Captain James Hook spent most of his morning explaining a few things about Neverland to Jocelyn- different locations, how mermaids are not friendly, how there are other pirates roaming around, etc.

"Do these other pirates have ships like yours?" she questioned. She was sitting on a barrel, playing with the hem of her dress.

"They do have ships, but none are as great as the Jolly Roger. They know to stay away from these waters unless they are prepared to die!" he told her.

"Why?" she asked, looking up at him and smoothing her hem back down.

"Why?! These waters are mine!" he stated proudly. "Anyone who ventures onto them is subject to either my rules or death, depending on the nature of their visit," he explained.

Jocelyn hopped down off of the barrel. "Well, it's a good thing that I'm visiting against my own will, isn't it?"

Hook quickly stepped in front of her, blocking her path. "I just want to know what you know," he told her softly, brushing a curl out of her eyes. "I know that you may need time to comprehend all of this, but I do expect you to tell me how you got here."

"Even if I really knew how I got here, and I explained it to you, what makes you think that you could leave using the same method?"

He looked her over skeptically. Was she playing a trick?

"I mean, I think that if you have never left, then maybe Neverland doesn't want you to leave...?"

"That's ridiculous! Pan leaves and comes back with more children all of the time. Though, you are the first adult that has come to Neverland in years!"

"Well, maybe Peter has the choice to leave. And you, nor anyone else, has that choice open to them. I think you're stuck here," she told him, rather bluntly.

He glared at her, not because he was angry with her, but because he didn't like that what she said could be true.

Hook took her by the arm and pulled her back to his chamber. "I still want to know everything that happened to bring you here," he said, pushing her in the room. "I need to attend to some business. You will stay in here. I will send Marriette with some food for you."

He shut and locked the door before Jocelyn could make any sort of reply. She looked around the room, again. She saw the small window that she spotted earlier. She went straight for it and immediately tried to push it open. It took some time and energy, but she finally managed to succeed. The swim back to shore shouldn't take too much time...

Before she could push her body through the small hole, Tinkerbell decided to make her appearance. She said something that Jocelyn could not comprehend, and she sprinkled her with pixie dust. Jocelyn remembered the rules and thought a happy thought. Soon, she was hovering in the air. She managed to push herself through the small window and out into the air beyond. She floated above the sea for a second. She then darted to the beach, following Tinkerbell's lead.

Jocelyn slightly regretted leaving the captain, but she knew that life would be better for her with Peter and his Lost Boys.