Blood Sucker

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Chapter 22: Malfoy Strikes Again

Two pairs of eyelids shot open. Emerald green eyes scanned the small room. Remembering George, Harry rushed down the stairs. Breathing rapidly he searched the small living room. Heading to the kitchen he hoped to see the Weasley's gathered around the table eating breakfast. To his dismay the only ones in the kitchen were Mrs. Weasley and Ginny.

" Guess, George, isn't back," Harry, remarked.

" No, Harry," Ginny sighed.

Harry noticed breakfast hadn't been made. He didn't mind because he was too worried. They sat waiting for Mr. Weasley to return from his journey. It seemed time was moving twice as slow. A familiar voice shattered the silence.

" Dad?" Ginny asked.

Mr. Wealsey slowly walked into the kitchen. Bill and Charlie trailed behind. Mrs. Weasley saw George wasn't with them and she went into hysteria.

" Father, where's George," Ginny cried.

"Sh," he hushed. " Don't worry. He's in the living room. But try not to…"

Ignoring him they all headed into the living room quickly. They came upon George sitting in a chair shivering. His hair was messy and his expression was hopeless. Mr. Weasley, Bill and Charlie entered.

" We found him sitting in the middle of the cemetery repeating the phrase 'we're all going to die'," Mr. Weasley explained. " Something happened to him out there?"

" Like what?" Mrs. Weasley asked examining George.

" Don't know exactly," he shrugged. " But I don't like it."

Suddenly George pupils grew in size. He then began to sway. He fainted falling out of the chair.

" George!" Mrs. Wealsey screamed.

Mrs. Weasley shook her son fiercely. Tears fell from her eyes. She was afraid. What had happened just now?

" He is bite free," she replied. " George please wake."

He opened his eyes then shot up. Blinking he coughed uncontrollably. Once he had finished the coughing fit he looked at his parents.

"Mum, he almost…bit me," he began. " I didn't mean tot runaway. I wanted to see Fred. So I headed to the cemetery. I was crying. Then there was a rustling. I turned around…and it was him! Malfoy! I ran as fast as I could."

They listened closely.

" I hid in the building where we went for the funeral on Christmas," he shuddered. " He called for me saying he hadn't eaten for days, because everyone knew about him. He said he had to go incognito for a while, since the entire wizarding population was on high alert, so no one was being careless…except for well me at the time."

George's complexion became dangerously pale. His body shuddered wildly as he paused to recall the moment.

" I thought hiding from him would work, but vampire's can track people by the scent of their blood. He found me. I tried to get away, but he was too strong. I was this close to ending up like Fred," George gulped. " Malfoy began his hypnotizing powers. Quickly I shut my eyes. He laughed saying that closing my eyes was useless. For one second he chose to gloat proudly. In that second I was able to escape. Don't know how, but I did. I ran. I could hear the footsteps…. then they stopped. Malfoy must have gotten bored. But I kept running just in case, then I found a spot in the cemetery and stayed there all night. Until dad came this morning."

George got off the floor then sat back in the chair. Sighing he looked at his hands.

" My poor baby," Mrs. Weasley wailed. " Come on into the kitchen. Let me fix you some breakfast."

Nodding George followed his mother into the kitchen.

" Ginny, do you know what this means?" Harry growled. " Malfoy is somewhere nearby."

"Harry, don't scare me," she shivered.

They both headed into the kitchen.

Mrs. Weasley had decided that they would visit Ron. She explained it would be nice if everyone went into see him. At five o' clock they entered the car and traveled to St. Mungos. Once inside the psychiatric unit they spoke with a receptionist.

"What do you mean we can't see him?" Mrs. Wealsey shouted.

" Ron, has been lashing out at people lately. It is just for your safety."

"Safety? My son isn't dangerous," she shrieked. " You want to know who is?"

" Blasted, Draco Malfoy," George interrupted. " Tore our family apart. Rotten no good vampire."

The receptionist frowned slightly. She readjusted her glassed and let out a small sigh.

" Your son, Ronald, has been attacking our staff members and other patients around him," she explained. " So as you can see…"

" Sorry, but you can't tell us we can't see our son," Mr. Wealsey blurted out. " We are going in."

