(Okay, here's what you've all been waiting so long for: the final battle! The spies versus Terrence! Can they do it? Even I don't know yet! Let's find out and get right into the final chapter of Beyond the Looking Glass!)

Final Chapter: Fantastic Finale

(On a sidenote: a part of this last battle may have been inspired by me playing too much Sonic the Hedgehog...)

(Written by S.P.D. Gold Ranger)

It was a tense few hours as the Skyskimmer shot over the skies of the world on its preset course to South America, where the spies' final battle lay in wait. Terrence, Jerry's evil brother, was waiting with the Eclipse Cannon, and he would stop at nothing to eliminate more of the spies.

Sam, Mathew, Clover, and Nozomi were in the main seats, piloting the plane and messing with various controls. Alex and Haruka were seated on the benches in the back of the plane, letting their minds wander to the friends they'd lost in the ensuing struggle that had completely vaporized WOOHP.

Alex suddenly looked up at Haruka, a glint of sorrow in her brown eyes. She stood up, walked over to the brunette, and took a seat next to her.

"You're thinking about Nick, aren't you?" Alex asked Haruka.

"...yeah," Haruka replied. "I'm so worried about him. He hasn't moved an inch since he took that blast from the Eclipse Cannon. I know he's not dead, but he's sure acting like it. I don't know if he's ever going to get out of the coma he's in..." Haruka explained, starting to cry.

"Hey, hey," Alex stated, pulling Haruka into her embrace. "It's okay, Haruka. It's okay..."

"I just don't know what to do anymore, Alex," Haruka cried into Alex's shoulder. "Two of my best friends are gone, and I just don't know what I can do..."

"That's why you've got us, Haruka," Alex explained, attempting to soothe the upset brunette. "We'll be there for you. We won't rest until we take down Terrence and destroy the Eclipse Cannon. We're doing it for Nick and Bridget."

"It's... it's what they'd want..." Haruka replied, settling into Alex's embrace.

A few minutes later, the tranquil scene was broken by Nozomi's panicked shouts.

"You'd best save the waterworks for later, you two, because I think Terrence knows were here!" Nozomi shouted, taking the plane into a barrel roll to avoid getting blasted by the rapidly-firing Eclipse Cannon.

"Damn it!" Clover shouted. "Doesn't this guy know when to give up?"

Nozomi and Sam quickly acted: Sam steering the plane, and Nozomi firing the weapons systems to counter the blasts from the Eclipse Cannon. The group had quite a few close calls, but it seemed that Terrence was not going to give up until he'd blown the spies out of the sky.

All of a sudden, a rather large blast from the Eclipse Cannon tore through the Skyskimmer's left wing, sending the whole thing into a tailspin.

"Damn, I've lost control of this thing!" Nozomi shouted. "I don't think I can hold it up!"

"Let me try," Haruka stated, heading towards the control panel, letting Nozomi stand up. Slowly, but surely, Haruka navigated the crippled Skyskimmer towards the runway that surrounded the base. Oddly enough, the Eclipse Cannon had stopped firing. Apparently, Terrence thought he'd shot the spies down.

"The landing may be bumpy, spies. Hold on tight!" Haruka exclaimed as the crippled Skyskimmer landed rather roughly on the runway that led to Terrence's base.

Once the bumps stopped, everyone hopped out of the damaged plane and formed a group. "Come on, spies, let's finish this once and for all!" Haruka shouted, assuming unofficial leadership of the group and leading them towards their final battle.


Inside the base...

Terrence was standing next to the controls of the Eclipse Cannon, grinning like an idiot. Apparently, he'd believed the spies to have been blown out of the sky by that last attack.

"That was easier than I thought. Macker was a fool to leave those psychic gems in the cannon, for now I have enough power to level whatever I want in this pitiful city," Terrence exclaimed, laughing maniacally. "I've already vaporized WOOHP and that annoying green-haired girl with it..."

Terrence's jovial mood was suddenly soured by a female voice that seemed very familiar.

"And I guess 'that green-haired girl' would be me?"

At the entrance...

Drawing her Wind Tunnel 9000 Tornadoblast Hairdryer and setting it to full power, Haruka aimed the hairdryer towards the entrance to the Eclipse Cannon hangar, and pressed the trigger. Haruka smiled as the powerful wind blew a large hole in the metal doorway.

"Come on, spies. We've got a bone to pick with Terrence!" Haruka exclaimed, only to be stopped by Nozomi's confused voice.

