Blood Sucker

Chapter 1: Carcass in the Forbidden Forest

Two pair of sparkling blue eyes gazed out a window. Silence flooded the dormitory as a boy stared into the beautiful night sky. Outside the boy noticed the forbidden forest below. The forest seemed to give off an eerie glow. The blue eyed teen frowned slightly thinking about the disturbing memories the forest plagued him with. Down below he noticed a stir outside. He realized it was someone dragging some type of object into the forbidden forest.

The boy was immediately hurtled into a red alert. He rushed over to the bed of his best friend. Quickly the teen shook the other teen awake. Sluggishly the sleepily teen opened his eyes and lifted him self in bed. A yawn escaped from the mouth of the tired teen. He glared at his friend hoping he had a good reason for waking him.

" Harry, there is something out there," the boy whispered.

" What Ron?" he mumbled.

" I don't know," he frowned. " But I saw it out the window."

Harry rose out of bed and ambled toward the window. Glancing out of it the boy growled angrily. Turning to his friend he began to frown.

" Nothing is out there," Harry pointed. " Go to bed."

Ron peeked out the window a second time. There was nothing out there. Shrugging he apologized to Harry then went to bed. He had a bad feeling.

Ron ran down the stairs frantically. He would miss breakfast if he didn't pick up the speed. In the great hall everyone was whispering. He placed himself next to Harry.

" Poor girl," Hermione sighed.

" What?" Ron asked.

" Didn't you hear?" Harry questioned. " A first year from hufflepuff has gone missing."

" Missing," Ron shouted. " How did that happen?"

" No one knows," Harry replied. " But they're searching for her now."
" Bloody heck," Ron whispered. " Maybe it has to do with something I saw last night."

" Last night?" Hermione raised an eyebrow. " What did you see?"

" I saw someone dragging something into the forbidden forest. Maybe it was the girl being dragged away," Ron answered.

" Ron don't think gruesomely," Hermione shook.

" Maybe what you saw last night wasn't an illusion," Harry frowned. " You should tell Dumbledore."

" That is a great idea," he smiled. " It could solve a big part of this mystery."

Everyone became extremely silent. Curiously Ron turned to what everyone was staring at. Pro. Dumbledore stood up out of his chair. All the other teachers were quiet.

" Students! Students! Don't be alarmed," he announced. " We are searching for the young girl from huffelpuff."

Silence still consumed the great hall as the students listened to Dumbledore.

" We assure you that you all are safe," he promised. "I warn you though. No one is allowed outside his or her dormitories at night. Now go back to your breakfast."

After the small announcement Pro.Dumbledore placed himself back in his chair. There was the sound of moving utensils but other then that the great hall was silent. Ron spooned some eggs into his mouth. Hermione sipped her pumpkin juice nervously.

" What could have happened to her?" Harry asked.

" I don't know," Hermione, sighed. " Let's just hope she is okay."

Everyone filed out of the great hall when breakfast came to an end. The three friends hurried outside to meet Hagird before class started. As they descended down the stairs Hermione began to hum.

" New song?" Ron questioned.

" No not really," she smiled.

" We should hurry if we want to talk to Hagrid," Harry reminded. " If class starts we wont have time."

Hagrid's hut came into view as they climbed down the hill. They saw their friend standing outside carrying something.

" Hagird!" they hollered.

He turned around carrying a rather large rock.

" Hagrid?" Hermione asked.

The giant laughed nervously then threw the rock away. He looked at the three teens before him. His smile vanished.

" Aren't yer here little early?" he asked.

" We need to talk," Harry grinned.

" What is it?" he questioned.

" You know about the girl missing from hufflepuff?" Hermione asked.

Hagrid nodded slowly. He didn't seem to want to stay on the topic.

" We want to know if you saw anything out of the ordinary?" Ron explained.

" No," he responded quickly. " I did hear something."

" What Hagrid?" Hermione asked further.

" I hear a strange sound that sounded like a…

" Hagird," Harry eyed him.

" We'll talk later," he promised. " The students are starting to show."

" But Hagird," Harry frowned.

Hagrid welcomed the class. He started his lesson with them opening their care of magical creatures book. He told them to turn to page forty-five. Ron noticed the page was about centaurs.

