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They landed softly on the ground. Kagome kept her eyes closed and her arms around InuYasha, happy where she was.

"We're here," he let go of her legs letting her slid down his back. Kagome sighed as her feet touched the ground and finally opened her eyes only to stare in shock at the familiar garden bathed in the glow of the setting sun.

"InuYasha this is… my place. How did you know where…?" she stopped as she glanced up at his sheepish expression.

"Sesshomaru owns this building and the bar," Comprehension dawned on her face.

"That's why I got that job their so easily… that's why you showed up last night…how you knew where I was, Kerry told you I had a date," That's why she had acted so weird with her the other night, Kagome thought.

"InuYasha!" she tapped his chest. "How was I supposed to have a 'normal' life if you were following me around?" He grabbed her hand and nipped at her fingers, making her lose her train of thought.

"I had already decided that I was wrong and I couldn't live without you so when I heard about Hobo ---,"

"Hojo," Kagome corrected as her expression turned to mush at his words.

"I decided not to wait any longer," Not to mention the fact that the thought of that little punk touching his Kagome had made him want to kill.

"Oh," was all she said making him stare at her in surprise.

"You're not angry?"

"No. Maybe tomorrow, right now I don't feel like being angry," her free hand snaked along his chest. He never wanted to live without her. It felt so good to hear him say stuff like that.

"That's good because I have something I need to ask you," he said and he shocked her by picking her up and pulling her legs around his waist, his hands holding her bottom to keep her from slipping down. Kagome squeaked in shock and clung to him, her arms around his neck, her legs locked at the ankle behind his back as he walked through the garden and to her door. She blushed as she looked over his shoulder and saw a curtain twitch in the window across the garden.


She stared up at him. "I don't have it. It was in my coat," she said in dismay.

Stepping back, he kicked the door open splintering the lock as if it were nothing.


"I'll get Sesshomaru to by you a new door," he smiled wickedly and walked in pushing the door shut behind him and kicking a chair in front of it to make sure it stayed closed.


Kagome blush deepened but she pointed toward a door in front of them. Walking over he slid it open, entered her small bedroom, and sat down upon her bed, keeping her wrapped around him, straddling his hips. Kagome's heart pounded at the intimacy of this position.

"Um…InuYasha? Didn't you… want…?" she gasp as he shifted, arranging her limbs so that she was even closer to him "… to ask me something,"

He nodded and hid a knowing smile. Their position was not just affecting her but then she must already know that, he thought as he shifted his hips again watching her face flush even redder at the movement. He resisted the urge to throw her down on the bed beneath him. His hands came up and slowly dragged the sleeves of the dress she wore over her shoulders, trapping her arms to her sides and nearly baring her breasts. InuYasha caught his breath at the sight of her pale flesh and his groin tightened as he thought about what lay just underneath the thin fabric. Stay focused…got to ask her… Smoothing a hand back up her arm he gently traced the bite mark he had given her, he felt her shiver and smiled as her skin turned a rosy pink to match the colour across her cheeks.

"Do you know what this means?" he asked her. Kagome blinked in surprise at his question, still trying to come to terms with the fact that she was sitting astride InuYasha's hips, her chest nearly bare.

"I'm…yours?" she answered awkwardly. He let his fingers trail across her collarbone, making her body tense.

"Yes. It means I claimed your body as mine,"

"Oh," she was a little disappointed having thought that maybe it meant something more.

"When a demon chooses a mate he marks her so others will know that she is his property," his hand trailed back up her shoulder. "But if he tires of her he can take another in the same way because she is not his true mate,"

Suddenly he looked unsure of himself as he brought his hands up to cup her face and look into her eyes.


"Kagome will stay with me forever? Will you become my true mate?"


"You would stay by my side, always,"

"Al….Always? Like Rin and Sesshomaru?" she said beginning to understand what it was he was asking her.

He nodded watching the expressions playing across her face, his heart in his throat as he waited for her answer. He wanted them to be together, to watch their children grow, to grow old together.

Yes. Kagome heard no other word inside herself. There could be no other answer. She would always stay with him.

"Yes," she said clearly, watching as unnamed emotions clouded his eyes. "I will stay with you for as long as you wish InuYasha," he bent his head and pressed his lips to her throat.

"Forever. I'll want you forever," he moaned. His hands moved back to her shoulders and he raised his head to capture her gaze.

"Do you trust me?"

