Well This Sucks... Chapter One
Summary: Selected superstars of the WWE are taken to school! This time it ain't kindergarten, but sixth grade! How will they cope with the evil seventh and eighth graders that are out to make their life a living hell?
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Ah, sure... I own the WWE and I'm a billionaire that has nothing better to do than write fan fiction... Riiight... Okay, so I lied, sue me, or well ah, don't sue me... It'd be a total waste of time man!
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Pairing(s): Read and maybe you'll find out...
Author Notes: Sure it's 'similar' to the two stories that have the WWE characters in kindergarten, but not exactly... Plus this is not a normal junior high... Just go with whatever I'm saying, even if it sounds odd and out of this world...

The kids nervously awaited the bell to ring, curious of what their teachers would be like and what the classes would be like. Fifth grade was easy, but this was sixth grade. It was like being king of the hill, then being dragged off to the dungeon, now that must really suck. To think they worked five freaking years to get to the top, and now they're back at the bottom. Damn them. The simple fact that it'd take three years until they ruled the school once again could really piss someone off...

: The bell rang. :

Breaths were held as they entered hell, unaware if they were going to return or not. Some students were fortunate enough to get their locker open on the first try, while others had tried to open it at least four times. Stacy kicked her locker, she yelped as she stared down at her foot. Could this day get any worse?

"What'd you forget you had heels on?" Coach asked as he stared down at her feet.

I guess I spoke too soon...

"What's it to you Jonathan?" Stacy sneered.

Coach held his hands up in defense.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I know you did not just call the Coach, Jonathan!" Coach exclaimed.

"Jonathan." Stacy repeated, sticking her tongue out.

"Child." Coach mumbled.

"Need help opening your locker kid?" JBL asked.

Stacy and Coach glared at the eighth grader, their jaws dropped to the floor.

"Ah... no... Mr. Eighth grader... I was... Ah... Bye!" Stacy muttered before running away.

"I... I like your hat, it's totally awesome." Coach replied as JBL straightened his tie.

"Why thank you... It's always good to see a sixth grader with good taste. How would you like to join..." JBL paused, three kids jumped behind him and said, "The cool group!"

Coach gasped.

"You'd let me, the Coach! Join the cool group!" Coach exclaimed.

"Of course... We love peeps who have good taste in clothes." Orlando replied.

"Cool, so what do I have to do to get in?" Coach asked.

The four eight graders exchanged the same look.

"You have to..." JBL started.


Meanwhile, Torrie and Candice were listening to Ashley's victory speech.

"I wanna thank the teachers who picked me! I'm so glad I won the 2005 Student Search!" Ashley exclaimed.

"I would have won if it weren't for the search being rigged..." Candice stated.

"It was not rigged!" Ashley snapped.

"You've gotta learn how to keep your mouth shut." Torrie mumbled.

Ashley narrowed her eyes on the two.

"You're just jealous!" Ashley sneered, sticking her tongue out at the two.

"We most certainly are not!" Torrie declared.

"Exactly... You suck!" Candice hissed.

"No you do!" Ashley argued.

"All three of you suck... Now get your candy asses to class." Rock ordered.

"You're not my mommy!" Candice snapped.

"Thank god for that!" Rock sneered.

Candice glared at the floor as Rock walked away, then it hit her.

"Wait! I meant daddy! Come back here! I'm not done talking to you!" Candice called as she ran after Rock.

Torrie shook her head and followed Candice and Rock down the hall. Ashley stalked after the very small group of misfits.


"Class take a seat..." Bischoff ordered as he walked into the room.

He stared down the kids, one by one. Finally when he came to Jericho did he stop.

"What is that!" Bischoff exclaimed as he glared down at Jericho's spot at the table.

"It's a trapper keeper, jackass." Jericho replied.

Everyone gasped, Bischoff tsked Jericho.

"Foul language is unacceptable in MY classroom! Go to the principals office and tell him what a bad boy you've been!" Bischoff exclaimed.

The class was silent as they glared at Jericho.

"Make me, assclown." Jericho snapped.

"Oh... I will!" Bischoff stated.

"Oh really? Well make me." Jericho ordered.

"Ah... Maybe later..." Bischoff mumbled, moving onto the next kid in line.

"I told you he was a wuss." Jericho mumbled to Shelton. "Pay up."

"I ain't payin' you shit..." Shelton replied.

"Yes, you are." Jericho argued.

"Am not... You stupid wanna-be rocker." Shelton snapped.

"What'd you say about my band?" Jericho sneered.

"Nothing... But now that you mention it. Your band is gay and you can't sing." Shelton hissed.

"You're gonna regret saying that..." Jericho mumbled.

Bischoff took his seat at the front of the class, he glared at the children.

"Does anyone have any talents?" Bischoff asked.

"I do!" Jericho exclaimed, raising his hand.

"Okay... Let's see it." Bischoff replied.

Jericho smirked and told Rock to get his guitar out of his locker. As soon as Rock returned they took their place at the front of the class, everyone watched curiously.

"This song has yet to be released..." Jericho announced.

"Okay..." Bischoff mumbled.

Rock started playing his guitar and Jericho started nodding his head to the music.

"Shelton Benjamin is a little bitch! Shelton is a little bitch!" Jericho sang.

Shelton's jaw dropped as the rest of the kids laughed and a few even sang along. Shelton glared at Bischoff, who was also singing along. He leaped out of his chair, climbed onto his desk and delivered a cross body to Jericho.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Bischoff exclaimed.

"What up Fat Albert?" John asked as he entered the classroom.

Bischoff held up his hand to scold him, but John only slapped his hand.

"My home boy! I can tell his is gonna be an awesome year man!" John declared.

Cena took his seat in the back of the room next to Maria and Eddie. Bischoff shook his head, how unlucky was he to get a class full of trouble makers? He sighed, before pulling Shelton and Jericho apart.

"Now Jericho you switch seats with... Ah, Trish." Bischoff ordered.

Trish grinned as she skipped to where Jericho used to be sitting and plopped down in the chair. Rock sat back down next to Trish and Hurricane, he crossed his arms.

"Now I'm not sitting by any of my friends..." Rock sneered.

"Deal with it!" Bischoff snapped.

Rock rolled his eyes as Shelton took his seat and Jericho took his new seat. Bischoff sighed and glared down at his papers.

"Moving on... Let's hand out the books." Bischoff stated.

He stood up and grabbed a brown box, he sat back down and started calling off names...

To Be Continued...

Sorry if it was short, but I didn't know what else to do. So, if anyone wants to see a certain pairing just say so...