This is going to be my 'request' fic, where you can request drabbles from specific fandoms (listed below) and I will try to write them because I really do need to write more than Naruto. The first three drabbles are requests from friends from my LiveJournal site, just to give you an idea of what to expect. Please don't request more than one. Please don't expect them promptly. Please don't request lemons. Please don't expect quality. I'm experimenting with new fandoms after all. If you want a good idea of who I might be decent at writing, go to my main page and look up my favorite characters.


Naruto (duh, but if you request something about the sannin or anyone from Sound Village, expect those to appear on either "Legendary or Something Like It" or "Overtones of Discordant Melody" respectively)


Harry Potter

Rurouni Kenshin


Star Wars (not the newer stuff though please. Try not to go past the Thrawn Trilogy. I haven't read the newest books, but I have seen all six movies)

Dragonball Z

Gundam Wing

The Matrix


Teen Titans


Challenge: That time Albus Dumbledore met the Hitokiri Battousai.

Albus Dumbledore had never been happier to be away from Hogwarts. After seven years of scholary hell, he had finally escaped from the bane of his life and was free! Free to not study! Free to not read books! He was finally doing what he wanted with his life and was seeing the world. Yes, the eighteen year old boy thought cheerfully, if he had anything to say about it, he would never enter any school's hallowed halls again.

For one thing, school had failed to teach him one essential skill. How to read maps. As pretty as the countryside of Japan was, what Albus really wanted to see was the cities, which was currently why he was now in the middle of Kyoto, trying to figure out the Japanese word for brothel. Sad to say, he wasn't having any luck, and as it was well past sunset and the rain had been falling for a good three hours, Albus had yet to find anyone to ask directions from. Right when the newly graduated wizard had almost completely lost hope of finding anywhere to sleep, much less in the arms of a beautiful Japanese woman, Albus came across two men facing each other down in an alley. One was a rather nondescript older gentleman, but the other was a boy with a rather brilliant shock of red hair, startling to see in a country of predominantly black locks. Albus knew with his blond hair and blue eyes that marked him as a foreigner, he stood out even more, but the golden pupils the boy possessed still seemed quite unusual.

"Excuse me," Albus began in his best Japanese, which still wasn't very good, "Do you have any idea where-" He trailed off as the red-haired boy drew the sword he wore at his hip and quite nonchalantly cut the other man in two. The tip of his sword now dripping with blood, the boy (no, not a boy. What boy could kill in such cold blood?) now turned to Albus.

It was then that the red-haired child assassin finally spoke. "I apologize, foreigner, but none are allowed to witness my work. I will pray for you."

Oh shit. Albus Dumbledore had never been more grateful to Professor Dippet for teaching him wordless magic, for before the young man managed to kill Albus as easily as he had killed his previous victim, the English wizard had completely disappeared.

Of course, all it really was was an invisibility spell, and Albus was hard put to hold his breath as the assassin glanced around guardedly before flicking the blood on his blade to the ground and sheathing his sword. "Keh. Seeing things again."

It was a good ten minutes after the red-haired boy had disappeared from sight before Albus allowed himself to take a full breath. He couldn't believe he had almost been killed by a muggle. How humiliating would that have been? Well, he supposed it served him right for coming to Japan when it was in the middle of a civil war. Now, if he could only find that brothel...