" Fine sir, you can all go in, but I did warn you," she remarked.

Harry pondered a bit. Did she say Ron had been attacking people? Why would he do such a thing? They made their way to room 25. Opening the door they saw Ron sitting on his bed staring ahead. His blues eyes seemed to lock on them as they walked in.

" Ron," Mrs. Wealsey softly called.

" Mum?"

" Yes, it's me dear," she cried.

Slowly she approached Ron. He watched her. She wrapped her arms around him. He returned the hug.

" Mum," he smiled.

Bill and Charlie were mesmerized by the way their brother was. They knew he wasn't well, but they didn't really think he was in this part of St. Mungos.

Harry kept himself hidden. After experiencing a beating from Ron eh was afraid to get close. Ginny on the other hand rushed up to Ron and began hugging him too.

" How have you been?" Mrs. Wealsey asked.

" Uh…bad mum," he frowned. " They don't like me. I know it. They give me weird looks. They let him in every time."

" Him?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

" Malfoy," Ron responded quietly. " He always walks in. He tries to kill me everyday."

" Malfoy!" Mrs. Wealsey hollered.

Ron nodded.

" He tried to kill me yesterday."

" Yesterday?" Mr. Weasley hollered. " You can't tell me that he just walks right in everyday."

Harry shook his head sadly. He had this feeling Ron wasn't really being harassed by Malfoy. Ron was probably hallucinating.

" Excuse me," a small voice called.

At the door stood a tall young woman in white nursing uniform. Her brunette hair was up in a bun. She glanced around the room nervously.

" Hello?" Mrs. Weasley greeted.

" You must be Ron's family," she smiled. " Hi I am Rose. I will be your nurse today, Ron."

Quickly he looked up once he heard his name. When he saw the lady his face turned a dark shade of red.

" Ronald." The lady explained. " It is time of your lunch."

He continued to glare.

" Don't you want to go out and et with your friends?" she questioned politely. " Your family can come with you."

Ron got of his bed and walked up to the lady. Rose began to back away slowly. Harry saw fear on the lady's face. The boy was standing right in front of Rose. She shook slightly.

" Okay," she stammered. " I will lead you all to the eating area."

" NO!" Ron barked slapping the woman across the face.

Everyone gasped in astonishment. Rose had fallen onto the floor. Mrs. Wealsey walked up to Ron.

" Dear, " she began

" Stay back!" Ron ordered. " I know you are working for Malfoy. I know. You hate me. You are going to make me go out there, so he can get me. I know."

" No," she argued. " You looked hungry and…"

Ron kicked the girl. Instantly Mrs. Wealsey grabbed her soon. He hollered out.

" Mum, let go!" Ron shouted.

" Go," Mrs. Weasley calmly stated to the girl.

She nodded then ran out of the room. Watching her leave made Harry feel bad for her. She seemed, so nice. Ron growled angrily. He began to foam at the mouth. Tears fell from Mrs.Weasley's eyes as she struggled to calm her son. Abruptly the door swung open and one large man entered the room followed by a small nurse holding a shot.

" Mum, let go!" Ron shrieked.

Mrs. Weasley held onto him.

" He is here mum, please let go," eh begged tears forming. " Malfoy is going to hurt me. Mum please let go. We have to get out! He'll kill us all!"

The man frowned. The lady walked up to Ron. He screamed loudly and began scratching himself. Quickly the injection was given. Ron began to sway a bit then he went limp. Soft breathing was heard.

" Will he be okay?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

" Yes," she assured. " After he sleeps he should be okay."

The Weasley's exited the room. Silently they entered down the hall making their way to the exit. Once they left the psychiatric unit of the hospital Mrs. Weasley sat in one of the chairs out in the waiting room of St. Mungos.

" Mum," Ginny asked. " May we go visit a friend. " Harry and I?"

She shook her head absentmindedly. Ginny grabbed Harry's arm leading him back through he door. Footsteps were heard behind them. Turning around they saw Charlie, Bill and George.

" We wanted to come along," Bill stated.

She grinned. She spotted an information counter coming into view. As she neared she asked the man sitting at the desk some questions. He nodded a few times then pointed to his left.

" This way," Ginny shouted.

