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Chapter 1

Draco slowly unbuttoned her dress, slowly sliding the fabric from her body. She was left nude in his arms, "Oh, Ginny." he soothed. Kissing every part of her face he could reach. "I missed you so much."

She looked into his eyes and opened her mouth to speak. The sound of a siren came out reverberating around the room, red sparks shot from her eyes, Draco jumped back as the barking started.

Draco woke with a start his wand beside him shooting violent red sparks into the air and sending an annoying sound to his ears. Shmee and Squee were bounding around the room, barking their heads off. He picked up his wand and waved it, the sparks and sirens ceased but the barking continued. As Draco sat up his hand touched a delicate frame, he looked down at the red head in the bed next to him, her green eyes wide as the deepest oceans.

"Is that how you wake up every morning?"she asked, Draco rolled his Definitely not her. He thought.

"Most of them," he muttered.

"You didn't tell me you had dogs."

"I didn't feel obligated to," with that he threw the sheet off himself and walked across the room, pulling on a pair of boxers and then a pair of jeans. The dogs had calmed down and were now following him around the room, eagerly. He turned to them, "Shmee, Squee, let's give. . ."


"Right," he said without much interest. "Let's give her some privacy and go for a walk." with that he picked up a shirt and left the room. On his way down the hall he removed the two leashes from the hook in the hallway and left, golden retrievers in tow.

She stood on the back porch watching not only the sunset but the small strawberry red heads that were playing on the beach with their little Scottish terrier. They both ran from the waves and rolled in the sand. Ginny sighed and hugged herself as the zephyr played with the fabric of her shirt and her own, red locks. A strong pair of arms wrapped a warm blanket around her shoulders, "Stay," his deep baritone whispered into her ear, but she shook her head.

"I told you, I'm here on business, I have to go back to England, it's my home."

"We can make Italy your home,"

"But Sara and-"

"They love it here,"

"They love England more, their family, their friends, my friends are all in England."

He sighed in a defeated sort of way, "I know."

"You also know, I love you right?"

"Of course. . .I mean look at me, I'm fabulous."

Ginny laughed, "Yes, you are."

Phineas hugged her tightly and they continued to watch Sara and Liz play on the sand.

Llama, llama, llama, llama, llama, llama, llama, llama ,llama . . .Duck

". . .and so by next year we should own, approximately ½ of the wizarding shops world wide, the Zabini Corp. Closing in on the other half."

Llama, llama, llama. . .We "We?"

"You, sir."

Draco smirked, "Better. . .wonderful presentation Carlson, precise, to the point and it only took you five hours to make it."

"I'll do better next time, sir."

"I know you will, gentlemen." with that he left the conference room. Walking down the immense Corridor leading to his office. Utada, his personal assistant, met him at the door and followed him in wordlessly, closing the door behind her.

"Utada, fire Carlson" Draco said taking a seat behind his desk and beginning to sort through his mail.

"Will do," Utada confirmed making a note of it on her pad of parchment. "You next meeting is with the Honeydukes people."

"What? Why? I thought that was settled."

"They rebuffed your last offer, yesterday."

Draco looked at her, "It was far more than generous, why the hell didn't they take it?"

"I know but someone out bid you,"

"Out bid me?"

Utada nodded.

"Impossible, who would want a useless candy store?"

"An actual candy company,"

"What candy company?"

She consulted her parchment, "Sara & Liz Candies." she said simply.


She shrugged, "I don't know,"

"Well, find out."

Utada made a face and gave an indignant sound before turning and leaving the office. Draco huffed in his seat, who the hell had out bid him? Him ! A Malfoy ! Who would dare?

Ginny was sitting in the center of the Villa living room, in the middle of a pile of papers, some for her to read, some to sign others she had no idea what they contained because she hadn't even seen them yet. Her attention was split to the limit. After extensive lessons Harry had taught her to use a telephone and now wouldn't stop calling her on it from the muggle world, She had gone in to business with Harry a couple years ago, and it was now a rapidly growing company. It was also not her only business, she had the Candy Company with Harry, a wizarding nursery with Luna, who it turns out is great with kids and a night club with Gabrielle, and all three were doing extraordinarily well, but at the moment that was the problem. . .she had too much on her plate and now Ron was talking avidly from the fire and she had to keep and eye on work as well as Sara, Liz and Nny (the dog).