" Centaurs are…

" Creatures that are half man and horse," Hermione exclaimed.

" Right Hermione," he grinned. " We will be seeing some today."

The friendly giant led the students into the forbidden forest. Looking around Hagrid saw nothing.

" Hagird centaurs are known to leave in the deepest parts of forests right?" Hermione asked.

" Right again," he smiled. " We are going to have ter go deeper."

" Deeper?" Ron squeaked.

As they made their way deeper into the forest they heard a blood-curdling scream. Hagrid looked around for the sound.

" Hagird," Hermione called.

" Yes Hermione," he responded.

" What is that?"

Up in one of the trees was a small girl she hung lazily from the tree by her rob. She didn't stir she just swayed with the wind as if she was dead. All the students began whispering nervously. The girls face was as white as freshly fallen snow.

" Okay don't panic," he answered. " Everything will be okay."

" How can you say not panic you fat oaf," Malfoy snarled. " There's a dead body hanging from a tree."

More whispering could be heard from the students. Hermione, Harry and Ron looked at each other then Hagird.

" Students," he announced. " Class is dismissed."

The trio made their way back up to their common rooms before their next class. Hermione chose the chair closet to the empty fireplace. Ron and Harry chose chairs next to her.

" I can't believe it," she stammered. " There was a body in the forbidden forest do you think?"

" Yes Hermione," Ron replied. " That's defiantly the girl from hufflepuff."

" Who would do that?" she asked.

" It could be an animal from the forbidden forest," Harry answered. " It could be anything."

" Hagrid said he heard something," Ron reminded them. " We should go back out and ask him."

" Ron, are you serious?" Hermione frowned. " Now that we found the hufflepuff girl and she was dead. There is no way we will be allowed outside."

" Maybe you're right," Ron frowned.

Harry and Ron sat in divination wondering about the girl in the forbidden forest. Pro. Trelawney droned on about the wonders of reading crystal balls. Ron rested his head on his hand. The crystal ball before him seemed to glow. A blurry image began coming into view. Ron instantly tapped Harry who was dozing off.

" Yes, Ron," Harry smiled.

" There is something in the crystal ball," he pointed.

" What is it?" Harry asked.

Ron took out his unfogging the future book. He began to wildly flip the pages. There was nothing that could really explain what the crystal ball was doing.

" Wait Ron look," Harry grinned. " It is becoming clearer."

" Yes it looks like a person wearing a robe," Ron described. " The hood is covering its face."

" Do you think it is a death eater?" Harry asked.

Ron shrugged.

" Ah ha!" Pro. Trelawney screamed. " You are seeing into the future."

" What does it mean?" Ron questioned.

" You will find out soon enough," she grinned.

Professor Trelawney walked away. Ron turned to Harry a bewildered look on his face.

" More is coming into view," Ron exclaimed. " The hooded stranger is bending over a boy."

" I see it too," Harry pointed out. " Ron the boy looks dead."

" You don't think?"

" Ron that is defiantly a death eater," Harry frowned.

In the crystal ball Ron realized the boy and the strange hooded person were in a familiar hallway. A hallway Ron, Harry, and Hermione had walked down before.

" Harry do you recognize that hallway?" Ron asked.

" A little," Harry thought. " Why?"

" I think that hallway is in this very school,"

The image within the crystal ball dimmed until it was nothing but his own reflection. Ron and Harry pondered on it for a moment. Ron believed that if that hallway was in Hogwarts then maybe that death eater was close by. If they were actually seeing into the future then maybe Harry and Ron could stop the death eater from killing the boy. They could stop the event from ever happening.

" Harry since we know this will happen…

" We can stop it," Harry interrupted. " I was thinking the same thing. We should tell Hermione."

" But she doesn't believe in things like that," Ron reminded him.

" We should still let her know,"

Ron nodded. When class was dismissed everyone headed to lunch. Harry and Ron saw Hermione eating her lunch. Carefully they sat down in front of her.

" Hello," she smiled.

" Hey Hermione," Ron grinned. " We need to tell you something."

" Yes something very important,"

" But first I have to tell you something," Hermione began.

