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His father had warned him that things like this would happen. There he was just minding his own business during lunch at the academy, eating the bento that had been heavily packed with rice and tomatoes by his mother and listening to his two best friends Kenmaru and Kazuma bickering with each other when it happened.

"Uchiha Sanosuke, I, Kanou Daisuke, challenge you for Yuka-chan's heart!"

"Let me see if I have this right. First you beat up a boy, who before today you didn't even know existed, for a girl." Sano wrinkled his nose at the assumption that he'd actually get into a fight for that silly girl. "And then you punched the girl you were fighting over." Sakura sighed. "I know we raised you better than that."

"Kaa-san, that's not how it happened." The ten year old grumbled.

As previously stated his father had told him that he might encountered problems such as this when he entered the Ninja Academy. He was the first born son of Uchiha Sasuke. This of course meant girls, and the occasionally older woman hoping to trick him into an engagement with her daughter, would be flocking to him. He just never understood how much of a pain in the neck the experience would be until it actually started happening.


"Sano-kun, you want this?" Okada Kazuma asked shoving his half eaten bento box under the Uchiha's nose. He was all ways cheerful and full of energy, and had been the first friend Sano had made at school. He was a good two inches smaller than the Uchiha heir with short light blond hair that curled out at the ends, pale skin, and dark blue-gray eyes. Older women had a habit of pinching his cheeks and telling him how much like a cherub he looked, and yet despite his fair features he was an excellent genin-in-training. In fact he was one of the three boys in his class vying for the position of Top Ranked Rookie.

"Sure, I'll take them." Sano raised his chopsticks and plucked up every red piece of fruit he could find.

"Ai-oka-chan keeps forgetting I'm allergic." He poked around in the food checking to make sure nothing was left before he dug back in with relish. "Did she put any tomatoes in your lunch Kenny?" Kazuma asked turning to his brother and the third boy fighting for Top Ranked Rookie along side him and Sano.

Takashi Kenmaru shook his head quite certain that his mother was just determined to constantly get their allergies mixed up as he stared at the abundant amount of strawberries in his lunch. They were so different he didn't see how it was possible. For one his hair was a messy mop of sandy brown and his eyes were a mossy green. He wasn't nearly as playful nor did he have boundless energy. Where Kazuma looked delicate Kenmaru looked more rugged. He was two and a half inches taller, his skin tanned and his face was more angular even for a child. True they were only half brothers who shared the same father (oddly enough Kazuma was the oldest at three weeks and four days), and they looked nothing alike, but Kazuma had lived with him and his mother since he was two. There was really no excuse. "Here." He said tilting his box to push the unwanted strawberries onto Kazuma's rice. "And stop calling me Kenny."

"Ny mot?" Kazuma asked, his mouth full of sushi. "Mis ah ba-" He finally swallowed, "It's a great name and Sano-kun doesn't mind his name!" He thumped the boy excitedly on his back causing his raven haired friend to choke on his beloved tomatoes.

"What does the name you call Sanosuke have to do with anything? I'm telling you to stop calling me-!" He paused as a shadow fell over them and glanced up at the interloper. "Who the hell are you?" The boy smirked down at them, his arms crossed over his puffed out chest and his blue eyes shinning triumphantly. He looked vaguely familiar, especially with that stock of reddish orange hair, but Kenmaru just couldn't place him.

The boy's lips curled upward slightly in a sneer at the brunette's question before his eyes shifted to the raven haired boy calmly chewing on a rice ball. "You!" The boy yelled, stabbing a finger in Sano's direction. "Although I'm sure you all ready know who I am since I'm this year Top Rookie, I'll tell you anyway." He coughed and paused dramatically, and then shouted with his fist clenched in front of his face. "Uchiha Sanosuke, I, Kanou Daisuke, challenge you for Yuka-chan's heart!"

Sano wiped the stray rice that hadn't made it into his mouth off his lips. As he licked his fingers he stared up at Daisuke and said, "Do I know you?" While the self proclaimed top rookie's face burned an angry red Kazuma turned to sharply poke his brother in the shoulder.

"Ne, Kenny, I thought you, Sano-kun, and me were top of our class." Kenmaru sighed irritably, and gave his brother's shoulder a hard shove.

"We are, you idiot, although how you manage that I will never know." Kazuma seemed to ignore the barb at his intelligence in favor of frowning confusingly at Daisuke.

"Well then who's this clown?" The aforementioned clown was silently seething as the two brothers discussed him and his so-called rival, having apparently decided that some boy he didn't even know wasn't worth his time, had gone back to enjoying another of his mother's delicious rice balls.