"With my life," she answered quietly. His hands tightened on her for a moment before he bent his head again, his teeth sinking into her flesh, reopening the barely closed bite mark. He felt Kagome's body jerk in shock and pain before she sagged against him, her breathing rapid. Raising up he wrapped his arms around her, waiting for her breathing to even out before leaning her back and looking down at her again.

"Are you ok?" She nodded.

"Why did you…?"

"I'm sorry," he apologised kissing her lightly "There needs to be fresh blood,"

"Oh," she didn't know what he meant but she would have gone through a lot worse to stay by his side. His hands left her for a moment to remove his shirt baring his own chest. Kagome bit her lip to stop herself from voicing her approval at the sight of his naked flesh but as he was watching her closely, he knew exactly what she was thinking and couldn't stop himself from giving her a fast but incredibly hungry kiss.

Lifting his head, he watched as the last rays of the sun started to creep from the room and into the coming darkness. Giving the fabric of her dress a tug, he released her arms from their prison. Taking one of her hands in his he held it tight as he brought his other hand up, one clawed finger raised and slowly made a deep cut over his heart.

"InuYasha" she gasped in shock

"Shh," he squeezed her hand in reassurance. She watched as the blood oozed from the wound he had given himself and swallowed hard as he raised his hand and pressed it there letting the dark red cover his hand.

"Kagome," his voice was so serious her gaze jerked to his "Will you live beside me for the rest of my life? Will you be my mate, the mother of my children and my love?" Tears of joy sprang to Kagome's eyes at his words.

"Yes," she whispered. He lifted his hand from his heart to the bloody mark on her shoulder.

"I promise I will always protect you and our family. That I will stay by your side always and that I will love you," With each promise he made, his finger traced a line through her blood mingling it with his. Dropping his hand he looked down at her and whispered his final promise "Forever"

Feeling a sensation that she could only liken to a dawning sunrise inside herself Kagome watch as around each of their wounds shone bright light, the blood shifting and sinking into their flesh as it healed. Kagome stared in amazement at the symbol that now marked InuYasha's chest above his heart. Raising her hand she touched the place he had bitten her, her finger tracing over the slightly raised lines of her own mark. He lent over and kissed her there.

"What do they mean?" she asked him.

"They're the promise that we made each other," His fingers gently trailed down her cheek.

"Does this mean I'm…truly your…mate now?" He nodded.

"And I'm yours," her eyes widened and she slowly traced her fingers over his heart, a smile slowly spreading across her lips.

"You're mine," she whispered and flung her arms around him, pushing him back to lay flat on the bed. She leaned over him and grinned.

"Your mine," this time she said it with a possessiveness that rivalled his own.

He grinned back at her and put his hand at the nape of her neck pulling her head down to his.

"And your mine," he said as he dragged his lips across hers and rolled her beneath him. She closed her eyes and lost herself in his embrace. When he pulled back, she opened her eyes and stared in shock finding his long silver hair had turned to black Her eyes flew to the window and saw that the sun had set. It was dark. A small memory of lit up in her mind.

"Oh, I forgot that it was a new moon tonight,"

Had it really only been last night that she had been so very unhappy, staring up at the sky and wondering if InuYasha was safe? Only last night that…

Hojo! She thought in dismay and as if on cue, at that very moment a male voice called her name.

"Who the hell is that?" InuYasha demanded.

"It's Hojo," Kagome hissed at him "I promised him I'd see him again tonight... I forgot all about him," she kept her voice low afraid he might hear.

"Good," InuYasha said with a nod. "You should forget all about him,"

"Inu----," the sound of a chair scraping across the floor stopped her cold. "InuYasha, he's going to come in here!" but InuYasha was already off the bed and striding toward the front door, yanking it all the way open. Startled Hojo nearly fell over into the room. Kagome squeaked and ripped the blankets from the bed covering herself.

"What?" InuYasha asked sourly.

Hojo stared in shock at the dark haired, bared chested man standing in front of him. His eyes flew back to the busted lock of the door then narrowed in distrust as he looked back at InuYasha.

"Where's Kagome?" he demanded and was surprised when InuYasha smiled smugly at him.

"She's in bed," Kagome gasped, staring at InuYasha's back in disbelief.

"Kagome?" She groaned and had to stop herself from pulling the blankets over her head as Hojo peered around Inuyasha's form. Thankful for the darkness of the room Kagome stood and poked her head around her bedroom doorway.

"Hi Hojo," she said a little sheepishly.

"Kagome! Are you…" Hojo tried to step forward but InuYasha blocked his way. Seeing his fingers twitch in a way that only meant trouble, Kagome scooted up and hid herself behind InuYasha's back.

