Evelyn woke up feeling surprisingly well rested. She immediately realized that this was due to her sleeping in a real bed versus a couch. She sat up and racked her brain to recall the events of the previous night. Her memory slowly came back to her, and fear tightened in her chest.

"How are you feeling?" Hook asked her, coming into her line of sight and handing her a cup of tea.

"Not too dreadful," she replied, taking the tea carefully.

"Hmmm, I expected you to be thoroughly sick for the day," he admitted.

"Perhaps it is because I do not drink much and, therefore, have a high functioning liver," she quipped.

Hook smiled and took a seat at the edge of the bed. He was constantly underestimating this woman. "I want to reiterate that what you overheard last night was just men being men. I will not be throwing you overboard."

"I understand," she replied, sipping her tea. She was beginning to believe him on this fact, but she noticed how he neglected to promise that he would not try to 'bed' her.

Hook decided to spend some time to talk to Evelyn about her new home. Specifically, Port Star- terrible name, he thought, but no one asked him to name it! Port Star was where most of the pirate crews lived, along with your usual pirate townsfolk- doctors (for mending wounds), bartenders (for doling out beverages), ladies of the night (for obvious reasons), etc.

"Do these other pirates have ships like yours?" she questioned, ignoring the bit about prostitutes. Any implication of sex coming from him still unnerved her...

"They do have ships, but none are as great as the Jolly Roger. They know to stay away from these waters unless they are prepared to die!" he told her.

"Why?" she asked, looking up at him and sipping more of her tea.

"Why?! These waters are mine!" he stated proudly. "Anyone who ventures onto them is subject to either my rules or death, depending on the nature of their visit," he explained.

"Well, it's a good thing that I'm visiting against my own will, isn't it?"

"I just want to know what you know. I do expect you to tell me how you got here," he told her softly, brushing a curl out of her eyes.

"Even if I really knew how I got here, and I explained it to you, what makes you think that you could leave using the same method?"

He looked her over skeptically. Was she playing a trick?

"I mean, I think that if you have never left, then maybe Neverland doesn't want you to leave...?"

"That's ridiculous! Pan leaves and comes back with more children all of the time. Though, you are the first adult that has come to Neverland in years!"

"Well, maybe Peter has the choice to leave. And you, nor anyone else, has that choice open to them. I think you're stuck here," she told him, rather bluntly.

He glared at her, not because he was angry with her, but because he didn't like that what she said could be true.

"I still want to know everything that happened to bring you here," he said, standing up. "I need to attend to some business. You will stay in here. I will send Marriette with some food for you."

He shut and locked the door before Evelyn could make any sort of reply. She looked around the room, again. She saw the small window that she spotted days ago. She went straight for it and immediately tried to push it open. It took some time and energy, but she finally managed to succeed. The swim back to shore shouldn't take too much time... She pulled off her borrowed dress, leaving her standing in only her undergarments. She pulled herself through the window to her waist. Looking down at the calm water, she was thankful that she preferred the company of her brother growing up as he had taught her to swim. One skill she possessed over her perfect sister! However, she was still apprehensive to take the plunge headfirst into unknown waters.

"Now now, my dear. We were learning to trust one another," Hook's cool voice cut through her thoughts.

Evelyn hurriedly tried to pull herself the rest of the way through the window before he could get to her. This, of course, was no use as he was far too quick for her. Soon his strong arms were around her waist pulling her back into his quarters. The brief promise of freedom made Evelyn attempt to fight him, kicking her legs and pushing at his chest to escape his grip.

Hook held her tightly as she thrashed in his arms. He was at first furious to walk in on her little escape attempt, but she gave him a reason to hold her body close to his. This brought his anger level down from furious to greatly annoyed.

"Let go of me!" Evelyn demanded.

"I think not," Hook replied coolly.

Evelyn's knee caught Hook in his genitals, his reflexes causing him to backhand her as hard as he could. He bent over in pain as she slammed to the floor.

"Don't you dare move," Hook growled, trying to regain his composure.

Evelyn had no intention of disobeying his order. His tone sent cold dread through her body. She pressed her aching cheek to the cool wood plank floor. Her hair had fallen to curtain her face. Evelyn was thankful of this so she could keep her eyes on him without being obvious about it. She did not know what punishment to expect from him. She was hoping to stay alive!