"I told you who I am!" Daisuke snapped, slapping Sano's rice ball out his hand to regain his attention. "My name is Kanou Daisuke, I'm the best in class, and I'm challenging you, Uchiha Sanosuke, to a fight for Yuka-chan's affections!"

"Uh-oh." Kazuma shook his head, staring at Daisuke with eyes full of pity. "You are so dead."

"Dumbass." Kenmaru snorted.

"What are you-" He blinked and Sano was gone, completely disappeared from under the tree. The next sensation Daisuke felt was his face being forcibly shoved into the grass from behind and dirt flying up his nose. He yelped as his arm was twisted painfully behind his back and a sandaled foot dug into his signature orange hair.

"You want to fight me so badly, fine, but lets make one thing clear. I don't know who Yuka is and I don't care if you marry her and have twenty kids. This fight is about you ruining my last rice ball!"


"Yuka-chan, hurry!" Fuji Yuka's head shot up from her book, eyes locking with her frantic friends. "You have to see this! Sano-kun's fighting some boy from Class 3-C for you!"


"Damn it! Have you seen this school roster?" Fuji Okubo yelled while slapping the stack of papers down on the coffee table and turning to his wife.

"What's wrong now?" Keiko sighed tiredly.

"Look at this!" Okubo picked the papers up, flipped passed a few, and then jabbed at a name. "Do you know who this is?" Keiko read the name Uchiha Sanosuke and stared at her husband hoping he'd elaborate. "It's that traitor's son!"

"The man paid his debt to the village. Let it go, Okubo." Her husband shook his head sourly.

"Wouldn't surprise me if turned out just like his father."

"Why does this bother you so much?" He was a harmless eight year old boy. What could he have possibly done to make Okubo so upset?

"You remember what that man was like at the academy." Keiko nodded, and ticked off a few adjectives.

"Moody, depressed, antisocial, and angry at the world. I don't think his son has the experience needed to pull off those emotions."

"I meant all the girls that were constantly surrounding him." Her husband griped. "His hormones probably work perfectly fine."

"Oh I see." Keiko smirked. "This is about Yuka. You think our little girl is going to get a crush on Uchiha." Okubo scoffed.

"Yuka-hime has much better taste. I just want that boy to stay far away from her. He'll be trouble, I just know it."

"Well he's in Class 1-A and she's in Class 1-B. I doubt that'll be a problem."

It had only been two years since she'd overheard the discussion her parents had about her classmate, but she certainly remember well what her father had said about one Uchiha Sanosuke. The boy was trouble.

"Who's he fighting exactly?" Yuka asked once she caught up with some of the other students.

"I heard it was that dead last from Class 3-C, Kanou Daisuke." A boy said from her right. "This is going to be great! Sanosuke-san is going to flatten him!"

"What did he do to piss Uchiha off, anyway?" Another boy, this time on her left asked.

"I heard he bumped into Sano." One kid yelled.

"Nah, Uchiha-kun wouldn't fight over something that trivial." A slightly older girl said while shaking her head. "He must have deliberately offended him. Like insulted his mother or little sisters."

"Chances are more likely Daisuke insulted his father." Someone snorted.

Then before Yuka could stop her Morino Rika opened her big mouth and said, "You all have it wrong." She made a tsking noise while wagging her finger and pointed at her friend. "Sano-kun found out that Kanou likes Yuka-chan too. They're fighting for her."

"What!" Several voices yelled at once


"Sanosuke, you're acquiring an audience. Wrap it up before you attract teachers." Kenmaru warned. He had never seen a more one-sided fight than this one. Kanou had never stood a chance and Sanosuke was so angry about losing his last rice ball that Kenmaru doubted he was even thinking of pulling his punches. Speaking of punches. "Stop that!" His fair haired brother was long overdue and with all the dancing and cheering he was doing on the sidelines he deserved the blow to the head he'd just received.

"What was that for?" Kazuma moaned, rubbing his scalp. His brother gave him another signature scowl, but didn't answer. Instead he inclined his head to the growing number of children surrounding them. "Right. Crowd control." Kazuma picked up a stick, preparing to start dispersing the other students. He never got the chance.

"Uchiha Sanosuke!"


Sano considered his self to be a pretty mellow boy. He didn't get upset often or easily. Few people actually managed to bring out the anger he'd inherited from his parents. The fury that lurked beneath the surface, but Kanou Daisuke had done it quite spectacularly. So spectacularly in fact that all Sano could feel and hear at the moment was the small amount of warm sticky blood smearing across his knuckles and the distinct cracking noise Daisuke's now slightly crooked nose made as he pulled his fist back. He couldn't hear Kenmaru's warning, didn't notice Kazuma's enthusiastic dancing, nor was he able to acknowledge the loud combination of insults and cheers coming from the growing crowd.