"I think someone's already beaten us to that point," Nozomi replied, pointing through the gaping metal hole towards Terrence, who was just barely dodging a whirlwind of attacks from a person that seemed oddly familiar...

"Who's beating the snot out of Terrence?" Nozomi asked.

"It's a girl!" Mathew noticed.

"It's Bridget!!" the spies shouted.

Indeed, it was Bridget who was lashing out at Jerry's evil brother, giving him no time to counter or even reach for something that could turn the tide in his favor.

"You! I thought you were vaporized along with that stupid spy organization!" Terrence shouted, just barely blocking a powerful uppercut.

"I wasn't even there when you destroyed WOOHP, Terrence," Bridget replied before shifting into a powerful spinning kick. "And before you even ask, I'd recovered from my little injury faster than Jerry ever expected. So now, I'm going to bring you down. That's pretty much all there is to it."

With that, Bridget leapt over Terrence, her left foot thundering out and smacking Terrence across the head, sending him flying clear into a series of control panels on the opposite side of the room.

Landing gracefully on the floor, Bridget was quickly pulled into a storm of hugs by the spies.

"Bridget! Oh, my gosh, we all thought you were gone!" Haruka shouted, unable to contain herself.

"Did you really think some sibling-rivalry-obsessed twin freak was going to keep me from the biggest battle of the year, did you?" was Bridget's simple reply.

"Well, spies, this 'biggest battle of the year' is about to come to an abrupt end!" Terrence shouted, picking himself up and fiddling with some of the controls he'd crashed into, but thankfully not broken. Suddenly, the Eclipse Cannon began glowing with immeasurable power, pointing its barrel directly towards the group. Terrence watched with glee as Haruka, in a vain attempt, fired her full power Wind Tunnel 9000 blast towards the massive cannon, but to no avail.

"You spies don't get it. Only your little boy-toy had the power to survive a dead-on blast from the Eclipse Cannon thanks to that psychic nonsense, and that means YOU couldn't possibly survive!" Terrence gloated, laughing like a maniac.

"I hate to say it, but I think he's right," Mathew responded.

Haruka started shivering in fear before screaming out a few choice words...

"Nick! Where are you?"


Meanwhile, at the Beverly Hills Clinic...

A few nurses were patiently watching over the bruised and battered body of Nick, who had been knocked into a coma after taking the full force of the Eclipse Cannon blast that had destroyed WOOHP, despite his best efforts to hold the blast back with his psychic powers. Jerry was there, too, and after a few scans, it seemed that Nick had lost a great deal of his psychic power, and that was what possibly could have knocked Nick into this state.

All of a sudden, Nick's barely conscious body registered Haruka's panicked words, causing him to shoot out of his bed, his eyes finally opening.

"Hey! You shouldn't be up so soon! You need more time to recover!" one of the nurses exclaimed.

"Haruka and the others... they need my help..." was all Nick said, rising out of his bed and being covered in a golden yellow cocoon of light that exploded into a gigantic flash, covering the entire hospital room.

When Jerry and the nurses were able to see again, they gasped in pure surprise - Nick was floating in mid-air, once again in his psychic super form. Only, he looked... different. His now-golden hair was standing straight up, fully spiked and everything, and electricity was crackling all around him. Even better, all the wounds he had sustained instantly vanished, so Nick looked good as new!

The nurses looked on in pure amazement, while Jerry acted like it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Jerry, where are the others?" Nick asked with a low, deep voice.

"They're in South America," Jerry replied.

"Thanks. Now, if you don't mind, nurses, I've got a psychotic brother to take down," Nick stated, focusing on the location of his friends, and disappearing in a flash.


I guess Nick's still out of it. I just hope he was able to hear me...

"This is the end for you, spies! I've waited for years to see your destruction!" Terrence's voice kept on declaring.

Please, Nick. If you can hear me... PLEASE... we need your help...

"Goodbye, infernal spies!"


All of a sudden, to Terrence's shock, and to the spies' surprise, a massive, fluorescent green beam of energy tore through the powering-up Eclipse Cannon, completely and utterly destroying it.

Terrence looked upwards... and saw Nick in his ascended super form, bearing a massive grin that seemed to frighten the hell out of Terrence.

"NICK!!" everyone shouted.

"Good as new. Did you miss me?" Nick replied.

Then, Nick turned towards Terrence, holding a mass of energy in both of his hands.

