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Title: Red roses are the sweetest

Chapter One:The Beginig

Amy Rose was walking down the street well more like a dirt path in a forest.She didn't know why but she had missed Shadow

than everybody else. they were acting as though nothing had really happened. That made her pretty pissed nobody cared Shadow gave up his life.

Since she saw Sonic didn't even care for her so she decided she should move away from everything she had before.So now she lives in the mystic ruins Because she

didn't want to be in the city she didn't want to be near all the old memories she wanted new ones. So now she is wearing Black jeans her old boots under

a white blouse she even let her hair grow,now it's below her shoulders she would change for a better life style,besides she wanted to take a brake.

"sigh I wish everybody would have been more well i don't know would be more sad over Shadow,I mean he did die to save this planet"

Then she noticed Somethings or someones arm hanging out she couldn't see anything else because tree parts were covering the rest of it.

She then started to dig out who ever was trpped under all the ruble. (?)

Then she gasped she came to see Shadow unconsious with burn marks,and cuts .

"Oh my god Shadow!"

"Shadow can you hear me it's going to be alright i'll get you help"

" cough" he said in a whisper so low she didn't hear him,and after that he went unconsious again.

A/N: Well I wanted to change the chapter a little thanks to one of my reviews I wanted to give you a feel of why Amys not in the city like

Always and I explained the surroundings a little. I do need a proof reader hehehe