Chapter 10 – When You're Lucky Enough To Find It

Snape's thoughts were hovering just beyond reach. Her jasmine scent dulled his mind and the incessant beating of his heart was deafening. He wanted to tell her everything, how beautiful he found her, how much he wanted to touch her, how her breath against his neck was coursing like fire burning through his very soul, but all he managed was the one urgent word.


The room remained stationary, but his mind reeled. Her breath ran down his neck, constricting his throat and twisting his senses. He was frozen, afraid any move he would make might still be unwanted. He closed his eyes, praying for this scene to never end, to stay forever in his mind for the inevitable time after she pushed him away.

He forgot any thought that might have remained when her lips touched his neck. Heat from the roaring fire was nothing to the blaze rushing through his skin. The touch of those two lips sent molten waves of pleasure through his entire body, prickling like the touch of a thousand needles. There was that touch again, except lower this time, replacing the first surge of pleasure with a slow, burning kind, trickling with his blood to the very edges of his being.

A hand, her hand, was on his chest, feeling his pulse, his heart responding in kind, trying to jump from his chest. Opening his eyes, he saw her, lips slightly parted into a devious smile, gazing at him. Her eyes were black, lustrous pools, lights dancing behind the pools like molten lava just beneath the surface of the night sea.

He must have looked hungry, staring intently into her eyes. Muscles that had been painfully tense were now throbbing with weighty anticipation. The hand on his chest made easy work of the top button of his shirt, moving nimbly to the next and the next until it lay open.

She took him in and knew she had not been deceived. The tone muscles of his chest heaved, revealing the chiseled waist with each breath. She touched the hot skin with her fingertips, running trails down to his abdomen and back up to his neck, feeling the sweat mingled with suspense.

The light touch of her skin to his was enough to make him writhe inside, wanting it never to end, but wanting it desperately to continue. He raised a hand to her face, cupping her cheek. Thumb sketching her lips, he was rewarded with her tongue, flicking out and tasting his skin. The wetness contrasted with the dry heat of the flesh, spurring glints of pleasure through every nerve.

She tasted the sweet salt of his skin, his thumb tracing her lips, making her want to reach out and bite. Keenly aware of the throbbing consuming her body, she leaned into his touch, still stroking lines on his chest, moving second by second closer to his lips. His hand slid down her face to the nape of her neck, gently pushing his fingers back into her hair. Softly pressing her lips to his, she hesitated, allowing the furious tide of flame and passion to overtake her. They stayed still for a long few seconds, lips meeting, each drinking in the other.

At last, the passion overwhelmed them both, each toppling in. The kiss was full, unequaled excitement as they conveyed their passion into each other. His arm came around her waist, pulling her into him, drawing her around. Arms circling his neck, she tightened her hold as he relocated her with ease onto his lap.

One arm around her back, he sent the other to the bottom of her shirt where he found her stomach, boiling skin slick with sweat. His hand found its way up and around her breast, massaging gently, her guttural cry suggesting her approval.

Her hands moved from his neck up into his hair, pushing his lips into hers, coaxing him on with a shift of her hip on the growing pressure against it, and earning her a profound moan and a tightening of the hand on her breast.

He broke the kiss and she protested, until she felt the t-shirt that had been constricting her body rising up her sides. She repositioned herself so that she was straddling him, one knee pushed against each of his hips. Bring the material up and over her head, his eyes drank in her body. Round, supple breasts were rising slightly with each eager breath, the rigid nipples prominent against her clear, pale skin. Each hand went out to meet its own, filling up his hands with her flesh. Her eyes closed and her body arched at he caressed, running his hands up to her neck and back down, raking against the taut, sensitized skin.

He leaned forward, suckling her, feeling her body stiffen. He ran his hands down her waist to her hips. She responded by thrusting her hips against him, sending visceral shocks into every element of his body. Lips freeing her nipple, he looked up to her face. Eyes focused into his, glowing with intensity, she slid her hips against his. The pleasure swarming into his body was dangerous, every throaty groan he released causing her to repeat the gesture. The obvious passion in her eyes was irresistible, savoring his every response. Again and again and again she bucked her hips until he could stand no more.