"Now, where were we?" Nick stated.

"Damn, I guess it's time for plan B," Terrence said to himself. "I never thought I'd have to resort to this..."

With that, Terrence pressed a button on a nearby console, and a nearby garage door opened, revealing a massive, golden robot with silver angel wings.

"Behold... the pinnacle of robotics!" Terrence proclaimed. "My ultimate creation, modeled after the GODS themselves - Solaris Mark II!"

"Solaris?" Alex asked. "Who or what is that?"

"Solaris - the sun god," Nick explained. "Back in the days of the ancient Egyptians, they believed that Solaris was the god of creation, and they worshipped him thusly. Terrence obviously thinks that modeling his creations after the gods will make it that powerful. Well, I'm sorry, Terrence, but your little Solaris thing isn't going to take care of me! I'm stronger than ever now!"

Suddenly, the seven Psy-Stones began floating around Solaris, powering it up substantially. "Oh, really? Here's what I think!"

That very second, Solaris shot an eerie purple beam forward that opened a mysterious portal. Nick seemed to be in a bit of surprise.

"So, you just ripped a hole in the fabric of time and space," Nick stated, causing the other spies to gasp in shock. "What's that going to do?"

"Simple. I'm going to alter history so that I rule in a world where you spies don't even exist!" Terrence exclaimed, piloting Solaris into the time-space tear, Nick quickly following. Haruka tried to follow as well, but was stopped by Alex and Bridget.

"Haruka... let Nick do this. He's the only one powerful enough to stop that thing," Bridget explained.

"Just trust Nick. He can do this..." Alex continued.

Haruka looked towards the gaping hole in time-space, and clenched her hands together in a prayer. Nick... I know you can do it...

In the time-space disruption...

Nick floated there, facing down Terrence in his Solaris robot. The two were currently hanging in what appeared to be Beverly Hills, but it was all glossed over with an eerie shade of purple and black, and the sun was red instead of gold.

"You are a fool, boy," Terrence gloated. "Even with your stupid psychic powers, there is no way you can beat me now. This realm gives Solaris all the power I'll need! I WILL DESTROY YOU!!"

"Yeah, yeah. Why don't you tell it to someone who cares?" Nick shot back, preparing for battle. Solaris was the first to act, its wings glowing a shade of red and firing two ruby energy beams straight for Nick, who easily dodged around and countered with a Final Shine Attack. The fluorescent energy beam slammed into Solaris, knocking it backwards a few feet.

"Lucky shot," Terrence proclaimed, manipulating a few controls and making Solaris charge for Nick.

Nick threw his hands out, producing a psychic barrier that held Solaris back. Terrence, however, started laughing.

"You don't get it, do you, boy?" Terrence shouted. "You couldn't hold back the Eclipse Cannon with that pathetic barrier. What chance do you have of holding ME back?"

"Simple, Terry," Nick explained. "Back then, my psychic powers weren't at their full strength. Now, I've gone above and beyond full strength. You seem to be blissfully ignorant of that fact."

As if giving a demonstration of his new power, Nick's psychic barrier flashed a bright gold and pulsed, pushing Terrence back quite a bit. Moving quickly, Nick charged for Solaris, a bright aura surrounding him as he moved. Before Nick could react, however, Terrence flipped a switch, and Solaris' wings expunged immeasurable amounts of energy beams, all of them slamming into Nick. Terrence could only laugh...

...but his laugh was quickly cut short, when, to his horror, Nick came out of the assault with not a single scratch, his aura brighter than ever.

"B-b-b-bu-but..." Terrence stammered.

"So, is that basically all you can say?" Nick joked before charging for Solaris once again. In a panic, Terrence fired every single weapon that Solaris had towards Nick, hoping to end this with one last blow.

However, Terrence's mood was once again ruined when he saw Nick swing his left hand, easily deflecting each of the attacks that Terrence had set on him.

"I don't think you get it, Terrence," Nick stated, still charging. "My psychic powers are stronger than they EVER were. I'm sorry to say it, but you don't stand a chance against me now."

In a desperate move, Terrence tried to use Solaris' wings to knock Nick out of the sky (wherever the sky WAS in this eerie setting), but Nick simply grabbed the wing and broke it off, repeating the process when Terrence tried to attack with the other wing.

"You're defenseless now, Terry," was all Nick said before holding his hands out towards the defenseless Solaris, charging up his psychic energies.