Hook took a deep breath as the nausea subsided. He took the few steps needed to grab his bottle of rum and took a large swig straight from the bottle.

"Get up," he ordered her. To his slight surprise, she did so with no hassle. He offered her the bottle, "Have a drink."

"I cannot drink anymore-"

"That wasn't an invitation. It was a demand," he told her, keeping his voice even and low, though he still sounded quite menacing to her.

Evelyn took the bottle from him with shakey hands and took the daintiest of sips. She was happy she didn't take a larger gulp like the Captain had as the rum burned on its way down her throat. She much preferred wine!

"I did not mean to hurt you," Evelyn told him in a small voice.

"Though you did all the same," Hook stated. He was still deciding what to do with her. He again felt guilty about hitting her, but it had happened as a reflex for him and there was nothing to be done about it now. "Have a seat," he ordered, gesturing to a chair at his dining table. She obeyed. He wondered if she was obeying because of him hurting her or because she hurt him! Either way, he appreciated it for he did not have the strength at the moment to keep fighting her. "Please stay put because I really do not want to hurt you. I am going to have Mariette come tend to you... I only returned for my dagger," which he grabbed and sheathed. "It is in your best interest to not try to escape again. I will hunt you down and return you to my ship."

Once Hook left the room, Evelyn couldn't hold in her emotions any longer and tears began to silently fall from her eyes. Crying was the last thing she wanted the dear Captain to catch her doing, especially sober! So she hid her face in her arms that she crossed on the table top. She heard the door open and close again but did not move to sit back up. Maybe he'll think I'm asleep... she thought.

"Miss? I have some food..." Mariette's kind voice informed her from just across the table. "I will also draw you a bath. That should be good for your nerves."

Evelyn slowly rolled up to sitting straight, wiping her eyes. "Thank you, Mariette," she said genuinely.

"Oh, miss! Please don't cry," Mariette begged kindly, handing her one of Hook's handkerchiefs from a small table. "It can't be all that bad!"

Evelyn managed a small smile. "That looks good," she changed the subject, indicating the stew Mariette had brought.

Mariette returned her smile and placed a steaming bowl in front of her. "Eat up. Then we can get you settled for the evening."

"Evening?! How long did I sleep?"

"It is past high noon. The Captain brought you back up here quite a bit past midnight! So you must have needed the rest."

Evelyn happily ate the stew, which was quite delicious, and made small talk with Mariette. She felt very alone on the pirate ship, but Mariette at least made her feel like she had a compassionate ear to talk to.

"Finish your stew and I'll go get your bath ready," Mariette said and left to get hot water.

Evelyn did as she was told and ate her stew as quickly as possible. She then went into the small room to prepare for her much needed bath- she was pretty sure she was wearing wine! She stripped down to nothing but found one of Hook's robes to wear as she waited.

It didn't take long for Mariette, along with Sophie, to return. They filled the tub and helped her in.

"I feel very awkward at the fact that it seems you ladies wait on me, and I do nothing at all useful," Evelyn told her companions.

"Nonsense," Mariette replied. "We even got to go to Port to go shopping for you today, while picking up a few things for ourselves!"

Sophie pulled a wad of clothing out of a canvas sac. "One robe." It was white and ruffley. "One blouse," more white, "and one skirt," canary yellow. "Three dresses." A robin's egg blue one, an emerald green one- to match her eyes, and a royal purple one.

"That's all very kind, but I do not have any money at the moment to repay you," Evelyn said, looking over her new clothes.

"Captain's orders. He'll be the one you'll want to repay," Sophie smirked and winked at her. "I'm sure he would accept other forms of payment..."

"Sophie!" Mariette playfully scolded. She then turned her attention back to Evelyn, "I'm sure he just wants you to be comfortable and expects no payment in return." She looked at Sophie and added, "Of any sort!"

"I just think you two make a beautiful couple!" Sophie couldn't stop herself from voicing her opinion.

"We are not a couple!" Evelyn corrected her.

"Really? Because you spend all your time together... in the same room..."

"I'm his captive," Evelyn stated simply. "Let us not confuse anything about this situation."

