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Chapter 10! "One Nasty Burger" (sniff)

"So what do you want?" asked Tucker.

"I want double-veggie burger." Timmy made a "yucky" face.

"I want a regular double cheese burger." Timmy didn't know what to get and Tucker was getting a little testy.

"Okay, I want a jr. cheese burger," Timmy paused for a while and then said, "actually make it cheese burger… without the Jr." Danny and Sam all ready got a table. Timmy went to the table with them. Tucker came back with the food.

"Next time its Danny's turn," said Tucker whose hands got burned.

"Whatever," said Danny as he took his burger. As they ate there was a newsflash on the TV.

"Tonight at 10:00- a body was found in the forest. See what the FBI says about the murder. And- Are you really safe when to take a bath? Tonight at 10:00."

"I guess we kinda got the FBI I this," whispered Danny.

"Ya but they'll never know that it was the ghost boy," whispered back Sam. In the window was Crocker watching every thing they did. Luckily he didn't have his Ear-O-matic that let you listen to other people talk form a distance. Soon they left the Nasty Burger and went back to the house. On the way Crocker was stalking every moment. Timmy whispered, "I wish Crocker was in the wacky house." There was a really big poof.

"Thank you. He was kinda creeping me out," said Tucker who noticed Crocker.

"I thought I was the only one who noticed," said Timmy.

"I just kinda ignored him," said Sam.

"Huh?" asked Danny when he didn't get what just happened. They all turned to look at him.

"And you're the one with the powers here," said Sam while the rest just laughed.


As they all said goodbye to each other, Danny and Timmy cried in the inside. They knew that they were going to really miss each other. Danny not to long ago found out that Clockwork has Plasmius sealed away just like Danny's evil side. Jorgen said that Timmy can't poof Danny over. Sam and Danny remained a couple just like Crocker stayed in the kooky house. Tucker didn't really get anything out of this story so sorry Tucker (hope he's not mad). Damn I made it way to short. If you guys don't like, too bad. This is fine, I'm really tried so just leave me alone. I'll be back with the 1st chapter of Danny/Teen titans 2. Bye-Bye (for now)