.

"Did they tell you who was coming?" she asked. He shook his head. "It was a man though and there was a woman screaming at him in the background." He said trying to be helpful. Lacus looked confused but she thanked the man and went back into her bed room.

'A man with a woman screaming at him in the background?' she wondered to herself. 'Who could it be?' she grabbed a dress from her closet and started to change. The dress was long and reached to the floor. It was black with a red line going down the middle. It only covered her shoulders leaving her arms bare.

She had never worn black before because her record agent had always said, "If you wear black you'll look unhappy. Your Lacus Clyne and to the world you are nothing but happy." He had told her that at the very beginning of her singing career and it had stuck with her.

Lacus always wore bright colors and was always smiling. The world would not even recognize her with a frown. But now she was no longer a singer and she had many dead to mourn.

She sat on the edge of her bed and picked up the green Haro that had just rolled its self to her. "Hello there." She said. "Would you please tell someone to set up breakfast in the garden?" she asked it. "Garden! Haro! Breakfast!" It said before bouncing away.

She sighed looking into the large mirror on her wall. 'I've had my hair like this ever since I can remember; I think that it's time for a change.' She wondered what everyone would think if she walked into a room with all her hair chopped off and laughed.

A few minuets later the green Haro returned. "Five minuets! Haro! Guests are here!" "Thank you." She said getting up to se who had arrived. As soon as she left her room the servant from before stopped her with a smile.

"I know who it was now Ms. Clyne." He said. "Mr. Zala has come to stay with you for a few days and has just arrived. I apologize for not asking his name on the phone." She smiled sweetly at him. "That's okay. No harm done." She said going out to the garden where Athrun was waiting for her.

"Hello Athrun!" she said greeting him. "Hey." He said. He stood there starring at her for a moment. "You're wearing black." He stated obviously. She nodded sitting down where the food had been prepared.

"Apparently I'm allowed to now. Sit down and eat with me." He nodded pulling up a chair. "How have you been?" she asked. "Is everything going good with you and Cagalli?" his faced palled at the mention of the princesses name.

She looked questioningly at him. "Can we please not talk about her?" he asked picking up a sausage. "Did you two get into a fight?" she asked. He nodded. "You could say that it was something like that."

"So this is your home away from home? The place where the world can never find you? Athrun Zala in hiding at the Clyne mansion." The thought made her laugh. "You don't mind?" he asked.

"Of course I don't mind. Do you have any idea how lonely it is all alone in this place? I live for visitors, and the ones in hiding only make it even more interesting." He smiled glancing up at her.

"You seem different." He said after they had finished eating. "Really?" he nodded and couldn't help but smile when he was around the woman. "I've never seen you like this before. You're cracking jokes and laughing for reason at all."

'You're making me want to fall in love with you again.' He thought it before he had realized it. 'No! I can't think that!' he scolded himself. 'I only spend five seconds with her and I already feel this way. But this isn't the Lacus that I remember.'

"I guess I'm just really happy." She said. It took him a moment to remember what the conversation had been about. "You were never happy before?" he questioned. "You don't understand." She said.

They were walking in the garden when Athrun stopped and held her hand. "Explain it to me." He said noticing the small amount of sadness she let shine through. "I never got to choose what I wanted before. Someone was always there to make the decisions for me and if I didn't like it, it was just too bad."

"And now there is no one to tie you down so you could do whatever you want?" she nodded. "You always looked happy though. Why did you pretend?" he asked not letting go of her hand.

She looked to the ground. "You don't want to talk about Cagalli and I don't want to talk about this." He pushed her body against his in a tight embrace. "A-Athrun…I…" "Don't talk. This is why there are problems between Cagalli and me. I just love you way too much to be with her."

Um… Well that's the first chapter. I'm not really sure if there will be a second one. I'm not too confident in the whole story idea and I have no clue what would happen next but maybe if the reviews are nice I could just think of something anyways.