The boys followed behind Ginny and found the stairs.

" Where are we going?" Harry finally asked.

" To see Hermione," she answered giving him a look.

He mentally slapped himself. Of course. Hermione was taken to St. Mungos after the incident with Malfoy. When they arrived at the floor they traveled down the long hall. Ginny stopped in front of room number 265.

" Visitors," the lady sang out at the sound of knocking. " Mrs. Granger you have friends to see you."

Harry noticed Hermione was wearing a white patient uniform. Her hair was slightly bushy. When she glanced up to see the visitors she squealed.

" Harry!" Ginny!" she shrieked. " Bill, Charlie, and George. But where's Fred?"

George's face became disoriented as he began to cry. Biting his lip he tried to hold back the burning tears. Clenching his fist he tried to find his voice.

" Fred, my twin brother, my fellow prankster…"

Hermione waited hands in lap.

" He's…dead, Malfoy killed him."

" No…I don't believe…"

" He's funeral was on Christmas."

" Oh my gosh."

George continued to cry still. His body shivered crazily.

" Poor Fred," Hermione lowered her head. " What else happened while I was gone? Wait! Where's Ron? Don't tell me he's dead too."

Teardrops streamed down her cheeks. Her throat became dry instantly. Breathing was becoming difficult.

"He's not dead," Harry frowned. " He is in the psychiatric unit of St. Mungos."

Fear swept over her. Psychiatric unit but that was for the mentally unstable…unless…

Hermione gasped.

" Ron's…"

Harry nodded.

The nurse allowed Hermione to leave the room for a quick trip to the psychiatric unit. After speaking to the receptionist Hermione stormed through the eating area. Quickly she rushed to room 25. Knocking on the door Hermione came in even though no none had said she could.

" Ron! You're okay," she screamed. " I am so glad."

Ron amazingly was awake after being sedated. He probably was given a ow power tranquillizer. The boy was picking at his hair. Hermione ran up to him and threw his arms around him. He didn't notice the hug. Instead he kept picking at his hair that was more unruly than the time before.

"Ron, it's me, Hermione," she spoke desperately.

Looking up Ron finally stopped his action. Frowning he wore a pained expression on his face.

" Hermione," he sounded out. " Where did you go?"

" You don't remember?" she asked. " Malfoy…"

When his name was said Ron's face paled. Tears rolled down his face as he shivered pathetically.

" No one."

" What?"

" No one."

" Ron what do you mean 'no one'?"

" When I woke up I saw him," Ron answered.

" He came in here?" Bill asked.

" No one…cared," he sighed rolling up his sleeves.

Gasps filled the room. There was a long gash mark embedded in each of Ron's arms. It was a fresh wound. Crimson liquid spilled freely from it.

" What happened?" Charlie asked.

" He came in," Ron cried. " They probably sent him in because I was bad. Ron was a bad boy."

Ron shook violently tears rolling down his face.

" Malfoy grabbed my arms, so I pulled away," he explained. " He hurt me."

Shock was apparent on Hermione's face. She couldn't believe Malfoy had attacked Ron today.

" I called for help but no one came."

Harry called Hermione over to have a talk with her about Ron.

" Poor Ron," she sighed.

" Hermione, you know Malfoy hasn't placed a foot in this room right?" Harry questioned.

"What do you mean by that, Harry?" Hermione raised her eyebrow. " He just said…"

" Hermione, Ron sees things, hallucinations," Harry interrupted. " While you were unconscious Ron was attacked by Malfoy."

" How?"

Harry told the entire story. The expression on Hermione's face was pure horror. She could barely believe it all. Harry and Hermione went back to Ron. The red head was staring into space.

" Ron?" Ginny called.

" Huh?" Ron asked. " Why are you here?"

" We came to visit you," Ginny explained confused.

" What did I do?" Ron asked. " Why are you back?"

Ron was out of bed standing up tall. He put up his fists nervously. Harry watched this carefully. Tears slid down Ron's cheeks as he backed away from Ginny.

" Ron, what are you doing?" Ginny asked. " Stop this you're scaring me."

The boy shook his head angrily. He ran over to a corner in his room and sat there trying to shield himself from something.

"Stay back Malfoy!" he hollered.

