1Disclaimer: I don't own Demon Diary...grr. This is by no means a yaoi. Sorry for those of you who may be disappointed- however, there will be a lemon in later chapters.

Sycocat: Hello! Time to have fun and mess with Demon Diary.

Raenef: Hello, you seem nice. smiles

Sycocat: Aww.

Erutis: Heh, you don't fool me. Who is involved in this lemon that you speak of?

Sycocat: You'll see...

Chris: I don't like those odds...why is she smiling like that?

Eclipse: A ball of fire appears in his hand It better not include me. glares

Sycocat: Oh would you look at the time, it's time to start the story. runs away

Ch.1: Missing You

Eclipse walked briskly to the doors of Raenef's bedchamber and threw them open.

The sun's bright morning rays shone through large windows. He walked in, his raven colored tresses

flowing behind him as he did so.

His young charge was sleeping soundly among silken sheets, his blonde hair slightly covering his eyes.

Eclipse approached his bedside. He almost didn't want to wake him...But of course he had his duties

and Raenef had his studies to get to.

"Master Raenef." he called trying to rouse the young demon lord.

He didn't stir.

"Master Raenef wake up." he said slightly louder.

Raenef turned toward him, still sleeping.

"Mno Erutis...it wouldn't be very nice to use the Dark Arrow on Chris." he mumbled.

Eclipse shook his head slightly.

"Master Raenef." he called even louder putting a hand sleeping shoulder.

At Eclipse's touch, Raenef's eyes opened slowly.

"Eclipse, is it morning already?" he asked with a yawn, stretching his arms.

"Yes, it is Master Raenef."

Raenef sat up and looked out the window as a blue bird flew by chirping.

"What a beautiful day." he mused. "And look at that pretty bird." he said with his usual smile.

Eclipse mentally noted that in their lesson today he would have to remind Raenef of rule# 521: 'No

day is ever beautiful, and if a demon lord feels the need to do so, they should ruin it with a storm.'

Also rule# 783: 'Birds are not in any way pretty and if one disturbs a demon lord, they should

promptly destroy it by whichever means that they see fit.'

Raenef tossed the blanket off of his body and stepped down onto the floor.

"I shall prepare breakfast...Go." Eclipse disappeared.

He reappeared in the kitchen.

He began to prepare breakfast.

He marveled at the quiet, savoring at the serenity that had descended in the year and a half since

Chris and Erutis had left.

Although it was a little too quiet.

Eclipse wouldn't admit it- not even to himself, that he did somewhat miss those annoying mortals.

Raenef appeared behind him.

"Mmm Eclipse that smells really good."

Eclipse stacked the pancakes onto two plates along with two glasses of orange juice.

Raenef grabbed his long sleeve.


They were transported to the large castle dining room.

The two demons sat down across from each other at one end of the long table.

Raenef drenched his pancakes in syrup and happily took a bite.

They sat in silence.

Raenef suddenly looked around sadly.

Eclipse noticed this. "What is it My Lord?" he inquired.

"Nothing. It's just that it's been awfully quiet since Erutis and Chris left."

I don't see anything wrong with that.

"I wonder how they're doing. I wish they'd visit."

"I'm sure that they shall soon My Lord."

"I hope so, wouldn't that be fun? We could have a party." Raenef said growing cheerful yet again.

Raenef: I miss my friends... frowns

Chris: Um, Raenef...we're right here.

Raenef: Yay! smiles

Sycocat: Aww, you are so cute!