". . .Gin, I need your advice." Ron's head was saying, Ginny nodded.

". . .We need to act now, Gin." Harry was saying in her ear about another business acquisition.

"Yes, Harry. . .Sara ! Do not feed Nny chocolate, he's a dog, honey. Liz, don't feed him the gum either."

"Gin !" Ron was saying.

"Ginny !" Harry yelled to get her attention. Ginny was totally confused and on the verge of pulling out all her hair.

"Ronald, Shut it ! Harry, Same ! Sara and Liz! Babies, if you feed a dog chocolate and sweets he will die, now go get ready for your bath, sweeties." They nodded silently and walked from the room, and Ginny continued, "Ron, I can't help you pick out anything for Luna right now, if you haven't noticed I'm in a different country ask Hermione," Ron's head looked crestfallen but nodded and then with a pop was gone. "Harry, this whole phone thing is pissing me off, I trust you to make the decisions for the muggle branch, plus I have no clue what your talking about. . .talk to me when you get back." with that she clicked off and sighed.

She stood and looked around the room, scattered parchment, mixed with scattered toys, it was the story of her life. . .now and she wouldn't change it for anything. She loved both her daughters to death and couldn't bare the thought of living with out them, She took a deep breath and let in out, Nny who was rolling in the corner jumped to his feet and barked at the twenty-one year old.

"I know Nny, you don't need to tell me twice. . .I need an assistant." she shook her head then made her way up stairs toward Sara's bathroom. The five year olds were waiting patiently by the tub while it filled, they stood in their matching little cotton bathrobes waiting patiently for their mother.

Ginny smiled down at her daughters and crouched in front of them, Sara and Liz leaned forward and kissed their mother's cheeks, Ginny laughed slightly, " We're sorry, we won't feed him Chocolate ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again." Liz said in a small voice.

This made Ginny laugh again, "Good, you shouldn't."

"I love you, mummy." Sara said

"I love you too, Sara."

"No, say my whole name." The child said in a slight whine, which made Ginny smile.

"I love you too, Saraneth Phoenix Ginevra Malfoy -Weasley."

"Yay !" The five year old smiled brightly and hugged her mother. Ginny smiled and hugged her daughter.

"What about me, I'm always last!" Liz huffed.

"That's 'cause I'm older-est," Sara said mockingly.

Liz started to pout and this made Ginny laugh more, "I love you too, Liz."

"My whole name," she whined and Ginny sighed.

"I love you too, Elizabeth Zandra Narcissa Malfoy -Weasley"

The second girl beamed, gloatingly at the first and Ginny sighed

"Ok, everybody into the tub," Ginny ordered and they obeyed, pulling off their robes, as Ginny stopped the water, they climbed in.

The two red heads, giggled and splashed each other, while Ginny tried in vain to clean them, By the end of the bath there was more water on the floor and Ginny than the two girls, but they were at least clean.

Ginny pulled on their bed clothes and managed to get them to stay still long enough to find out what they wanted to hear before they went to bed.

"Story !"

"Song !"

"Story !"

"Song !"

"Story !"

"Song !"

"Story !"

"Song !"

"Stop it !" Ginny yelled over the commotion, "You can get both tonight, but only tonight," The twins smiled and settled into their beds and waited quietly for they're mother to sit on the chair in between them.

"Ok, what story do you want to hear?"

This is one thing the girls could always agree on, "We want to hear about you and daddy,"

Ginny sighed deeply and nodded, running her hands through her hair, she started telling them the story of how she got them both, a very edited version of her six year at Hogwarts. She always got the point across that even though they're father wasn't here they weren't to think he didn't love them, he just doesn't know about them. She also got across that they were the greatest thing in her life and that they were loved very much by their whole family.

Which was partly true while they were loved by the entire Weasley family only one Malfoy actually knew of they're existence and Elizabeth's name had actually been changed to show it.

