Behind the Byakugan

1 - Gaze

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The soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss with a gaze.

That was true wasn't it?

She looked out, onto the village and the veritable ocean of trees beyond. Her eyes could see more than anybody else's. They could see things that were hidden.

Things far away.

Things that no one else could.

But for all their talents, she felt that nothing was ever clear. Like an eternal mist surrounded her. Choking her.

Silencing her.

She was not brave; she was timid. She was not powerful; she was weak.

More eyes shone out from the mist. The eyes of the one she admired, clear sky-blue, as loud and bright as the person who owned them. And the eyes of him. He who could gaze upon her from metres and metres away and still make her feel like she had never been closer. He who could see her very soul, and know her better than anyone. He who had eyes like hers, but different.

He, who could kiss with a gaze.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, what could his eyes say about him? That his soul was a barren, scary place, drained of colour but emanating power?

And for that matter, did that mean her soul was the same as his?

She was confused. She was meant to admire one who she had watched for many years, admired for his stubbornness, forwardness. And she did admire him. The days spent watching the back of his blonde head as he ended his sentence with "dattebayo!" did not seem wasted. For he was a person that she could learn a lot from.

But her eyes could be looking one way, and see entirely another. Perhaps her "crush" on the

boy with the sky-blue eyes was merely a facade... a facade for herself. There was things she could see, with her eyes... and the feelings she felt when she saw, him... were unlike anything.

Hate, it was supposed to be. Rivalry. And maybe there was, on his part. This fact tore at her inside. He had surpassed her in every way she could be surpassed, to her shame. He should have been destined for her destiny. But he was passed the hand that fate dealt him, and he didn't seem like he would step down.

Indeed, that was why she admired him.

She had to deal with the hand fate dealt her as well. Feel that gaze... the eternal gaze upon her and not be able to do anything about it. But how was she to know whether the gaze was the same as hers... or whether it was an icy cold stare of resentment and hate? The eyes didn't change. She could gaze back, try to decipher, just as he did... but she wouldn't.

She couldn't.

She shouldn't.

She suddenly heard footsteps, and before she knew it someone had sat next to her. She didn't need to turn to know exactly who it was, and even if she didn't know the voice would've soon given it away.



Words lost her. As they always did, but around him it was worse. They got stuck in her mouth and would not be let out. She wanted to talk to him... to look at him, but she couldn't bring herself to. It was too painful.

"I need to talk to you."

She spoke in her head, the words that she would say... the words that she couldn't say.

How can you need to talk to me?

"I've needed to say these things for a long time."

Do you not hate me enough?

She couldn't look at him. Oh, how she wanted to. But if she looked up, saw those eyes with her own, she was doomed. He would be able to see right through her, right through her feelings. Those that she needed to hide.

"I have been angry at you ever since that day... my father died; because you needed to be protected. But I was angry because my father died for you, who is to lead our clan, who has not inherited all the strength of the Hyuuga family. I was angry for something that wasn't true."

She bought her hands up to her mouth and made a small noise. She knew she was not talented, she was not fit to be the leader of the oldest and most noble family of Konoha. He was. He could've been the heir... but things turned out this way. This was the direction fate had gone in.

"But at the same time, Hinata-sama, my father died for you... you whom I am supposed to protect. I've never managed to do that. It is my lot in life to protect you, yet I could never accept. I resented you, I hated you. I would've killed you."

He looked out over Konoha and the coming night.

"Now... now, it's different. I've watched you over these years... when I see you, I don't feel the anger anymore... I feel... I feel..."

He was lost for words. He looked at her bowed head, and saw the hands in front of her mouth.

"Look at me."


"Hinata. Will you look at me?"

He had dropped the honorific and was just calling her by her name. Slowly, ever so slowly she turned her head and looked at him, looked in his eyes. He reached a hand up to her face

and held her there, gently. But surely.

"From now on, I will protect you Hinata, because I care for you with all my heart. Enough resentment, enough hate. I've wasted enough of my life on that. You are the most special person in the world to me."

Still looking in his eyes, the words came unstuck.


He smiled softly. But the smile did not quite extend to his eyes.

"Don't call me that."

"Neji...kun. Close your eyes."

For him, sight was his most important sense, but because it was her, he complied and closed his icy eyes.

He felt something soft and feather-light on his lips.

Neji-kun... I love you.

He opened his eyes again, and saw her, gazing at him. With a look, that could pierce the very soul. The look with the eyes a mirror image of his own.

The soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss with a gaze.


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