Grasping the back of her thighs, he pushed her up so that her persistence would end and so he could taste her skin. Her stomach was sticky sweet to his lips. Hands gliding back up to her breasts, he kissed every bit of her he could reach. When he ran out of canvas, he brought his hands back down to the top of the hips. Fingers finding their way under the waistband, he slid the fabric to her knees. There readily before him was ecstasy. Hands now working independently, the left went back to her breast and the right slid between her thighs.

Desire churned inside her when his right hand reached its aim. As the fire grew in her belly, she felt his hands shift. His arms around her waist, he was guiding her onto her back. The suede received and ensconced her. She sought out his eyes with hers seeking explanation but she found intense black orbs of lust staring back. After removing what was left of her clothes from her ankles, he stood, letting his shirt slip from his shoulders to the floor.

Kneeling on the floor beside her, never once taking his eyes from hers, he put one hand to her cheek as he slipped one hand under her leg and into the slick folds between, reigniting the wonderful throbbing. His thumb turned rhythmic circles, sending pulses of unbelievable pleasure through her, his fingers working the same magic elsewhere. She didn't look away from him as his eyes savored her body, the enjoyment in his eyes intensifying her pleasure.

The hand on her cheek strayed to her breast, teasing and caressing in turn. Suddenly, he bent over her, his mouth taking over the work his thumb had begun. The insistent pressure inside her mounted, light intensifying, ears ringing, the fire in her belly escalating with each turn he took until she could take no more.

"Please," she whispered, her voice harsh with pleasure. "Please," she repeated until she knew he'd heard her.

Ceasing his exploits, he stared up into her eyes, his moist lips curving into a mischievous smirk. He stood, eyes again perusing her naked body, black eyes drunk with desire. When he unfastened his trousers, she was acutely aware he was wearing nothing else beneath. She yearned to assist him, but the anticipation paralyzed her. As the fabric fell to the floor, she saw his own obvious yearning.

Kneeling onto the couch in front of her bended legs, he placed a hand on each knee and parted them, staring intently at what made her a woman. His attentive gaze was electrifying. Rising to his knees, he moved up between her thighs placing his hands between her arms and lowered himself slowly on top of her. His lips hungrily found hers. The weight of his body and the heat of his skin enveloped her. Sliding one arm under her waist, he raised her burning flesh up to meet his. Suddenly, she didn't just want him--she needed him urgently.

Her body in all its youthful perfection lay beneath him. Skin to skin, the contact was magnificently exhilarating, her fingers scraping down his back, groping and finding, pushing his hips wantonly against her. The frenzy that shot through his body as he swept against her coarse hair made his hips beg to proceed. He kissed her passionately, prolonging the journey as long as he could. She raised her hips to meet his, the pressure within her pleading for release.

Able to resist no longer, he thrust, the sensation of her becoming one with him all consuming. Wrapping her legs around his hips, she bucked beneath him, matching each stroke, powerless against the swelling mayhem of sensations filling her up.

With each thrust, he bettered the tempo, the insistence building between them undeniable. After one last glorious moment of delay, he pushed one last time, her muscles seizing around him, her body vibrating beneath him, her nails sinking into his flesh, and he came hard into her, each delivered to rapture at once.

He was relaxing at her side, facing the fire. They lazed there for what seemed like days, tangled in each other, profoundly satiated. She gently stoked his shoulder while he placidly traced abstract shapes on her stomach. They hadn't yet spoken

Catching her eyes, he gazed intently. Nothing but the crackling fire, and the soft music she still could not place, broke the stillness. A deep, soothing voice reached her through the comfortable haze.

"Thank you."

She smiled demurely. "For what?"

He laid his head on her chest and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her snugly against him.

"Stopping by."

She knew the rest went without saying.