"Uchiha Sanosuke!" He heard that however, but only because it was accompanied with a sharp slap to the back of his head. Shocked gasps filled the air and Kazuma, ever the dramatic, hopped to his friends defense brandishing his trusty stick.

"Hey, no interfering! This is a fair fight!" He yelled, shaking his stick at the one who dared to interrupt. Sano let his grip on Daisuke's collar go slack and the boy immediately crumpled to the ground at his feet, cradling his bruised face in his hands.

"You call this fair!" Sano shifted his feet, turning to stare at the girl trading screams and glares with his friend. "Uchiha was beating this poor boy into the ground!" She must have been the one who hit him. "How could you do this?" He arched a brow when he realized she was addressing him now.

Sano shrugged his shoulders and answered in the most bland voice he could manage, "He was asking for it."

"You see, Yuka-chan, you see!" Rika interjected before her friend could say anything more. "I told you they were fighting over you." She nudged the other girl playfully. Yuka was mortified to notice a light flush rising on her cheeks.

"Rika-chan, be quiet!" She shoved the brunette back into the curious mob. "Uchiha, I don't know what made you think I'd actually like a boy who-"

"What on earth are you talking about?" Sano asked, both brows now lifting in question. "Wait." He held his hand up to stop Yuka as she opened her mouth. His emerald eyes narrowed as he study the girl in front of him. She was about his height, maybe a few centimeters shorter, her hair was so dark it appeared to be violet and it flowed down to the middle of her back. Her eye color was much closer to Kenmaru's than his own. It was definitely green, but there was a gray tinge to it. "You're the Yuka-chan that my lunch was disturbed over." Sano stated his eyes zeroing in on the dusting of freckles across the girl's nose. She was cute he supposed, but certainly not enough to warrant the thrashing her admirer just got. "Did you fill this idiot's head with ideas of challenging me for you?"

"You think pretty highly of yourself, don't you Uchiha?" The nerve of him!

Sano smirked. "You came over here claiming this fight to be about you. I don't think I'm the one with the big head." Yuka's face was turning so red Sano was honestly wondering if steam would began whistling out of her ears or something to that nature. She was certain to explode in some manner.

"You-you!" Her small hands curled into tightly shaking fists as Sano cautiously braced himself for the attack he knew was coming. Kenmaru climbed to his feet, his head whipping around in search of the nearest escape route should a teacher show up. Rika, who's common sense had finally caught up to her hopeless romantic sense and made her realized the awkward position she'd put her friend in, nervously chewed her fingernails. The mass crowd of students, in their various ages and skill levels, all waited with baited breath for Yuka's reaction. Kazuma… Kazuma stood perfectly still, entranced with the large yellow butterfly that was perched on the tip of his nose. "You jerk!"

In Sano's defense his reaction was actually fairly normal. The moment he realized that Yuka intended to hit him again, the moment happened to be when her fist started its crash course for his face, it took him a split second to decide that he would beat her to the punch. Literally.

"Wow." Whether Kazuma was talking about the fact that his best friend had just socked a girl in the mouth or the second yellow butterfly circling his head was anyone's guess.

Sano gulped, dropping his arms as he stared down at Yuka. He honestly didn't think he'd hit her hard enough to knock her off her feet, but on the ground the girl was. Her lips were swelling, split, and bleeding and there were-What was that?-tears welling in her eyes. Was she seriously crying?

"Uchiha Sanosuke!" Crap! He knew that voice. He was in trouble. "What are you doing?"

"He beat up Kanou and hit Yuka-chan, Iruka-sensei!" The loud mouthed girl tattled. Double crap! He was in a lot of trouble.


Uchiha Sena had never been particularly fond of his role as the baby of the family so at age five when his father explained to him that his mother was pregnant again and it meant that he would soon get a new baby brother or sister, ecstatic was high on his list of emotions. Then his baby sister, Uchiha Mikoto, was actually born and Sena's emotions hopped onto a Six Flag's rollercoaster. He was happy, sure, he was finally someone's Nii-chan and he was determined to be just as good if not better that his own. He knew he wasn't jealous of the attention Mikoto-chan received. She was a baby and needed help to do just about everything. Sena understood that. In fact she could have some of his extra attention. For instance the kind his older sisters paid him before corralling him into one of their dumb tea parties.

No, Sena decided while peering over the crib railing at his baby sister, he was jealous of her in a much different way. The problem laid in the fact that she looked too much like their father. Same dark hair, same dark eyes. It irked him that she was such a perfect carbon copy while he looked nothing like his father. Sure he heard the standard lies. He had his father's nose, his jaw, his lips, and his ears and Sena didn't want any of them. He wanted hair like his father and brother, not the burgundy monstrosity that grew from his scalp and while he thought his mother had pretty eyes he still wished his eye color was something closer to onyx. Sena knew he was being a brat about this and that it certainly wasn't Mikoto-chan's fault that he'd been born with red hair and green eyes, but that didn't mean he couldn't be mad at her like it was.