The boys looked at each other then back at Hermione.

" I heard Dumbledore talking in the hallway with Pro.McGonagall," she started. " They were talking about the girl. I was guessing Hagrid already told them about what happened in the forbidden forest. Anyway they were talking about the girl's condition."

" What do you mean?" Harry questioned.

" They know she is dead," Hermione frowned. " But they saw something that gave them a clue of who could have killed her."

" Who?" Ron asked.

" Well… they think it's a vampire," she answered.

" A vampire?" the boys exclaimed.

" They said she had bite marks on her neck," she paled. " They think there is a vampire in the forbidden forest."

Ron began to feel sick. He had heard about vampires and how they sucked the blood of innocent people. And how the people became vampires too. He never really believed vampires were real but now he was beginning to change his mind. Hermione stopped eating and pushed her plate forward.

" What did you boys want to tell me?" she asked.

" In divination we were learning how to read crystal balls," Harry began the story. " Ron saw some type of image in the crystal ball. It was a hooded stranger bending over a boy. We think the hooded person was a death eater."

" Also the boy was dead," Ron added. " And they were in a hallway in Hogwarts."

Hermione rolled her eyes. She chuckled to herself quietly. Ron glared at Hermione. This was no joke. The death eater could be in this school for all they knew.

" Don't tell me you two believe in that rubbish?" Hermione laughed. " Remember in the third year Harry you saw grim? The symbol of death. Guess what Harry you didn't die."

" Hermione," Ron shouted. " This could be serious."

" Yes, I am very sorry," she calmed. " We should go tell Dumbledore."

Ron knew Hermione was just kidding but Ron had a feeling this was something big. He picked up a steaming hot roll and took a bite. Ron needed more answers. Who was the boy? And how did the death eater get into Hogwarts? After lunch Harry and Ron had qudditch practice.

" Okay team," the captain announced. " Let's think about last weeks game."

" We won," a boy hollered.

" Yes," the captain smiled. " We did win. But why did we win?"

Ron knew where this conversation was going. Last week wasn't the team's best performance. The only reason they won was because Harry caught the snitch. For some reason Ron couldn't block all of the goals. And the beaters weren't really doing their job right either.

" We won because of our great team work," the boy smiled.

" No!" he shouted. " Your wrong Frank. We won because Harry caught the snitch. None of you played well out there. Not even me. We all sucked. We were playing like bloody imbeciles."

Ron frowned slightly. Their qudditch captain was Mike McCord. He was the meanest qudditch captain and he wasn't afraid to show it. If he didn't like the way you were playing he told you. Ron remembered one time during practice when he didn't block a goal.


It was a bright sunny Saturday morning. Qudditch practice was extra brutal today. Mike was being extra critical. Ron sat in front of the goal patiently waiting for a quaffle to block. Suddenly one zoomed right past his head. One of the members of the team laughed.

" Wow Weasley," Frank chuckled. " You really know how to block goals."

" I wasn't ready," Ron screamed.

" Ron!" Mike shrieked.

Ron sighed heavily. He landed his broom softly then walked over to his captain. He looked up into the face of his captain. It was like one huge scowl was plastered on his face.

" What was that?" McCord demanded.

" Sorry guess I wasn't paying attention," Ron laughed nervously.

" We can't have you not paying attention," he smiled then frowned. " That is the whole point of qudditch. If people stopped paying attention in qudditch they would never win. Think about it if the Chuddley cannons stopped paying attention where do you think they would be?"

" They wouldn't be winning," Ron responded.

" Exactly," he replied. " Ron all I am asking is pay attention. Or you will destroy all the good progress we have been making. When one team member fails the whole team fails. Do you want to be a failure?"

Ron shook his head.

" Good," Mike smiled. " Neither do I."

Ron sadly returned to keeping.

End flashback

The team was about to practice but Pro. McGonagall ran out onto the field. She had a worried looked on her face.

" Mike," she called. " Qudditch practice has been canceled."

" What?" he exclaimed. " We were just about to get started."

" Well I guess you will just have to unstart," she suggested.

" Okay team," he announced. " You heard her. Practice is over."

