This takes place shortly after the end of my first story, THE SEVEN SAMURAI. To completely understand why Bunny and the Rowdyruff Boys are alive, I suggest you read that story first. Since posting THE SEVEN SAMURAI I have been asked several times at various forums to continue the story with regards to Princess. That being said, I'll place this story in front of my second story, MISS FORTUNES. At this point, Princess has expressed a deep desire to destroy Bunny after finding out from Mojo Jojo's aerial surveillance camera that she's taken the position as fourth powerpuff!


In the posh, well-to-do, ritzy side of Townsville an aerial surveillance camera used by Mojo Jojo descends towards an especially glamorious townhouse, circles the property twice, and enters a top floor window. This device served as Mojo's eyes and ears when he needed important experiments documented, or when he needed to deliver and receive covert messages.

Princess Morbucks is sitting in her bedroom counting her undeserved allowance money when her attention is distracted by a rhythmic pinging and beeping. She turns towards the sound and sees Mojo's aerial camera.

"What is Mojo sending me now? I wish he'd just use the phone!"

She pushes the playback button and watches. Her expression changes from curiosity to one of surprise, indignation, and finally rage!


Princess sits stewing and fuming, her anger quickly rising. Finally, her feelings achieve critical mass and in a demonstration that would make any Tasmanian Devil proud she proceeds to totally demolish her room! When she is finished the room has the appearance of a police crime scene. Every bit of furniture is either on its side or upside down. The drapes have been torn from the sash and are laying on the floor. Her bedroom door is now off one hinge and has a large dent caused by a flying television. The chandalier is hanging askew, two of the three support wires broken. Books, CD's and toys are everywhere but where they should be. Angry multicolored crayon streaks adorn the walls like some frenzied abstract piece of art.

Princess sits huffing and puffing with a somewhat reduced rage amidst a pile of debris that was a knick-knack cabinet filled with ceramic and porcelain figurines. Finally, she speaks to nobody in particular, "OK, my purple pretty, I'll see to it you aren't the fourth puff for long, even if I have to get every villian in Townsville to help!"

She continues on about Mojo's capture and sentencing.

"So Mojo got gotted huh? I guess I'll have to ask Daddy for a certain monkey, a capitol idea if I do say so. If he says NO I'll just throw the mother of all hissy fits!"

Princess inhales a big breath and hollers, "DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!"

Daddy Morbucks entered the room with no comment. Apparently, her tantrums were as normal to him as the sun's rising every morning. He was a tolerant man who tried to endure his daughter's tantrums as best he could. Most times he lost, but sometimes he actually won. Today was not going to be one of those times. How he wished the love of his life was still alive, she could handle Princess with amazing ease!

Princess is all peaches and cream again, "Daaadeeey, can I have a chimpanzee pleeease? They're ever so cute, especially the ones at the Washington, DC Zoo!"

"Chimpanzees are exotic animals, not to mention expensive and you need special permits. How about a dog or cat, honey?"

"I WANT A CHIMPANZEE...NOW...NOW...NOW...NOW...NOW!" It was going to be a long and difficult day at Morbucks Manor.

Daddy Morbucks took a deep sigh, and pulled up on his belt buckle. There was a method to his madness because right afterwards his cell phone began to ring. On the inside of his belt buckle he had installed a remote trigger to ring his cell phone. Often, he would use that as an excuse to duck out of a challenging or difficult situation. Simply put, he would deal with Princess later.

"Sorry baby, Daddy's gotta go make money!" He showed the phone to Princess and made a quick dash and duck for her damaged bedroom door. Princess frowned at the door as it shut!

"YEAAAAHHHHHH, I'd give ANYTHING I own to get rid of that purple imposter and get Mojo outta that zoo! On second thought, he got himself into this jam, let him stay there! What did he ever do for me anyway?" She stared at the image of Bunny in the camera, getting primed for another temper tantrum.

After a few more moments hating Bunny and imagining all sorts of unpleasantries, Princess was nearly crimson with rage! She was about to launch into yet another destructo-fest when a peculiar, lilting voice caught her attention. She turned and saw the oddest looking red being, dressed in a pink tutu. He was slowly wringing his claws in anticipation of some scheme, no doubt.

He focused his eyes on Princess and asked, "Diiid you sayyyy...anythiiing?" He smiled knowingly at her as if he already knew the answer.