"NO! I cannot be defeated!" Terrence shouted.

"Well, guess what? You just were," Nick replied.

That very second, Nick discharged his collected power into a massive beam that, after a few seconds, completely vaporized Solaris and Terrence along with it.

Once the blast had cleared up, Nick focused, using his psychic power to open a portal that led back to the lab where the spies were waiting. Once Nick had stepped onto solid ground, the gaping time-space hole instantly closed.

"Nick! You did it!" Haruka shouted upon seeing Nick safe and sound.

"Sure did," Nick replied, releasing his psychic power and reverting to his normal form. "Solaris is finished. Terrence shouldn't bother us anymore."

"Thank god that's over," Sam noted. "I'm about to collapse as it is."

"Can we go home? PLEASE?" Haruka and Alex exclaimed at the same time.

"I thought you'd never ask," Nick replied, covering the group in a psychic orb. When the orb cleared, they'd disappeared.

(Written by Mat49324)

(Mathew's P.O.V.)

"Wait a minute, guys," I pointed out.

"What about W.O.O.H.P.?"

"I'll take care of it, and it'll be good as new," Nick said to us.

We all agreed and we were transported back home.

Back at Home...

We were sitting around doing nothing, waiting for Nick to return.

"Do you think that Grendor guy was after us as well?" I asked.

"No, I think that he was just after me and Nick," Nozomi answered.

"Aren't you guys spent from all that we've done in the last two days?" Clover asked us.

"Me? Not really," I answered.

"Well, I for one, didn't collapse, so I'm fine," Sam said.

"Clover, we're teens," Haruka said.

"We're supposed to have a lot of energy."

"Well, some of us can get physically spent easily," Alex said.

"True," I agreed.

While we were still caught up in our conversation, Nick happened to walk inside.

"So?" Bridget asked Nick.

"Yep, I fixed up W.O.O.H.P. and Jerry couldn't be happier," Nick answered.

(Written by S.P.D. Gold Ranger)

"All the baddies that escaped have been locked up," Nick replied, but suddenly saw Nozomi's curious gaze. "That includes Grendor."

"Oh, thank goodness," Nozomi stated, breathing a sigh of relief.

"I'm just glad everything's over," Alex replied. "What do you think happened to Terrence? He's not dead, is he?"

"I don't think so. But he is trapped inside that time-space thingy, right?" Bridget asked.

"Yep," was Nick's simple reply. "He's not going to bother us anymore."

"Then, can we take a vacation from all this crime-fighting?" Bridget asked. "Because I am POOPED!"

"Sure. Jerry gave us a little time off as thanks for finally closing this mission," Nick replied. Suddenly, he gasped with surprise. "Oh, geez, vacation? I almost forgot to call May!" And with that, he rushed upstairs.

"Who?" was all Alex could ask before Nick disappeared into his room.

"May Iwakura," Bridget answered. "Another childhood friend. Nick told me that a few days ago, before all this madness, he got an email from May saying that she'd returned from her world travels and she wanted to see Nick again."

"He seems to have a lot of childhood friends who want to see him again," Sam wondered, taking a quick glance at Bridget and Nozomi.

"Nick's a cool guy that way," Nozomi responded.

"I'm just glad this mess is finally over..." Alex noted, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Aren't we all?" Mathew replied.


(Note from S.P.D. Gold Ranger)

Finally, Beyond the Looking Glass is complete! Mat and I have one more joint story coming up, and to tide you over until we're ready, here's a preview for it! (Title coming soon.)

"Take THIS!" May shouted, her long, auburn hair fluttering in the breeze as she delivered a powerful spin kick to the next baddie in line.

Not wasting any more time, Alex whipped out her Wind Tunnel 9000 and fired it at full power, knocking down a few more baddies. Haruka jumped onto Alex's shoulders, using the terminal velocity to propel her forward, tackling another group of baddies to the ground.

"Man, they just won't stop coming!" Mathew shouted, knocking another few baddies away.

"Where's Nick?" Bridget and Nozomi exclaimed.

Nick, meanwhile, was having some trouble of his own, being tied up with a special rope that repressed his psychic powers.

"Oh, man, when I find whoever captured me, I am going to kick his..." Nick started, but was interrupted when someone walked in.

"Let me guess, you're the one who kidnapped me?" Nick shot sarcastically.

"Got it," the mystery figure said, moving in a little closer. Suddenly, Nick gasped.

"Wait. You're..." Nick shouted.


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