Everyone, but Harry went into red alert. Glancing around they noticed Malfoy wasn't around.

" Is he… hallucinating?" Hermione asked.

Harry nodded.

" We should let him have his episode before we do anything," he informed.

Ron continued to stay scrunched up in the corner. His eyes were held tightly shut. He wondered why Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Charlie, Bill and George weren't going to help him. Did Ron do something bad? He felt a cold hand on his arm. Keeping his eyes closed he hoped it would just all go away.

He could hear a voice slightly inaudible. It seemed to be fat away. Warm air blew through his ear. Shivering he felt a lump form in his throat. The voice whispered calmly in Ron's ear. He heard the word's 'Today you will die Weasley'. Two pairs of blue eye when finally opened met Grey ones. He let out a scream.

Bill was confused why was Ron screaming bloody murder? All he had asked is if Ron was al right.

" Bill," Harry yelled. " You were supposed to leave him alone. Do you have any idea what you have started?"

Everyone's eyes went wide with astonishment. They glued their eyes to Ron. He was wildly throwing his arms in the air. This shocked Bill. His reaction was grabbing Ron up into a hug to calm him

" Bill let go of Ron!" Harry ordered. " You must right now! He is misinterpreting everything you do!"

" What are you talking about Harry?" Bill laughed. " Ron knows it's me."

Crazily Ron began clawing at Bill. He succeeds at scratching his face. Dropping Ron his hands few to his face. Looking at his hands he saw red liquid.

"Someone go get a nurse," Hermione shouted.

George and Ginny left quickly followed by a frightened Bill and Charlie. The red head was breathing heavily.

" Harry? Hermione?" Ron questioned. " Why didn't you help me?"

" Ron, it isn't what you think," Harry tried to say.

" You wanted him to get me," Ron growled inching toward them.

" No, Ron, let us explain," Hermione frowned.

" You wanted me to die? Didn't you? Didn't you?"

" No, Ron, I love you too much!" she announced. " I would never want you dead."

Ron became silent. He had a look of confusion on his face.

" Love?" Ron questioned. " Me?"

Hermione nodded walking toward him slowly. Harry grabbed onto her before she could go further. Looking back her face showed a sign of bewilderment.

" Don't," he answered. " Not yet."

She nodded slowly. Scratching his head Ron began to ponder. She loved him?

" Hermione," Ron stuttered. " Harry."

" Yes," answered.

" Don't leave me alone," he whispered. " When I'm alone he can get me."

Harry and Hermione frowned. Just then two mean ran into the room. One slipped a straight jacket onto Ron they yelled for a nurse. Soon the nurse brought a shot. Hermione saw what was happening

" What are you doing?" she screamed. " You don't have to do that! He is already calm now."

One of the men turned around to look at the girl.

" He attacked someone."

" But he wont anymore," she replied. " Just leave him alone."

The two men looked at the nurse who shrugged. They helped the straight jacket off him.

" Call us if you need anything," the nurse smiled.

The three people left the room.

" Harry," Hermione sniffled. " Why?"

" Why what?"

" Why did this happen?" Hermione asked. " Ron doesn't deserve this."

" I know."

Ron saw Hermione was crying. Slowly he walked over to them and gave her a hug.

" Don't cry Hermione," he grinned. " Don't cry."

Harry wondered if he understood they were talking about him? Ron didn't deserve to be in the psychiatric unit. He was a great person who was being locked up in a room all by himself. When Harry and Hermione had to leave Ron became extremely unhappy. Tears rand down his cheeks as he watched them head for the door.

"Sorry, Ron, I have to go back to my room," Hermione sighed. " I will be here for two more days. I will visit you everyday even after I've left this place."

" Don't worry, Ron," Harry promised. " We will rescue you from this place soon."

Hermione nudged Harry in the side.

" I mean we will visit you everyday," Harry responded.

" Please, don't leave me," Ron pleaded.

" We are really sorry," Hermione apologized opening the door. "We'll be back. Promise."

Ron shook his head to disagree. Before he could protest anymore his friends were gone. Frantically he ran out of his room to see if he could find them. He stood in the hallway alone and afraid.

" Come back," Ron whispered. " I don't like to be alone."

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