Ron and Harry entered the school. They ran into Hermione on their way to the common rooms.

" Don't you two have qudditch practice?" she asked.

" It was canceled,"

" Why?"

" We don't actually know," Harry replied.

Inside the common rooms they sat by the fire again.

" Canceled," Hermione pondered. " Very interesting."

" Maybe it has something to do with the vampire," Harry guessed.

" Good thinking Harry," Hermione grinned. " We should probably go down to dinner."

In the great hall everyone was eating and talking. There was the sound of glass being tapped. The tapping became louder. All the students turned to the front. Pro. Dumbledore was out of his seat holding a spoon to a glass cup. His gaze swept over the whole great hall searching for anyone who wasn't paying attention.

" Now that I have your attention," he boomed. " I have some terrible news. Betty Serum from Hufflepuff has been found dead. Everyone please honor her by bowing your head. We will be having a moment of silence."

Heads began to bow and no words were spoken. Ron could hear crying coming from a distance. This was a very sad moment indeed.

" You may lift you heads now," Dumbledore commanded. " Now that a student has been found dead the rules are going to be stricter. No one outside his or her dormitories without a supervisor. Teachers will be standing watch in the corridors. Anyone seen out of his or her dormitories will receive a detention."

Ron looked at his friends. Were they thinking the same thing?

" Students!" he continued. " Dinner will be over in five minutes."

Groans were heard from some students. Others were glad they wouldn't have to stay out too late.

" This vampire is really ruing this school year," Harry growled. " I wish we could just find it."

" Now Harry," Hermione sighed. " Maybe we should just let the teachers take care of it."

" Yeah Harry," Ron grinned. " Maybe Hermione is right."

Dinner soon ended and students were herded out of the great hall. Everyone was shoved up the stairs. The trio was now in the safety of their own common rooms.

" Harry," Hermione frowned. " Maybe we should go to bed."

Harry nodded. Hermione went upstairs to bed. When the two boys were in their dormitories they got ready for bed.

" Harry," Ron shook. " Maybe we should close our door."

" Don't be silly Ron," Harry laughed. " The vampire is not going to know the password."

"Maybe you're right,"

Ron shot up in bed. He looked out his window and noticed it was raining. A burst of lighting lit up the night sky. Shivering Ron tightened his blanket around him. He decided he needed a drink of water. He walked across the room to get some from a huge glass when he noticed someone was missing.

" Harry?" Ron called.

He threw off the covers to find nothing in his friend's bed. He ran down the stairs frantically. He was about to go out the portrait hole when he noticed Harry sitting in front of the fire.

" Harry?"

" Hey Ron," he smiled. " Couldn't sleep either?"

" No,"

Ron sat down next to his best friend.

" Why are you up?" Harry asked.

" I was going to get a glass of water… wait why are you up?"

" I am thinking about that hufflepuff,"

A frown rested on Ron's face.

" Think about it Ron," Harry frowned. " That vampire is still on the loose. It could be in this school right now. Taking someone's life. Ron I can't sleep thinking about that."

" I understand," Ron nodded. " What are you going to do?"

" We are going to investigate," Harry answered.

" We?" Ron shivered. " Harry teachers are down there."

" I have my invisibility cloak remember?"

Ron frowned. He knew what they were doing was going to get them in trouble but Harry couldn't go alone.

The corridors were dark and spooky at night. Harry whispered the word lumos and it became bright. They heard whispering so they hid behind a corner. Ron heard shuffling and just in the nick of time caught a glimpse of legs disappearing into another hall.

" Harry I saw something over there," he pointed.

When they made it into the other hallway they saw nothing. So they continued to walk. Ron had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. They stopped and Harry took off the invisibility cloak.

" We'll be seen," Ron warned.

" The teachers are probably gone to bed by now,"

Glancing around Ron noticed something. He realized they were somewhere he saw before.

" Harry this is the hallway from the crystal ball," Ron hollered.

" Ron sh," Harry frowned.

A few feet away from the boys was a hooded stranger. And lying on the floor was a boy who was dead.

" Harry the death eater," Ron whispered.

The boys backed up slowly as the figure started walking toward them.

End of chapter 1. How did you like it?