"Enjoy it while you can. When I get my Sharingan I'll definitely be more like Tou-chan." Sena said, reaching into the crib to poke Mikoto-chan's fat little tummy. The baby squealed, kicking her chubby legs in the air and Sena grinned before he proceeded to poke her again.


Sakura wasn't sure how suspicious she should be of the fact that Okada Kazuma was standing on her doorstep without Sano-kun or his brother. "A little early to be out of class, don't you think Kazuma-kun?" The boy shook his head, blond bangs flying in every direction.

"Iruka-sensei gave me a mission, Sakura-sama." He started digging around his pockets. "I have to give you this letter." His digging turned slightly more frantic when he didn't immediately find the piece of paper. "Aw, I think I dropped it, but don't worry Sakura-sama I'll find it!" He did a quick about face preparing to sprint back the way he came when Sakura noticed the note safety-pinned to the back of the boy's shirt and caught his collar before he could race off. If it was complex and intricate Kazuma was a regular whiz kid, but give him a task as simple as delivering a letter and he was bound to screw it up. Which is why Iruka wisely attached a second note to the blonde's back. If Kazuma didn't know he had it he couldn't lose it.

"I think I found it." One sharp yank ripped the note right off his shirt.


"This is all your fault, you know." First she got him in trouble and now she wouldn't shut up. Why did this girl have to be so annoying! "You really have no one to blame, but yourself." Sano shot her a murderous glare. If he could will someone's body to burst into flames from just looking at them Yuka would have been a smoldering pile of ash right-Wait! No! Injuring the girl was how he got into this mess.

"Funny." Sano spat. "I can think of plenty of people to blame. Like that broom head weakling or your frog mouthed friend."

"Leave Rika-chan out of this!"

"If she hadn't made it sound like I go around beating kids up for fun I-!"

"What do you call what you did to Kanou?"

"I didn't even know who he was until he waltzed over, challenged me to a stupid duel and knocked my lunch on the ground. I didn't start that fight so don't get all bent out of shape because I knew how to finish it!" A loud cough drew their attention away from each other.

"I see nether of you have calmed down." Iruka said. Yuka laughed nervously and gave a little wave to the husky man standing behind her teacher that she knew to be her father.

Sano groaned. His forehead hit his desk with a solid thunk when he saw the pink hair that could belong to no one but his mother. I am so doomed.

"Yuka-hime what happened?" Okubo took one look at the dark haired boy sitting several seats away from his daughter, another look at his daughter's bruising lips, and began to see red. "You brat! What did you do to my daughter!" Sano might have been frighten when all two hundred and something pounds of enraged overprotective father started running towards him had his mother not appeared in front of him and knocked the man back to the door with a single flick to the forehead with her index finger.

"I'll take my son home now Iruka-sensei, and I promise he won't do something like this again." Sakura pinned her son under a stare that made its own promise of extreme pain and torment if he didn't agree with her. "Won't you, Sanosuke?"

Sano cringed. His mother called him by his full first name. I'm more than doomed. He bobbed his head in accordance.


"Let me see if I have this right. First you beat up a boy, who before today you didn't even know existed, for a girl." Sano wrinkled his nose at the assumption that he'd actually get into a fight for that silly girl. "And then you punched the girl you were fighting over." Sakura sighed. "I know we raised you better than that."

"Kaa-san, that's not how it happened." The ten year old grumbled.

"Then how did it happen?"

"Uchiha!" Although it was quite obvious the call was meant for Sano, both mother and son stopped and turned.

"Aw man, what does that annoying girl want now? Ouch!" Sano took a few steps away from his mother. He didn't want to get pinched again. "Kaa-san, what was that for?"

"Be nice." Sakura warned. Yuka walked up to the pair fiddling with her fingers the whole way.

"Look Uch-Sanosuke-kun, I wanted to apologize about today. Your friend Takashi kind of explained everything after you left and well-I just want to say sorry."

"Hn." A sharp pain on his neck told him he wasn't completely out of his mother's pinching range. "I'm sorry about your face." A light blush rose on Yuka's cheeks. It may have taken some coercing from his mother but he was still apologizing. "I mean you hit like a girl anyway so it would have caused less damage if I just let your punch get through."

"You jerk!"

Today would always be remembered as the day Uchiha Sanosuke found out just how hard a girl could hit. It would also be remembered as the day he lost his last baby tooth.


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