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People may be able to hide things from others... but not for very long.

After a peaceful swim, Nick is surprised to hear that one of his other childhood friends, Bridget Taylor, is returning to Beverly Hills. He's very excited about meeting her again, but after said meeting, things quickly turn sour...

Soon enough, Alex is kidnapped by Tim Scam, the villain forces the Spies to trade one of their own for Alex. When they do get her back, she seems way out of it. This is more than just a simple brainwashing case. There are higher powers and various villains involved in all of this. In the process, Nick learns more about his crush than he ever thought he'd find out.

One can only find out so much by gazing "Beyond the Looking Glass"...

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(Here's the 1st chapter of our 2nd joint story. This is another collaboration with S.P.D. Gold Ranger.)

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(From S.P.D. Gold Ranger)

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(For you readers, this is my second collaboration with Mat49324, called "Beyond the Looking Glass". For those wondering, I'll give more details about Bridget Taylor, Nick's other childhood friend that I mentioned in the above summary, at the end of this chapter. And yes, she's a WOOHP spy, too, just so you know All right, here we go!)

Log 1: Collision Course

(Written by Mat49324)

August 28th, 2005 -- 1:27 p.m. -- Spies' Villa

It was a beautiful day to be outside at the pool, which is where we were. Sam was wearing her one piece green bathing suit with her sides showing and she was taking a swim in the pool. I was wearing my black and blue swimshorts and I was swimming in the pool with Sam. Nick, who was wearing his brown swimshorts, was also swimming in the pool with us. And so was Haruka, who was wearing her one-piece azure bathing suit that was similar to Sam's bathing suit; Clover, who was wearing her two-piece blue bathing suit, and Alex, who was wearing her two-piece pink bathing suit with starfishes all around it, and a pink towel wrapped around her waist, were both sunbathing on the most perfect day.

"Man, this is so much fun, I wish we could do this every day in a year," Haruka said.

"You said it, Haruka," I said to her.

"Why is it that only this kind of weather is most common around the summertime?" Sam asked.

"I know, Sammy," Clover said.

"This kind of weather should be around 24/7, 365 or 366 a year!"

(Written by S.P.D. Gold Ranger)

(Nick's P.O.V.)

Man, Mat was right. This was the perfect day to go swimming. If only the weather was like this all year...

A couple hours later, after we had finished swimming, playing water sports, and watching Haruka try to dunk Mat, I went to my room to dry off and change into my clothes. As I slipped on my silver shoes, I heard my cell phone ringing, playing a familiar ring tone I'd just downloaded from my X-Powder. I went to pick it up, and the caller ID read this:

Taylor, Maria


"Taylor"... a name I hadn't heard in a while.

It couldn't be...

...could it?

I pressed the "on" button, and said, "Hello?"

A soft, melodic voice came from the other end, one I hadn't heard in years.

"Nick? Is that you?"

"Bridget?" I said, not being able to believe my ears: Bridget Taylor, my 2nd childhood friend, was talking to me right now!

"Bridget! Oh, wow! How long has it been since I've heard from you?"

"I'd say about 2 or 3 years," she replied. For those wondering, Bridget had moved out a couple months after I'd moved to Beverly Hills in 2002. I'd met her at a track meet when she'd gotten lost in the rush of the crowds of Beverly Hills Junior High. I took an immediate liking to her, and we'd been friends since then. A few months after we'd met, however, her family had to move away to sort out a problem with a cousin who lived far away. I thought I'd never see her again after that. It lifted my spirits just hearing her voice again.

"How'd you get back to Beverly Hills, Bridget?"

"Mom and Dad sorted out our family crisis with Jeremy. We've already settled back into Beverly Hills!"

"That's great, Bridget! Is there any way I could see you in the next few days?"

"Actually, there is. I'm stopping by Beverly Hills High in about a half-hour so I can register there. How about you meet me there?"

"Great! I'll see you there, then!" I said. With that, we said our good-byes and closed the link. I went to my desk drawer and took out my purple pen and a piece of paper and started writing a note so Haruka would know where I was if she found me gone. With that, I stuck the note to the door and walked out of the villa, heading for Bev High.

(End Nick's P.O.V.)

Sam, Clover, and Haruka, all fully dressed, came into the living room about 15 minutes later, where Mathew was seated on the couch, watching TV. "Hey, Mathew," Sam said, sitting down by her boyfriend. Haruka began looking around - apparently, Alex was missing from the group. "Hey, has anyone seen Alex?" Haruka asked.

At that precise moment, a loud scream was heard from upstairs. All 4 spies raced upstairs only to find Alex's bedroom door ajar, and said room completely trashed!

"What? Alex!" all 4 spies yelled. Just then, the air duct above them opened, pulling everyone into it.