Narcissa Malfoy walked through Diagon Alley, on her way back from Madam Malkins dress shop, after ordering dress robes for her next get together. She walked past passers by, stopping to exam what appeared to be a loose thread on her new cloak. She looked up at the sound of a commotion up ahead. Now she usually wasn't one to pry into people's business but it was just so. . .loud.

"Aw, they're so cute," one girl was saying to another a Narcissa approached. To find a horde of girls surrounding two guys, holding two identical babies, Narcissa had to admit that the two children were awfully cute, but there was an odd sense of familiarity to them.

"Excuse me !" someone was pushing her way through the crowd, "Ok, show's over, the babies are off display, Ron and Harry can I please have my daughters back."

"Come on Gin, let me visit with my niece"

"yeah Gin, I haven't seen my God daughter's in ages,"

"Well, visit inside instead of out here where you are attracting every young girl within a three mile radius,"

"But it's fun."

"But you both have girlfriends."

"Oh yeah," the boys chimed.

Ginny rolled her eyes, taking one of the children from Ron she ushered them both inside a nearby store and was about to follow when some behind her noticeably cleared their throat. Ginny turned to face the person and her eyes widened in shock when she was face to face with Narcissa Malfoy.

"Good day," Narcissa said politely.

"Good day," Ginny returned.

"Is this your daughter you say?"

Ginny nodded.

"And the other one?"

She nodded again.

"I see. . .may I hold her?" Narcissa had no idea why she was even speaking to the littlest Weasley but she did feel a strong connection to these children.

Ginny knew it looked extremely weird for a Weasley to not only be talking civilly with a Malfoy but what she did next looked ten times weirder, she eased the two year old out of her arms an into Narcissa's. Narcissa held the child who just looked at her. The child's strawberry blonde hair was brushed in two and Narcissa felt a smile tug at her lips as she looked at the child's grey eyes.

"What's her name?"


"Such a pretty name. How old is she?"

"Two." Ginny answered.

Narcissa looked Ginny over, "How old are you? Aren't you the baby of your family?"

Ginny nodded, "I'm nineteen and now they're the babies of my family."

Narcissa smiled, "And the father?"

Ginny looked away, "he's. . .not in the picture but I'm okay with that. He's happy and I', happy."

"Are you sure about that?" Narcissa's tongue had slipped and her eyes showed it.

"What?" Ginny asked.

Narcissa sighed, running her fingers through the child's hair, "Ginevra, I'm not dunce. I took one look at this child and knew she and her sister were Malfoy's." she was silent for awhile, "Draco doesn't know does he?"

Ginny shook her head, "No, and it's going to stay that way." she said emphasizing her words.

Narcissa looked at her, "No need for that tone, My lips are sealed."

Ginny gave her a confused look, "Why? Why are you my secret?"

"Because I have a favor to ask in return."


"I want to see my Grandchildren. I don't care the terms even I have to come to your home to do it. I want to be able to see them." There was something in Narcissa's voice that had made Ginny agree to let her see them. Even against her family's warnings.

Narcissa would visit the burrow once every two weeks, while lucius was out and Ginny found herself glad. While Narcissa was there both she and her mother could rest and Narcissa absolutely adored them, bringing them clothes and toys and books. Ginny had laughed at that one, then Narcissa retaliated with the fact it was never to early to start education and it was true they spent part of the second year of they're life learning from they're other grandmother, before she died.

Yes, Narcissa Malfoy was dead. She had died at the Manor and was entombed there a week later. No investigation, no report, just a headline proclaiming her death in the prophet one day then nothing after that. Ginny had cried, she had grown to like, maybe even love, Narcissa and it was sad, but she had a feeling that Narcissa had know it was to happen which was why she had wanted that time with Ginny's children and Ginny was glad she had given it to her.

The day after they heard of her death, they had changed one of Elizabeth's middle names to Narcissa. They felt it was appropriate.

Ginny watched the two girls drift to sleep, without her having to sing to them. Ginny brushed a loose hair out of each of their faces, placing gentle kisses to their foreheads she left. She had work to do. She had a meeting the in two days and they were leaving for London tomorrow, and she still had to pack everyone's thing.

She got downstairs to clean the living room floor, to find Phineas standing in the center packing away the last file. She smiled and walked over to him wrapping her arms around him she hugged him, "Thank you," she whispered.