"You admitted that you think he's handsome, and you like his eyes," Sophie reminded her.

"You do?!" Mariette asked excitedly. "Oh, you two would be a beautiful couple!"

"Would you let him kiss you?" Sophie couldn't help but to ask.

"I don't know!" Evelyn exclaimed, her cheeks turning a lovely shade of crimson.

"You would! You didn't say 'no,' so that's a 'yes!'"

"I think that I can manage on my own, ladies," Evelyn practically dismissed them, her tone switching to prim and proper Lady.

Mariette laughed. "Alright. We will not be far, so call us if you need anything." With that, they left Evelyn in peace.

Of course, even though they had gone, their words stuck in Evelyn's head. Would she want Captain Hook to kiss her? Would she let him if he tried? She found that her answer to both of these questions was indeed 'yes.' More than that, the thought of his lips on hers, his body against hers, aroused her.

These thoughts also made her realize her internal battle. Her heart- and body- wanted him, but her brain was resolutely against the idea. Who in their right mind would be attracted to the man who kidnapped her, struck her on more than one occasion, boasted to other men about planning to kill her, and only keeps her around because he wants information from her. Evelyn knew she really must be out of her mind... some kind of mental illness making her fall for the only man she's been with for several days. Her captor. A pirate!

At the same time, heart and body chimed in, he was exciting! Not at all like any of the men she had been around at this point in her life. They were all dull, no passion to be found. Evelyn knew she needed passion in her life, and there had definitely been sparks of passion between them. She also knew that he let her get away with so much more than any other human being. Evelyn was sure that he would have killed her several times by now based on his usual standards for why someone must die. She had struck him and was still alive! That had to mean he cared at least a little bit... right?

She quickly pushed all feuding thoughts away to be finished with her bath as quickly as possible. Evelyn stepped out of the tub, dried off, and put on her new white ruffley robe. She then braided her wet hair, bringing it to the front over her shoulder, so it would not be dripping all down her back.

Evelyn slowly opened the door and peered out to see if anyone was in the room. No one. She slowly walked to the cabin door and tried to open it. To her surprise, it opened! At this point, Evelyn thought either the girls forgot to lock it back or Hook was testing her. She scanned the mostly empty deck and spied Hook standing in his favorite spot by the side of the ship. He was gazing towards the island, his back mostly to her. Evelyn was not stupid. Any attempt at escape now would not be treated as nicely as it was earlier in the day. She also knew that she had no chance of making it off of the ship without being caught.

Evelyn took a deep breath and walked as quietly as possibly to where Hook stood. She decided to work on gaining some of his trust back. He did not notice her until she placed her elbows on the side banister and stood next to him... very closely.

"How did you get out?" he asked, very inquisitive.

"The door was not locked," she informed him, turning to press her back against the side to look him him better in the eyes.

"You did not try to escape," he observed.

"I do not desire to escape at the moment," she admitted, a small smile playing on her lips. "You know," she continued, "if you turn around there is the most beautiful sunset..."

Hook studied her for a second and then did as she suggested, pressing his back against the side as well. She was right. The colors of the sky and the reflection on the water was truly magnificent.

"I don't often look this way as my enemies are on shore..." Hook confessed.

Evelyn took advantage of a brief moment to study him as he watched the sunset. He could feel her eyes on him but did not say anything for he welcomed the attention. She seemed different somehow. Almost peaceful. Hook, of course, took this as her still being afraid of him from the incident earlier. He had no idea of the discussion that took place between the women, and that, in fact, she was trying to see him in a new light.

"Are you only wearing a robe?" Hook asked as he noticed her slightly shiver.

"I am," Evelyn confirmed, blushing as she realized she was on deck with only a thin material between her body and several pirates.

Hook immediately removed his coat and draped it over her shoulders. "I will walk you back to the cabin," he told her.

"Oh, please let me stay until the sun has set!" she nearly begged.

Hook sighed. "Very well then, but shall we have a seat?"

Evelyn nodded, and they both sunk to the floor. Hook sat with his back still against the side and his legs stretched out in front of him. Evelyn curled her legs under her, clutching his coat around herself, and leaned more against him than the ship. If he did not know any better, he would think that she was almost flirting with him. Hook would have been surprised to know that he was not completely wrong!