Brandon POV

It's been three weeks now since I've seen Maria. I don't know how she's doing and that worries me. Though me and Harry haven't heard any screams at night that led to her so she owt to be alright. Harry said I worry too much, that I need to just forget about her. But I can't. I dream of her, I see her when my eyes close, and I whisper her name in the dark. "Maria." I say softly. Harry came in to check on me, or so I thought.

"We got us a fight." He said stopping about two feet from me.

"Who?" I asked.

"Wolf is at it again." Harry said grimly.

I'm coming." I said standing up.

"You were thinking about her again weren't you?" he said as I walk passed him. I stopped but didn't say anything. "I thought so." Was all he said before turning and leaving the room. I followed shortly after.

"Hey Brandon." Kenny said when he saw me. I nodded in acknowledgment.

"Let's go." Harry said and left the building. "Jolius I expect dinner ready when we get back."

"Alright." Jolius said as the rest of us left.

Author POV

They reached a warehouse and climbed the stairs to the roof. They went through the door and found about 20 punks waiting for them. Harry stepped forward folowed by Brandon.

"Now now wolf." Harry said with a smile. "Calm down."

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down Mcdowel." Wolf said pulling a gun out of a pocket in his jacket. Brandon ran forward toward Wolf. 10 guys moved and stood in the way. He punched two down and two more replaced them. Some of the other guys in the back pulled out guns and fired at Brandon. 7 of the shots hit him. 2 in his left arm, 1 in his right leg, 1 in his right arm, 1 in hisleft leg, and 1 in his abs.

"BRANDON!" Harry yelled running up to him. Brandon fell to one knee panting from the pain. "Brandon." Harry said softly next to him. "It's gonna be ok." Brandon stood up and walked forward. Kenny, Nathan, and Harry followed. The other 3 rushed forward at a dead run and beat up the punks in Brandon's way. Then when they were all down they took out the last remaining 8 leaving only Wolf.

Wolf pointed his gun at Brandon, his hand shaking. "Stay away." Brandon grabbed his hand with the gun and forced it up. The gun fired but didn't hit anyone. Brandon punched him in between the eyes, Wolf's knees buckled and he collapsed.

"Come on." Harry said to everyone. "Let's go." They turned to leave but Brandon just stared down at the ground below. A crowd was growing below. "Let's go Brandon." Harry said placing a hand on his shoulder. Brandon nodded and followed them out. But at the bottom of the building he turned in a different direction.

"Hey Brandon…" Kenny started to say but Harry put a hand on his shoulder.

"Let him go." Harry said his eyes following Brandon.

Maria POV

It was dark out already at 8pm and I was walking home. I saw a person standing off to the side in the shadows as I entered my apartment. I thought It looked like Brandon but I gigured I was just seeing things. I heard a knock on my door a few minutes later. I stood and walked over to the door. "Who is it?" I asked holding onto the handle. No response… "Hello?" I said through the door. Again no response… 

Finally I opened the door. There he was, Brandon, golden eyes stared at me. He was breathing heavily, I saw blood on his left arm that was gripped around his waist. "Oh my god!" I said with a gasp. "Come in." he came in and collapsed on the coach. I closed the dor and walked over to him. "What happened?" I asked pushing some hair out of his face.

"Fight." He said weakly. I helped him sit up and take off his shirt. I noticed the shots in his abs and also the shots in his arms, they were all bleeding. Then I saw the bullet holes in the lower part of his pants in both legs. I cut off the material that was over the bullet holes, up at about the knee. One shot in each leg.

"Oh my god." I said softly. I stood up and got a medical kit, a pot of hot water, and a cloth. I wiped up the blood and took out the bullets. He just layed there his breathing slowing just slightly. I sowed up the holes and wrapped them with handages. I took a deep breath when I was finished. "There all done." I said softly.

"Thank you" Brandon said kind of weakly. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. I took care of the material and then went back to the living room.

'So peaceful. Why does he hae to get so hurt?' I thought to myself. 'Sleep. Just sleep.'