"No problem, you need the help."

The stood in the center of the living room holding each other before Phineas spoke again, "So your living tomorrow?"


"And there is no way I can convince you to stay?"


He sighed and Ginny laughed, "Better men than you have tried and failed,"

It was Phineas' turned to laugh, "There is no better man than me."

"Blackfire through and through aren't you Phinny."

"And damn proud," the Italian boasted, "When you get there tell Gabrielle I send my love,"

"I will,"

With that Phineas placed a kiss on her forehead and left the Villa for his own a few houses down. Ginny found herself sitting on the couch staring into the fire. She let her mind wonder onto Draco. The only things she knew was what was published in the daily profit, his many business acquisitions and romances. The never once mentioned his marriage but then, again on her orders, neither did Gabrielle.

Who it is needless to say is now, Gabrielle Zabini. Heehee

Draco couldn't believe it. His streak, his vow, both had been broken by the word he hated most. No. He hadn't set foot in England since his marriage had abruptly ended four years ago. Pansy had died in fire that had also taken half of diagon alley. They're were few deaths and Pansy's had been and unfortunate accident which had been, for some reason kept quiet, only close relatives knew. The rest of the world assume that he was in Japan with Pansy.

This was a farce.

Draco was entirely on his own in Japan running the company Lucius had left him. No unfortunately, Lucius wasn't dead. It was just that due to the fact that Wizards had the ability to live centuries more than muggles, they would have a will fulfilled every couple of decades, so get rid of some stuff. This was how Draco had acquired so the company and single handedly brought it to life, not that he needed the extra money it was just something to keep his mind off his dreams.

There were two solitary upsides to this, Gabrielle and Blaise. He had kept in contact with Blaise over the years and was glad to going back in time to witness the birth of his God child. He would be back in London to have a meeting with Honeydukes and Sara &Liz Candies.

Draco took one last gaze on his penthouse apartment, and sighed. He'd be back. . .hopefully. With that last thought he stepped into the fireplace and went whooshing away.

Ginny held the hands of her sleepy daughters. Who stood yawning next to her as they waited for the portkey to activate. The bags could be sent be floo but the children were to young to floo by themselves and to young to apparate. Ginny checked her watch then pulled out the old teething ring.

"Now girls remember hold on tight to this and mummy, okay?"

They nodded sleepily stifling more yawns and held it and Ginny. Soon there was that familiar tug on their navels and the began to spin. In a matter of minutes they landed in the garden of the burrow with a thud. Sara and Liz, toppled ver on to one another and chuckled helping them up.

There was shriek behind her and as she turned around both Hermione and Luna came running towards them. Scooping Sara and Liz into they're arms.

"We missed you guys so much," they cooed to the half asleep girls.

"So no one missed me? I'll just go back to Italy then." she said sarcastically. Liz looked up sleepily.

"No mummy, I miss you," she said in a sad voice.

"Thank you, sweetie."

"Yeah Gin, we missed you." Luna said as she and Hermione hugged Ginny as well.

They let go and the girls started towards the doorway of the kitchen. Ginny entered first and was immediately gathered up into her mothers arms. "Why is everyone up so early?" she strained to say from her mothers vice of a grip.

She scanned the kitchen over her mother's shoulder, to find it full of Weasleys. After Ginny was embraced by all and her daughters passed from hand to hand. They all sat for breakfast, which was an event in itself. Loads of food, and laughter.

Draco arrived at his other penthouse over looking Diagon alley and dropped what he had with him on the tile floor walking straight through the den to the kitchen, his movements stopped by a voice behind him.

"What no hi?"

Draco froze and turned around to face the person who was flat out smiling at him. Her hair shorter than he last saw it was now shoulder length and growing out. His eyes were drawn down to her swollen stomach and he smiled, "Nine months." she clarified, "Due sometime next week."

He walked over to her and hugged her, "I missed you," he said into her hair.

"We missed you too," she said hugging him tightly.

"Draco, don't crush my child please,"

Draco chuckled and released Gabrielle to go say hi to Blaise.

He was happy, he hadn't been in years.

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