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After a few days, Shadow's injuries were healing much faster than what was considered normal. Then again Shadow wasn't normal to begin with so it wasn't much of a shock to Amy. The first day he woke was the only time they truly had a conversation of sorts. After that she was lucky to get a few words out of him. He always seemed to be lost in thought, like he was having a conflict with himself. She figured he was fine after she realized he was leaving the property for early morning runs. He'd return by lunch and eat what ever she cooked and wandered off outside to explore the surrounding area. Though she was confused as to why he stayed. He was practically free to go now that the more major wounds had healed.

Not that she was complaining of course.

Amy was just worried about the black hedgehog. She may have been able to help him physically but emotionally and mentally was something else completely. He'd seen the death of his best friend, he's had to deal with confusion, pain, betrayal. All in all she didn't think there was much she could do even if she knew what he was arguing with himself about. Her actions may say otherwise but she was intelligent overall. Not like Tails and Eggman being a genius, or Knuckles and Rouge with their treasure hunting abilities. She wasn't anything special, all she could do was read tarot cards and go on rampages with that over sized hammer of hers. Although that in itself wasn't considered normal by others standards, she mused with a ghost of a smile. Okay so she wasn't average to others but with the people she chose to surround herself she seemed to fit the norm better than any of them. Shaking herself from her thoughts she stood from her current position on the couch in the living room and headed towards the kitchen to once again make lunch for two.


Once again jumping through the open window to his bedroom he looked around. Nothing new from the first day he woke up. He hadn't bothered to do anything to the place. He just wasn't that type of person. He wasn't going to create a tie with this place, or with any other. Then again he never thought about living out his life on Earth after Maria died so he hadn't planned anything along those lines out. Well besides trying to destroy the planet of course. After all things hadn't gone as planned, he hadn't planned on saving what he set out to eliminate, he hadn't planned on being saved by the one who awoke forgotten memories, he hadn't planned to stay with her for this long. Had it been anybody else, he was sure he would have left by now even if his wounds hadn't been all the way healed.

What pulled him away from his thoughts was a presence behind him. Quickly turning around he was met face to face with somebody he had least expected to see. There staring at him with a curious gleam in her eye was the one and only..Rouge. She hadn't changed much, same outfit, same attitude it seemed. Then snapping to his senses he aimed a kick at her only for it to be dodged by said person. Her curiosity was replaced with shock as she stood with her mouth open not quite believing how he suddenly aimed an attack at her. Shadow didn't care, he disliked her for many reasons and her just standing there got on his nerves. She jumped through the window and back inside. Both standing her ground and staying at a distance. He didn't let his guard down either and followed all of her movements. After a few seconds of walking circles around him she spoke.

"Well Shadow, I don't know what the big deal is but I'm not going to hurt you or that pink hedgehog if that's what's gotten you so serious." She said with a dramatic sigh. After taking a look around the room she spoke once more. "Then again you were always way to serious for your own good." She almost purred looking at him from over her shoulder.

Rolling his eyes he straightened up from his defensive position as he saw no threat. Although he did keep away from her. Walking toward the bed he sat by the edge, his eyes away from her. He spoke quietly knowing fully well she'd be able to hear him just fine.

"What are you doing here anyway Rouge? And how did you know how to find me?" He said in a monotone. Trying with all his might not to glare at her from the corner of his eye.

"Well I came here more on a rumor than anything. People saying they've seen a black hedgehog around this particular area and the speed of which he runs is just amazing. I found it to be coincidence but when I heard a mentioning of a pink hedgehog I thought I'd pay a visit to good o' Amy Rose." She finished with a satisfying smirk. "And by the way your looking at me I'd say your pretty protective of her Shadow. What happened? Before you could care less about anybody yet here you are worrying about a little pink hedgehog." She said with an almost knowing smile spreading across her face. She wasn't trying to be mean, she was just trying to get him to realize something so obvious. He may have not aware of it at the time but when he saw that girl for the first time he couldn't take his eyes off her. She knew he might develop some feelings for the little pink hedgehog from that moment on but chose not to say anything to the black hedgehog back then. Her mission at the time wasn't to play matchmaker no matter how badly she wanted to. Even now she believed to be the only one to see a connection so small between those two it was almost invisible but now it seemed to have grown, not by much mind you but enough to visible if you look close enough.

"I have no clue as to what your talking about Rouge but so help me, leave before I decide not to let you go without aiming another kick towards you." Shadow said absolutely seething in anger. How dare this women say something as ridiculous as that to him? He was the ultimate life form. He was a weapon not meant for useless emotions like love. His anger didn't subside as she laughed, it just ended up fueling the fire. Although once he made a move towards her did she finally stop her laughter. Shaking her head she made her leave but not without saying, "Just don't let the chance slip out of your hands Shadow or you'll see to regret it!" And with that she few off seeing that her job of planting the seed was done.

