Haku: Brand new Story, Brand new chapter

Kurama: This chapter kinda sucked

Haku: Yes I knowI can't start outstuff very good, but I try to make it better ok...so if you dun like it just wait and see if it gets better...if it doesn't...well then abandon me i dun care...cuz then i'll just not write ever again, or at least until I can do better mwhahahaha (random laugh plz ignore)

Kurama: Whatever

"Excuse me." States an elderly woman who is trying to purchase some ointment for her joints, but the dark haired employee at the check out seems to not notice her, as he daydreams about the beautiful blonde that was in his dreamsthe night before.

"Young Man." The woman says louder while poking the boy with her cane causing him to jump

"What do you want?" Shouts the boy. The senior citizen glares at him, as she squints to read his nametag

"Mr. Dark Mousy, I want you to ring up my stuffplease." She says in an angry tone, as she hands Dark her item.

"Fine, fine." he says as he snatches the ointment from the woman while, quietly complaining that the old hag ruined his happy moment. After putting the item into a plastic bag and handing it to the elderly lady,Dark decides to check the clock. Noticing that his shift is now over he happily closes his check out lane, removes his lime green work apron, and starts to quicklyhead for the staff lounge to pick up his things.

On the Sidewalk

On the way home, Dark thinks about the beautiful blonde that was in his dream last night. He racks his brain, trying think if he's seen the person somewhere or, is it just some dream person his mind made up. Suddenly the clouds start to get dark and begin to thunder. Noticing the slight temperature drop, Dark starts to speed up his walk home hoping he will not get caught in the rain. But as he turns the corner about 5 minutes from his apartment building, it begins to pour.

"Damn it all." He silently curses to himself as he gets soaked to the bone and starts to run toward the entrance of theapartment building.

Inside the apartment building

Dark grumbles, upset that his clothes are soaking wet.

"Hey, your getting the new carpet soaked." Happily states the landlord as he passes Dark in the apartment hallway.

" Well, it's not like it's my fault it just started to rain unexpectedly." Dark counters, not really wanting to argue with theoddly happylandlord today.

"Unexpectedly, if you ever watched the news every now and then, you would have known that there was going to be heavy showers today and then, you would have had an umbrella and you wouldn't be soaking up the brand new carpet in the building." States the Landlord in a serious tone but with a smile.

Dark rolls his eyes and presses the button for the elevator.

"Whatever." He says as he gets on and presses the button for the 5th floor, watching the landlord grin and wave at him as the doors close.

"Weirdo." Says the dark haired boy as he rides the elevator to his floor. Once arriving on the 5th floor Dark pulls out his house keys and, proceeds to open the door to house. When he gets inside he proceeds to remove his shoes and, wet clothes and starts to look for a place to set his wet clothes. But, before he can he find a proper place to set the clothes his eyes go wide with shock as he stares at the beautiful blonde from his dream, unconscious and laying naked in the middle of his living room floor.

Haku: ...I really dun like the way it started out but I'll try to make it better if people like it and stuff

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Haku: ...Oddly enough i think the exact same thing :( ...But if people like it then YAY and we'll update it more and stuffay