Princess drew back to keep her distance, she wasn't really afraid, but still one couldn't be too careful. Having met HIM once before made her decide to play it safe. She answered, "Yes, anything! That stoopid new purple puff is such a pain. Some nerve, who does she think she is anyway?"

HIM was in a sassy mood. It was always fun to tease new prey. "She's the fourth powerpuff, that's who she thinks she is, my dear!" He smiled at her as if to reinforce that fact. Nonchalantly, he picked up Mojo's flying video camera and chuckled, "P U mans and their toys, how amusing."

"I WANT HER DEAD, YOU got that! She's to suffer greatly, and you can do what you will with the others!"

HIM gave Princess an appreciative stare and put down the video camera. "Welll, aren't wee the angry one? Such schemes and dreams you have. Well, I have a bargain for you my dear. You'll get your wish, and in return, I get the usual."

Princess didn't like the sound of that, "The...usual, what the heck is that?"

"Oh, heck has nothing to do with it. Well, when you die you're mine, and honor my every whim, a standard 'Services Rendered Eternal Servitude' contract actually."

Princess thought about it for about 2/10ths of a second. "Done, but if you lose, I'll no doubt be the laughing stock of Townsville. So, if you mess it up, you're MY servant. I've seen you in the papers, and well, the Powerpuffs make you look silly!"

HIM was displeased, and morphed into a dark, towering and far more menacing entity! His form seemed so black Princess thought she was looking into the inky, darkness of space. The only noticeable color came from twin pairs of blazing, red eyes. Enormous, leathery bat wings flapped in anger as HIM rumbled his response!

"DON'T INSULT ME MORTAL!" Princess shrank back as he grew even larger. His frenzied flapping fanned the stink of sulphur and death, so she put her hands over her face to stop the assault on her nose just so she could breathe. She shook her head in rapid apology! Thankfully, that calmed HIM down a bit and he stopped his flapping.

"VERY WELL THEN, you are correct. The Powerpuffs have been a problem in the past. So, to insure your wish, and thus, secure your servitude, I make the following changes. I call upon the Master of Sleep, the one, the only, SANDMAN!"

HIM made a sweeping gesture and before her eyes, the Sandman appeared. He bowed to her gracefully, and began to sing.

"I'm Mr. Sand-man, that's no-doubt. Mess-ing with your dreams is what-I'm a-bout."

He finished with a flourish, but seemed so non-threatening and benign that she giggled. "He looks like my uncle in his old pajamas. Is that the best you can DO?"

Princess was a spoiled brat, and as such, had never learned when to simply shut up! HIM snapped one of his claws and before Princess knew it, a bedsheet had become animated and wrapped itself tightly around her. She felt herself falling over face down, but before she hit the ground she stopped. She breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short lived as another bedsheet floated up, twisted into a tight cord resembling a possessed baguette, and promptly snapped itself on her upturned bottom several times in rapid succession!

"OW, OW, OW, OWWIE, STOP IT!" Princess was crying, "I'LL BE GOOD, OW, OW!"

"I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW, DON'T I?" HIM picked up the still bound and sniffling Princess bringing her up nearly to his nose. She was nearly overwhelmed again by the full smell of sulphur and who knows what else!"

"I'm not done yet, little missy miss! Can I continue?"

Princess nodded meekly for HIM to do just that!

HIM sat her down harshly on her sore bottom causing her to wince. Turning aside, HIM reached up into thin air and pulled down an announcer's microphone. Sounding like a TV wrestling announcer he began an introduction, "Permit me to present a being that just loves going bump in the night. A being after my own heart and a personal friend of mine, His Royal Spookiness, The BOOGEYMAN!" HIM let go of the microphone which promptly retreated in nothingness.

Princess gasped as a horned being stepped out of a dense cloud of purplish-black smoke. HIM placed his arms around each of the visitors.

"We'll take care of that purple upstart, don't you worry. She's young, inexperienced, and no doubt, insecure in so many areas! We will attack when the time is right!" HIM morphed back into his usual self, gave a self serving cackle to nobody in particular and disapppeared with the others in cloud of wispy, red smoke. Princess unwrapped herself from the sheet and danced a celebratory victory dance, "YES, YES, YES!" She imagined untold amounts of misery and sorrow being heaped three fold upon the Powerpuff Girls, and most of all, on that new puff!