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Erutis: -Finally getting out of the ropes- Someone needs to stop you. You are obviously criminally insane.

Sycocat: Why yes, yes I am, and no one can ever stop me mwahahahahahahahahaha!

Erutis: -loads tranquilizer gun-

Sycocat: Hey where did you get that? -is shot by Erutis and falls-

Chris: Glad that's over.

Eclipse: Finally some peace.

Sycocat: -stands and takes dart out of arm- You can't get rid of me that easily.

Erutis: H-how did you-?

Sycocat: -smiles evilly-

Ch. 8: Not-so unwanted

The group finished a plate full of pancakes each.

(Eclipse decided it would be best if he didn't let Raenef make breakfast ever again after the whole 'muffin' fiasco a few days before.)

"That was great Eclipse." Raenef declared as he wiped syrup off of his mouth.

"Yeah really, not like your muffins Rae." Chris said taking a sip of his drink.

Erutis punched him in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for?"

She gestured to the little demon lord who was tearing up.


"Yeah 'oops,' you moron."

"Y-you di-din't like my muff...muf-fins?" Raenef asked through his tears.

"No, no, Rae that's not what I meant I-uh..." Chris said trying to correct his mistake.

Eclipse, who had been watching the whole thing was disappointed, yet again, at the softness of his young lord.

Demon lords do not cry when petty mort-...demon lords do not cry at all.

He sighed and shook his head.

Raenef sniffled.

"...I meant that Eclipse's cooking ability is nowhere near yours. Your muffins were way better than anything he could cook up." Chris said finally.

Raenef's face lit up.

"You really mean it Chris!" He asked excitedly.

"Uh sure- I mean yeah."

"Wow...maybe I should cook breakfast more often."

"No!" The others said in unison.

(Eclipse did too, surprising even himself.)

"Okay then." Raenef said with a smile and walked off, leaving everyone else quite confused.

Eclipse was the first to regain his composure, which took only a few seconds.

(Lesson # 903: 'Demon's do not get surprised unless under certain circumstances.')

He stood up and brought the dishes to the kitchen.

A bit later...

Erutis decided it was a great day for sword training and went out to the courtyard.

She practiced in the shade of a large tree. (Make it whatever kind of tree you want.)

Hmm I haven't had any unwanted visits from Krayon in a while...that's good, he is so annoying. But there is a certain something...

Erutis was so deep in thought that she didn't notice the dark arrow heading right toward her.

"Erutis! Look out!" Raenef shouted.

Erutis looked up quickly and dodged it, it went past her, barely missing her arm.

Raenef ran up to her.

"Wow, Erutis, that was close. I'm sorry, I was just playing and I was trying to hit a bottle that I put on the railing of my balcony and-"

"Master Raenef."

Raenef turned around to face his teacher.

Eclipse looked down at him, his arms folded.

"Sorry Eclipse, like I was telling Erutis, it was an accid-"

"Don't bother apologizing my lord, it's fine, I was just coming to tell you that it's time for your lesson."

"Oh okay, bye Erutis." He said as the two demons disappeared.

Erutis blinked.

"Damn that Eclipse, he doesn't even care if I got hurt!" She yelled, swinging her sword.

A tree branch fell behind her.

She turned around.

Eclipse is going to murder me!

Her eyes shifted from left to right to make sure that no one had seen her.

Chris thought that it would fun be to take a look around the castle.

He had been living here for a while but it was a huge castle and he still hadn't seen entire wings.

He looked back at the seemingly endless hallway behind him.

Maybe I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs.

He suddenly heard a noise.


He jumped two feet in the air, and noticed the sound had come from a small mouse.

Well maybe Eclipse doesn't take such good care of this place after all.

He immediately stopped thinking such thoughts when he thought of how scary Eclipse could be. He thought that maybe Eclipse could somehow hear what he was thinking

Raenef sat in the library, looking out the window at a passing butterfly.

"...And that is why demons-...Master Raenef are you listening to me?"


"Master Raenef, your studies are more important than what's out side on such a-" he paused and looked outside "-sunny day." He finished with disgust.

"But Eclipse." Raenef whined.

"It's such a pretty day and I want to go outside."

He gave his best 'I'm the cutest little demon lord and don't you forget it' face.

Eclipse sighed.

"All right then, we'll continue this lesson tomorrow."

"Yay! Thank you Eclipse!"

Raenef disappeared and then reappeared outside in the grass, watching the butterfly.

Eclipse smiled slightly.

Erutis had continued her sword training after her little -ahem- encounter and was currently humming to herself as she fought pretend demons.

She backed up as she imagined a demon running toward her, claws at the ready.

She dodged and sliced it's back open.

Another demon came at her, but she was too fast.

She lunged forward and sunk her sword into it's skin.

Her imaginary battle was cut short by the sound of quiet laughter.

She knew that laugh anywhere.

"Krayon! Come out so I can kill you."

Krayon jumped down from his perch in the tree above her.

"Come now, you don't mean that."

"Yes I do."

"Why did you come here?"

"Why, my love? To see you of course and to give you aid if there was any need for it."

"Why would I ever need your aid?"


He said stepping toward her.

"Come any closer and I'll put this sword right through your gut." Erutis threatened.

"Why can't you believe me when I say that you could never do that. You care too much about me to kill me."

Erutis scoffed.

"Yeah right."

"I can see in your eyes that you know it's true. Why must we keep playing this futile game?" He asked stepping a bit closer, but she didn't notice.

He looked deep into her eyes.

Erutis looked deep into his eyes as well.

"I'm not playing games."

She then swiftly slashed his side with her sword.

Or...at least she thought she had but he was too quick.

She looked around.

"Up here, my love."

Erutis looked up at him and glared.

"Well, I can tell when I'm not wanted."

She arched an eyebrow.

"Oh really?"

"But I shall be back."

He blew a kiss and with that, he vanished.

"Yeesh what a drama queen." Chris said from behind Erutis.

She jumped at bit in surprise.

"Chris!" She yelled lowering her sword.

"That was so cute, you two really are made for each other."

And as the sun was setting on beautiful day...Erutis was beating Chris' brains out.

Sycocat: -taking another dart out of her neck- Erutis you really shouldn't deny your love...

Erutis: -still shocked that she is standing-Uh...how...?

Krayon: -fixing his hair-Honestly, my love, I don't know how you can resist my charm.

Erutis: It's not as hard as you think...

Sycocat: What are you talking about? That charm, that grace, that hair...Krayon is damn hot. So is Eclipse, that boy is fine.

Krayon: At least someone appreciates all the trouble that I go through.


Sycocat: -winks at Eclipse-

Chris: -Cowering in the corner where he's been since the third tranquilizer dart-

Raenef: -Next to Chris- Are we playing a game?

Erutis: Ugh...

Krayon: - looking at himself in a mirror-


Raenef: -smiles-

Sycocat: Aww...I could just eat you up.

Eclipse: -glares-

Sycocat: Or not.