About to kick the little shit back out the door, InuYasha stopped as Kagome's body pressed against his back. He relaxed slightly, she was his now and no one was going to take her from him, especially not some green haired punk.

"I'm fine Hojo," Kagome poked her head out from around InuYasha and smiled uneasily "I'm sorry I lost you last night," he said nothing. "I…um…we…," she sighed, this was so awkward. "This is InuYasha my…um…," what could she say? My mate, my lover… the half demon I love? She frowned at the back of InuYasha's black head. Why was he being so silent all of a sudden?

"It's ok Kagome," Hojo said to her with a sad smile. "I understand," Kagome blinked and looked back at him, he understood?

"This is the guy you're in love with," Kagome and InuYasha's eyes widened in surprise. Hojo looked at them both "I could tell last night that someone else was on your mind,"

"Oh, Hojo…I…" Kagome voice faded as he stepped back and bowed slightly. "He's the same guy you were in love with when we were in school, isn't he?" he looked at InuYasha for a second, a look of defeat on his face before he turned back to Kagome. "I hope you'll be happy Kagome," and then he turned and walked away.

When he was gone InuYasha closed the door and jammed the chair firmly underneath the handle making sure it couldn't be opened before turning back to her and drawing

her into his arms.

"Poor guy," he murmured, Kagome still deep in thought and slightly embarrassed by the whole thing, looked at him, surprised.


"He's in love with you but he can't have you," he kissed the tip of her nose "Your mine,"

"I hope he'll find someone,"

"He will, but he'll never be lucky enough to find another you," he told, picking her up in his arms and carrying her back to the bed, laying her down and slowly peeling back the blankets she had wrapped around herself. His hands ran possessively over her bared skin and her own hands came up and tugged at the belt of his pants. Making a strange sound in the back of his throat, he stood and pulled them off.

Kagome's eyes enjoyed themselves at the sight of him, lean strong and perfect… hers forever. He came back to the bed his lips claiming hers in a devouring kiss that sent ripples of excitement through her. She smiled against his lips as she felt his own body shudder in response. It was worth it, she thought, all the pain, all the suffering. Love was worth anything.


Kagome stood in the sun and watched the people milling around under the Go-senboku. Her family. She watched her new brother-in-law and a smiling Rin talking to a serious looking Koga who had his arm wrapped around Ayame while frowning over at a smiling Toshi who had an attractive young wolf cornered against a table. Koga's frown turned to a smile of approval though, as the young woman slapped Toshi across the face leaving a red handprint and she stalked off toward a silver haired young man with dog-ears who was talking to Kagome's grandfather.

Kagome's eyes drifted to where Shippo sat in between two women, one quite young and obviously related to Toshi, and the other about the same age as Kagome's mother with long brown hair. Watching as he talked to the oldest of the pair, she noted how his fingers constantly brushed the young girl's hand where it rested between them on the seat and how the girls face covered in blushes each time. Sota ambled past, his arm around an attractive young girl and grinned knowingly at Shippo as he continued on to where his mother sat talking to the red headed Kerry and an aged Jaken. Two more silver haired young men with Sesshomaru's striking features joined them, escorting two young women in dark Kimonos with large sunflowers painted along the bottom; Michi and Suzume her former workmates, Kagome smiled.

Her family, she thought again. Her hand came to rest on her slightly rounded stomach. She grinned; soon there would be another addition to this unusual family circle.

"You ok?" her husband asked coming up behind her and covering her own hand with his.

She turned and looked up at his handsome face, her heart pounding at the just the sight of him. Her hand smoothed over the fabric of his haori. She was glad she had insisted that he wear it, the brilliant red contrasted beautifully against his long silver hair and her white kimono.

"I'm fine," she smiled up at him and patted her stomach "and so is your daughter,"

"Daughter?" his stunned eyes went to her stomach and he swallowed hard. "I'm…gonna have a …a…daughter," he chocked.

"Well…..according to grandpa anyway," she laughed. InuYasha groaned and rolled his eyes. "In that case it's probably a boy,"

Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck. "Would you prefer a boy?" she asked. He pulled her tightly to him.

"Only if we can keep trying for a girl," he growled, leaning down to nip at her lips. Kagome giggled and bit him back. "I hope we have all boys," InuYasha gave a half grown, half laugh and slowly covered her lips with his own, his kiss so tender and full of love Kagome felt like the most precious and cherished of all women.

"I love you," he said as their lips parted.

"I love you," she whispered back. Raising her head she gazed into his golden eyes, her own misting with tears at the promise she saw shining there ……….Forever.

The End.

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