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AN: Raven and Beast Boy, with just dialogue…wanted to try something I haven't done before lol.


"Why am I following you again?"

"Because no girl can resist my good looks or charms…"

"Why am I following you again?"

"Come on Rae, I just—"


"You know you like Rae…"

"As much as I like your tofu."

"So you like tofu?"


"Geez, you're no fun."


"He—hey don't go! I wanna take you out on my moped!"

"You're not serious, are you?"

"Moooppeeddd---girls swoon at the word. Brand new—got it today."


"So…lets go!"


"B-but Raaeee, it'll be fun!"


"Give me three reasons why you won't come."

"Moped. Beast Boy. Raven."

"Those are words! They aren't reasons."

"They aren't compatible."

"My moped and I are made for each other!"

"Good—I'll leave you two alone then."

"Maybe not that made for each other...I want you to come!"


"B—because it's a nice night out today!"

"It's raining."

"Only a little!"

"I'm not going."

"Why won't you go with me?"

"I don't wan to."

"Is it because we aren't compatible?"


"…You aren't serious, are you Raven?"



"It's the moped I couldn't live with."

"That was almost funny Rae."


"We don't have to ride the moped."



"Couldn't we just walk?"

"Just the two of us? In the rain? That's almost a romantic notion Rae—aren't you afraid I'll sweep you off your feet?"


"Aww, come on—I know you're worried."

"You're not even serious."

"I'm always serious."


"Don't give me that look! I just might have to pull 'the moves' on you."

"It won't work."

"You don't even know what I'm going to do."

"You'll mess things up."

"That's why you're here! I'll mess up and then you'll fix it."

"Don't I get the good end of the deal…and if you mess up pulling the moves on me, I'm not going to be around to clean up that mess."

"Wow—that's the most you said all night."

"Don't act so surprised."

"She speaks!"

"Shut up."

"That must mean we are meant to be!"


"I-I didn't mean it like that!"




"Dang it—I messed everything up again, didn't I?'

"Told you so."

"H-hey don't go!"

"I'm not going to clean up your mess."

"I don't need you to clean it—I'll fix it myself!"

"Like you cou—mph."





"I-I'm sorry Rae…I got carried away…"

"You kissed me."

"Gah! I'm such an idiot!"


"Why what?"

"Don't play with me."

"…Because I like you."




"I'm totally serious."

"…I'm glad."

"Um…what do you think? About me? I mean you don't have to feel the same way—I totally understand if you don't and I don't want anything to change—"

"You talk too much."

"Is that a no then?"


"Then that's a yes?"


"Come on….I know you want to say iittt…."

"Let's go on a walk."

"Nuh uh—not till you admit it."

"Admit what?"

"That my moves worked—that you so like me too."


"Can I kiss you again?"


"Is that a yes?"

"They didn't work."


"Your moves."


"They didn't need to."

"That's almost sweet!"

"So yes."

"I can kiss you?"

"No—that I like you."

"Oh yah…so does that mean I can kiss you?"

"Is that the only thing on your mind?"

"No—I'm so thinking my hearts gonna eat me from the inside out that I'm so happy."

"Wow. Morbid."

"Why Raven, you bring out the best in me…or was it the worst?"

"Call me Rae."


Wooo….I had way to much fun with that hehe…I'm thinking of adding a few more chapters to this, with some of the other Titans—Like Robin/Star and possibly Cyborg/Jinx… or maybe more of Beast Boy and Raven

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