The Program

The Regulars

Logan Cale – Wealthy socialite, secretly Eyes Only.

Max Guevara – Bike messenger, secretly X5.

Bling – Logan's physical therapist and bodyguard.

The Canon Guest Stars

Bennett Cale – Logan's cousin. Recently Married Marianne.

Marianne Cale – formerly Marianne Music. Bennett 's wife.

The Never Before Named Characters

(although presumably they were seen in the background at the wedding)

Robert Music – Marianne's father. The man walking her down the aisle. A detective with Seattle homicide.

Julie Music – Marianne's mother. Social Studies teacher at a public high school in Seattle.

Mark Music – Marianne's annoying little brother. Currently attending Medical School at Oregon Health Science University in Portland Oregon.

John Music – Marianne's Uncle. Professor of Mathematics at Evergreen State University, and Chess nut: FIDE rating 2513.