Well This Sucks...

Summary: Selected superstars of the WWE are taken to school! This time it ain't kindergarten, but sixth grade! How will they cope with the evil seventh and eighth graders that are out to make their life a living hell?

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Chapter Eight

The next day was Friday, tonight was the first school dance.. However, for some reason no one, save for Jericho and Rock and teachers, knew about this dance.. So it was bound to be one lonely dance. With that in mind Vince quickly got on the speakers to make the daily announcements.

"Welcome to.. What school is this? What? The Middle School of.. Where the hell are we? Chicago? What the--" Suddenly his voice was cut off, everyone glared around the room.

Eric simply went on his daily tasks of writing detention names on the board.. Oddly choosing random kids who smelled bad, looked like shit or just annoyed him. John got half an hour because he was 'looked like shit' and 'annoyed' him. Lita got ten minutes for associating with John. Maria and Coach got a weeks worth of detention for just being stupid. The two were currently crying like children as their toaster was 'broke'. While really Eric hid it in his desk, telling the other kids he didn't want them to be weird today. Then Vince's voice came back on the speakers.

"Sorry about that.. Well, as I was about to say.. Today's announcements are mainly me talking about things I do not know about - go figure - hey! Who the hell wrote these announcements? I did! Good lord I suck..." Vince paused. "Again, sorry.. Um.. Today we have the Swat Team visiting... I wonder why... And we have a conventional meeting about how to use a condom... Apparently students have taken it upon themselves to have intercourse in the janitors closet.. And I dare say, STOP IT! If anything do it in Eric's room." - Eric spit out his coffee and looked horrified as he stared at two people making out in his classroom. - "Today's lunch menu is Sloppy Joe's and, or, meatloaf sandwich." - A few people shuddered at the mention of meatloaf sandwich. - "And tonight we have our first dance.. So be there or be square! Thank you for listening people! Learn. Have sex. Do whatever you do during your day... And have a horrible day.. Hope you all get killed in your sleep tonight."

The couple who were making out stopped, they glared around the room to see everyone staring at them... John was the first to question them, however. A confused look on his face as he pointed at them.

"Do you even go to this school?" John inquired.

"Um, no?" The woman offered.

"How old are you?" Eric asked.

"Pfft, she's 30. I'm 47." The man replied.

Eric looked interested, "How.. Where did you two meet?"

"School dance, dude." The man stated coolly.

"Really? Because I've been--"

"EWW! Bitchoff.. Stop." John pleaded.

Randy, Dave, Jericho and Rock looked remotely appalled while everyone else just tried to ignore the man. The gray haired man simply waved them off, before he sat down to have a conversation with the two... Completely ignoring his duties as a teacher to teach his students.


By the time lunch rolled around it was safe to say that the majority of the students had already found a date or someone to attend the dance with.. Though one John Cena had a certain redhead in mind.. And no, it was not Christy Hemme, but Lita. He had been so close to asking her before, but.. He pussed out. Though he did have Randy and Dave egging him on about asking her, he was sure that lunch was the time to ask. He made sure his breath was okay, made sure his hair was combed and made sure his clothes were nice and loose.. Even if none of those things really made a difference, he just thought it best not to look like shit when he asked her out. Once he arrived he was lucky to see Trish, Stacy, Torrie and the other girls were going outside or to sit with their dates.. Leaving Lita alone. He sat down without a second thought as the girl glared at him, smiling slightly as he leaned over a little to be sure that she heard his question..

"Lita..." John began slowly, Lita encouraging him to talk with a smile. "Will you go to the dance with me?"

Lita's smile disapeared.. A frown appearing in its place. She looked slightly uncomfortable, John too looked uncomfortable.

"I... I'm sorry, John, but.. Someone's already asked me... And well... I sort of said yes." Lita replied, trying to offer him a small smile.

John looked shocked who would dare ask his girl? Most of the guys knew he had claims on her.. Well because he had only spray painted Lita is John Cena's on the boys bathroom wall. But still. Everyone should have known! And now.. Now he just made a fool out of himself. He was going to severely punish the idiot that dared ask his girl out to the dance.

"W-Wh-Who asked?" John questioned, gritting his teeth slightly as he waited for her answer.

Lita blinked, "R-Randy..."

"Randy... Randy Orton?"

"Yeah..." Lita replied.

"That--Excuse me."

Lita watched as John quickly moved away, the girl suspected that he were going to find Randy by the judge of his sudden need to walk away.. The redhead a little worried that she no longer had a date now. She was sure she heard a girl-like scream come from across the cafeteria..

"Oh crap." Lita muttered.

The redhead quickly got up and rushed to where the scream came from, freezing the second she seen John on top of Randy.. Appearing to be wailing on the taller boy without any regard for his well-being.

"JOHN!" Dave shouted. "What the hell are you doing!"

"Poor Randy..." A girl muttered.

"Who are you?" Lita asked, glaring at her.

"You should help your boyfriend." The girl stated.

Lita blinked, though deciding against asking anything, before she then glared at John, who was still beating on Randy. She hurried to grab John's arm, yanking him off of Randy, while Dave grabbed the other. Sheriff Austin was just sitting back and drinking his beer.. He had told people that he was now to be called Sheriff Austin at all times. Or else you got the flag pole.. Upside down. After John was pulled off of Randy, the redhead went to his side.. Wincing at the sight of blood pouring out of his nose.. He held a hand to his nose, tears visible while the redhead wrapped her arms around him.. John struggled against Dave for he did not like the sight of her touching Randy period.. However one of their fellow classmates, Undertaker, helped pull John off to the office while Mae followed them.. Shouting curse words, most suspected that she were drunk. Lita and Randy, however, headed off to the nurse station to get Randy's nose taken care of.

"You took one hell of a beating... Got the shit beaten out of you, you did!" Ms. Ivory, the school nurse, stated.

"Aren't you supposed to be considerate? He just got beaten up! My...Um...Friend...Got beaten up!" Lita snapped, slowing down as she ended her sentence.

Randy glared at her as if to say, "Are you kidding me? I get beat up for you and we still aren't boyfriend and girlfriend?" Though he said nothing, the redhead girl watching as Ivory cleaned up the blood.. Stuffing some kleenexes up his nose to keep it from bleeding more.

"I'll be back in half an hour.. The bleeding should stop by then. And may I say this, those boys will get suspended for this! No dance for them!" Ivory shrieked before she left.

Lita glared at Randy, who crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall as he sat on the medical table that had white paper over it to keep 'germs' away or whatever its use was. No one was really sure, all they knew was it was used in hospitals. Randy sighed and shifted with desire to get some-what comfortable. Lita moved to stand between his legs, offering him a smile as he placed her hands on the material of his jeans.

"You okay?" Lita asked quietly.

"Um.. Not really." Randy replied blankly.

Lita nodded, "Sorry... Um... John is a little--"

"Obessive." Randy finished. "I know, just.. He didn't ask you in time... I wanted to go with you--"

"I know, don't explain. I understand. I... Just feel a little guilty... Should have told me not to tell John.."

"Sorry, I didn't think he'd react like that... Guess I was wrong."

"Yeah.. But I still.. I still want to go with you." Lita stated.

"Yeah, me too." Randy smiled, placing a hand upon hers.

Lita, too, smiled before she leaned forward.. The tall boy a little shocked to say the least as her lips pressed against his. One thought, oddly, came across his mind..

I wonder if Vince would care if we had sex in the nurses station…

To Be Continued.

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