Title: Impulse

Rating: This part PG, will change later

Genre: A weird combination of fluff, angst, and um, smut.

Pairing/s: Thrill Pair + a dash of AtoMo (in the future chapters)

Summary: Ryoma could no longer run away. Fuji watches and waits.

Notes: Written for Mei/Ryuuza's birthday.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Konomi Takeshi's.

Graduation day at Seigaku Junior High found Fuji kissing Ryoma softly on the cheek.

"Will you go out with me?" he asked.

Ryoma looked away and answered. "Mada mada da ne."

Fuji didn't understand why but he didn't question Ryoma. He merely smiled.


Graduation day at Seigaku High found Fuji handing Ryoma the second button of his gakuren. Ryoma took the item and blinked.

"Now, will you be mine?"

Again, Ryoma didn't meet his eyes. "Mada mada da ne."

Fuji still didn't understand. But like before, he said nothing and just smiled as if he understood.


Graduation day at Tokyo University found Fuji kissing Ryoma chastely on the lips, fingers delicately cupping Ryoma's chin.

"I love you, Ryoma," he said as he pulled away. "Now, will you give me a chance?"

Ryoma just looked at him, saying nothing.

Fuji understood what that look meant but he still didn't understand why. And he smiled no more.


By Lady Androgene

Chapter 1: Return

No. Not possible.

Ryoma stared at the teacher's table and at the person who was chatting amiably with the generic crop of doe-eyed females in the front row. It couldn't be.

He graduated last year. He had a well-paying job as a professional photographer at one of the biggest local news networks situated in Tokyo.


Ryoma's eyes veered downward and caught the familiar teacher's id that was clipped on the belt loops of the teacher's pants. His heart sank.

He looked around, half-hoping for evidence that he was being filmed for some cruel gag. He found none. He pulled out his registration form and triple-checked the information, sharp eyes carefully scrutinizing every bit of text. But there was no mistake. He had come to the right classroom. The words Psy155 Behavioral Psychology scrawled across the blackboard further attested to that.

But still… he couldn't bring himself to move. The reality of the situation was painfully clear to him but it hadn't kicked in.

So he settled on keeping his feet glued to the doorway, staring and entertaining the temptation to run to the registrar's office and ask for a load revision. He wondered why he had a Psychology class in his curriculum, seeing as he was majoring in Materials Science and Applied Chemistry. Then he remembered that this was a free elective and that it was Momoshiro who had enrolled for him. Ryoma hadn't enrolled himself because the US Open was at the same time as the University's registration period. Momoshiro had tried to consult with him for elective choices but Ryoma had been in the middle of a press conference and told Momo to choose for him.

And this was what he got. He made a mental note never to trust Momo's judgment again.

A familiar voice suddenly rang out, interrupting his thoughts.

"Echizen Ryoma, correct?" His new professor read from the class list, smiling pleasantly at him. "Please take your seat or I'll have to mark you as late."

Mildly embarrassed at being caught off-guard, Ryoma hung his head, suppressing the urge to glare at the teacher. He managed to coax his feet into stepping away from the doorway to search for an unoccupied seat. Much to his chagrin, he discovered that there was only one vacancy – the desk front and center. Why this seat was still unoccupied despite the presence of several female fans the professor had acquired was beyond him, but he had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't a lack of boldness that kept them from taking the damned place. Still, there was no sense in refusing so he slowly made his way to this desk and dropped his things on it, his eyes never quite landing on the disturbing sight in front of him. He focused his gaze on the gratuitously vandalized table instead.

The class chatter quieted down as their professor finally got off his perch on his desk and faced the class.

"Good afternoon, class. I am Fuji Syuusuke and I will be your instructor for this course."