Shadow's anger was just rolling off of his in waves but dissipated when he heard a knocking at his door. Making his to the door he opened it enough to see who it was but wasn't surprised to see Amy as she was the only one besides him to take residence in the small home. She seemed curious as she looked up at him with her huge emerald green eyes. It looked as she was trying to find something behind him. Finally after waking up from a slight daze he asked her what she was doing. That seemed to snap her back to reality as well seeing as she blushed in embarrassment and asked if anybody was in the room with him. The obvious answer was said without hesitation.

"No, there isn't. Why?"

"A-Ah...well you see... I thought I heard more than one person speaking in there... A women laughing if I remember correctly..." She stuttered at first and hesitated a few times after that.

Raising an eyebrow he backed away so she could get a full few into the room as to show her there wasn't anybody in the room. "See there isn't anybody in here. Man or Women." he spoke evenly.

This only made her blush deepen in color and he briefly wondered if she was alright but brushed off that thought away. He didn't want to think to much about her. Especially with Rouge's words repeating over and over in his mind. Inwardly his eyebrow twitched, that bat managed to get into his thoughts and completely invade it with images of Amy. Most images were recent and were from the few times he saw her within the day. Yet these few images managed to make his heart skip if only for a quick second and nothing more. He'd be lying if he said Amy was unattractive but he wasn't the type of person to go for somebody based on looks and looks alone. That and he was practically a loner by nature and never got attached to anybody after Maria.

And well, look where that landed him.

In an awkward silence with Amy Rose...

She coughed to get his attention. It did and he looked at her as if to say 'Go on.' She smiled and with new found courage found her voice and asked him something he never expected to hear.

"Would you like to go to the lake with me? It's not to far from here and it has a beautiful view. It's quite peaceful..." She mumbled the last part feeling ridiculous of asking Shadow such a question. Shadow just stared at her for a few moments, then proceeded to close his eyes in thought. After a few agonizing moments he nodded without the opening of his eye lids. He saw it as the least he could do for all the things she had done for him. 'Besides,' he thought. 'How bad could this possibly turn out?' Finally deciding to look at her with his crimson eyes, he found her face to be in complete utter shock. He sighed. He supposed it was out of his normal character to accept such an offer but he couldn't help but give the girl a chance.

Amy just smiled brightly and nodded her head, almost viciously. She turned and called back that they would need to eat lunch first before heading off. Making Shadow almost smirk in amusement.



As soon as the pair finished lunch Amy slipped away to change into some black shorts that came just a few inches short of her knees, along with a loose fitting gray T-shirt, boots now gone having been replaced by an older pair of red slip on shoes, hair being pulled back by a red scrunchy into a messy bun. This attire was much more comfortable than the usual one she wore. Not only did it make hiking along the trails of the forest easier but also it allowed her to be able to slip off her shoes to dip her feet in the lake. Just watching it wasn't enough, she wanted to wander about in it, enjoying the feeling of the chilly water as it made contact with her. She wanted Shadow to enjoy that type of experience to, be it that it most likely happen only once. That and she had been meaning to ask a couple of questions of her own.

How did he survive the fall? Why was he gone for so long before reappearing the way he did? So many mysteries surrounded him and the more she thought about it, the more confusing it ended up becoming. Glancing at him from the corner of her eye did she realize he was staring right at her. Before turning her attention back to the trail of head of them and reaching the clearing did she also notice he wasn't quite looking at her, more like right through her. His eyes had been glazed over assuring her of her assumptions. Trying with all her might to pretend her blush was caused by the sudden rise in temperature she felt. Though gave up on that excuse when she knew that wouldn't fool anybody. It was so obvious that it was painful, the fact that she was getting attached to the black hedgehog. At the first signs of a crush beginning to develop she dismissed it thinking it was nothing more than worry for his well being. As soon as these signs began to be more apparent as time when on all she could do is succumb to the emotion. She knew it as much as the next person these new found feelings were growing at a rapid rate and were becoming much more than just a crush, something akin to love. This shocked her honestly. Some could say that her feelings started those two years ago but were never looked into because she had thought it to be her mistaking him for Sonic. She hadn't known why her heart was beating so fast after her first encounter at that Prison Island, thinking it was just fear for her life. Though now...she was sure it had been him all along. Just never took it into account because he had been working with Eggman. Inwardly groaning at her naive nature she cursed herself for not realizing something so obvious. Although that didn't change the fact of how ebony hedgehog saw her. In that light or not.

Turning to face him she was about to speak when suddenly she heard something rustling in the bushes a few feet away from them. Shadow still seemed to be caught up in his thoughts and didn't seem to realize there was anything out of the ordinary going on. Looking behind him she not only saw a claw of sorts heading their way but also some sort of machine connected to it. Eyes widening as she saw familiar coloring upon the machines outer layers she did the only thing she could think of...

Yell at Shadow to get away and push him out of (what she saw to be) harms way, only to be caught once more and playing the role of damsel in distress...

How was she not surprised at this turn of events...

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