"I'm gonna guess that this has something to do with Alex's disappearance!" Haruka shouted as the spies landed inside a WOOHP office. It was just then that Haruka noticed that Nick hadn't come with them.

"Hey, why wasn't Nick WOOHPed with us?" Haruka asked aloud. Jerry spoke up.

"We figured it may be best to keep him out of this until he's needed for this particular mission."

4:29 PM, Beverly Hills High School

Nick finally arrived at Beverly Hills High School, looking left and right for Bridget. He sighed and pulled out a photo of her he'd kept since the day she'd left. The picture showed a girl with shoulder-length, spiked green hair, wearing glasses, and dressed in her lettuce green track uniform.

"So, you kept the picture, huh?" Bridget's voice rang out. Nick lowered the picture to see the girl he'd been waiting for, 15-year-old Bridget Taylor, dressed in a bright blue school uniform.

"I couldn't let go, apparently," Nick said as Bridget came up and embraced him.

"It's so good to see you again, you know that?" she said to him.

"Same here, Bridget," Nick replied.

"Say, Nick? Is there anything I should know about this school, since it's my first year?" she asked her friend.

"Definitely. For one, if you see a girl with long purple hair flanked by two mean-looking girls, stay away. They can get real annoying, real fast," Nick said, referring to Mandy and her two lackeys.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," Bridget giggled.

All of a sudden, the two heard a beep.

"Don't tell me..." they both said in unison. The next second, they were both falling through the floor.

(Written by Mat49324)

Nick and Bridget landed right next to us in WOOHP. You can tell Haruka was pretty steamed about it.

"Nick, just where were you, and who is this girl you're with? Have you dumped Alex?" Haruka asked, folding her arms over her chest.

"Okay, Haruka, first of all: no, I haven't dumped Alex; I left a note for you on the door for you to know where I was when you knew I was gone. This is my 2nd childhood friend, Bridget Taylor; And, no I haven't dumped Alex at all; What kind of a stupid question is that, Haruka?"

"Wait, wait, wait a minute. I remember you!! You were Nick's old friend on the track team!!" Haruka said to Bridget.

"What are you doing here, Bridget?"

"I had a family crisis with my cousin, Jeremy, but we got that all sorted out, so I came here," Bridget responded.

"Allow me to introduce you to everyone," Nick said to Bridget, pointing around to show who was who.

"That's Clover, the blonde haired girl, Sam, the red-hair, her boyfriend, Mathew, and -- huh?" Nick stopped when he noticed Alex was missing.

"Where's Alex, guys?" Nick whispered to us when he got to us.

(Written by S.P.D. Gold Ranger)

"We believe she'd been kidnapped by our arch-nemesis, Tim Scam, and is being held in his base somewhere in South America," Jerry stated, stepping in.

"It figures," Nick said. "That guy doesn't know when to quit, does he?"

"Do you have any idea why he wants Alex?" Bridget asked.

"That's what we want you to find out," Jerry said, as a table full of gadgets popped out.

"For this mission, we have laser lipstick, the sonic disentegrator boom box, Wind Tunnel 9000 Laser Tornado Hair Dryers, padded shoulder parasails, and a new gadget fresh from R and D," Jerry said, explaining our gadgets until we came across a gadget that actually looked like a gadget.

GLADIS popped out and explained this new gadget to us. "This is the S.S.E.A.T. - Security System Electronic Amplification Tracker. By pressing the red button, the device sends out a strong, but invisible EMP pulse that can disable any security system within 10 miles."

"Cool!" Clover said.

"I have a feeling we'll be needing that one. If I know Tim, his hideout is gonna be jam-packed with security," Nick said, taking out his X-Powder and changing into his spy suit. Everyone who could followed suit, including Bridget, whose spy suit was a green color, like Sam's, but much brighter.

"Okay, if we're all equipped, let's do this!" Nick said, and with that, all 6 spies fell through the floor and landed in the Skyskimmer. After a few launch procedures, they were off.

A few minutes later, Haruka looked over to Nick. "Hey, Nick? Sorry if I misjudged Bridget before. I should have realized you'd never cheat on Alex."

"It's okay, Haruka. I understand. I went to Beverly Hills High to welcome her back, and then we got WOOHPed. Stuff like that always happens out of nowhere," Nick replied.

About an hour later, everyone had landed in southern South America.


(From S.P.D. Gold Ranger)

Okay, that's that! Next time:

Log 2: Artistic Attack

The spies, including new team member Bridget, move in on Tim Scam's fortress, ready to lay the smackdown on the WOOHP rebel. However, the villain wants to trade one of the Spies for Alex. What to do?

Ja ne everybody!

Mat49324 and S.P.D. Gold Ranger