Chapter 14

Catherine returned to work after a couple more days of bed rest in her Hogwarts chambers. A lot of her students were glad to see her back as well, apparently everyone had heard about the attack.

"I'm glad to see you're all ecstatic to see me back here, but we've still got work to do."

"Aww...but Professor, we should celebrate!" A student called out, making Cate laugh.

"No, sorry Mackenzie, we've got a lesson."

"Well we're happy you're back."

"Thanks." She smiled, "Now, turn to page two-ninety-seven and work on your notes." The room fell silent, Catherine began flipping through things, it was the end of February, and her lessons had previously been planned to June. As she continued flipping, and stopped in August, she saw the words 'Charlie and Cate, 1 year.' surrounded by a circle. Quickly, she flipped away from it and focused on Transfiguration.

The class went smoothly, passing with no interruptions until the halfway point. The door opened and closes, footsteps echoed throughout the room and the kids started whispering.

"Name and reason for being late?" Catherine asked, not looking up.

"Professor..." One of the girls giggled, "Look up." Cate did as she was told, and received a shock.

"Charlie..." She breathed, " came ack."

"Always." Cate stepped towards her husband. "I heard about what actually happened, I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry for letting it happen."

"You shouldn't be." Charlie whispered, then pulled Cate into a passionate kiss. Cheers and cat-calls echoed throughout the room as the embrace continued.