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"You can't be serious!" Dark Shouts

Krad shrinks back a bit, surprised and afraid from Dark's tone

"D-did I do something bad?" Krad ask softly hoping not to anger the dark haired man. Dark, noticing Krad's behaviour slowly approaches the blonde with a lopsided grin and gently places a hand on the others shoulder.
"No, no you didn't do anything wrong. I was just surprised." Sighs the taller man.

"Why?" ask the blonde

Dark hesitates and looks into Krad's eyes as if the answer is hidden within them "Well you see most people know what baths are and, it's…." he trails off and turning his head away as his face heats up realizing the biggest problem to the whole situation. Krad waits and gives the other a questioning look, unable to comprehend Dark's actions.

"It's, sort of a personal moment." Continues Dark still looking away from the blonde. Krad just looks at Dark expectantly with a confused grin, waiting for him to say more.

"But, it's nothing to be ashamed of just to let you know it's just how people clean themselves and well they usually like to be alone." Dark quickly spits out worried that Krad would get the wrong idea and think he was some kind of pervert. Krad just continues to smile confusedly unable to understand why he was panicking. Seeing Krad's smile Dark, drops his head with a sigh and begins to usher the blonde towards the bathroom.


Once in the bathroom Dark puts the stopper in the tub and begins to run the water occasionally checking the temperature. Krad crouches down next to brunette and observes every action taking into account everything, a look of fascination displays on his face as the tub fills. Staring at the tub as it fills with water Dark goes into deep thought wondering about Krad, why he doesn't have any memories aside from knowing his name, and more importantly why him and why now. He turns to watch the blonde, continuing to ask himself the same questions over and over hoping that the answer would just fall from the heavens. Krad, feeling eyes upon him turns and smiles feeling somewhat excited for this upcoming bath. After returning the smile, Dark turns off the water, stands up, and places his hands on his hips and looks down at the water and then back to the still crouched blonde.

'This is where it gets complicated' Dark thinks as he tries to figure out how he should proceed.

"Krad." He says, the blonde quickly turning at the sound of his name. "Um, to take a bath you," Dark hesitates feeling warmth once again creep up on his face. "You need to take off your clothes and get in the water." Krad nods at the statement and begins to remove his clothing. Dark begins to silently panic as porcelain skin is being revealed to him
"I'll go get you a towel and a wash cloth." Dark says in several octaves higher than normal, practically tripping over himself as he rushes out of the bathroom slamming the door behind him.
Dark leans on the door sharply inhaling and then exhaling as he tries to calm himself. Once his heart rate returns to a steady pace he begins to walk to the linen closet to get the extra towels.
'Just another man nothing to be embarrassed about, right?' he asks himself as he grabs what he needs from the linen closet. 'Just another guy all the same parts no need to act weird about' he repeats to himself while walking back towards the bathroom.

Upon reaching the bathroom door Dark stares at the door knob as if touching it would lead to impending doom. Slowly he reaches for the knob, his hand shaking more and more as he gets closer and, after what seems like hours to him he grasps it and turns slowly opening the door.
The sight that greets his eyes causes a smile to spread across his lips and he begins to chuckle at the sight of blonde who, is just standing in the tub and inspecting his surroundings. Dark sits the towel and wash cloth on the lid of the nearby toilet and sighs in relief and begins to think that earlier he was just overreacting to a new situation.

"Dark-sama, this bath thing is very weird." Krad states as he looks at the smiling man
Dark chuckles at the confused blonde "It's because you're doing it wrong." He says after rolling up his sleeves and kneels on the ground "Please sit down in the tub." Says Dark after grabbing the washing cloth and putting soap on it. Krad sits down in the water and watching and waiting for the next command. "You take a bath like this." He says demonstrating to Krad what to do by washing one of his arms. "And you do this to your entire body and when you're done doing that," he says as he reaches for the detachable shower head "you rinse it off using this." Once again demonstrating what to do using his arm. Krad nods slowly after watching the demonstration and takes the wash cloth and proceeds to do what Dark instructed. For a few minutes Dark watches Krad but quickly realizes how weird it is and begins looking around for something to do. "Ah, um Krad I should get you a change of clothes." Dark says as he rises and begins to leave the bathroom. "Oh, and don't forget to wash your hair too." He says turning around slightly before reaching opening the door. Krad looks at the taller man confused. "It's the same thing as washing your body but, you do it to your hair and you use this." Dark says pointing to a bottle of shampoo. "And you have to take your hair down from that ponytail."
Krad nods at the instructions and resumes his bath. "When you're done just call for me and I'll bring your change of clothes and an extra towel." States the brunette before leaving the bathroom.


Dark sits on the living room couch and turns on the television staring but not really watching. 'What am I going to do about him tomorrow' he wonders as he tries to think of how tomorrow is going to play out. Several ideas run through his head several of them being discarded, 'I can't take off from work I've used up all my sick days.' Thinks Dark as he puts a fist under his chin his position similar to that of The Thinker. 'And there's no way I could leave him here all day even if I checked up on him during my lunch break.' His brows furrow as he tries to figure out what to do with his newly acquired house guest. Hearing a shout he is shaken out of if deep thought and calls out to the blonde. "Krad?" he shouts turning towards the location of the bathroom but not getting up from his seat.

"Dark-sama help" whines the blonde from the bathroom. Dark rushes into the bathroom worrying that Krad might have slipped and fell.
Entering the bathroom he sees the blonde standing in the tub rubbing his eyes with tears staining his cheeks. "Dark-sama the stuff you said to put in my hair it got in my eyes. I don't think it likes me" Krad says whining and continuing to rub his burning eyes. Dark then grabs the nearby towel and pulls Krad's hands away and starts to gently wipe the blonde's eyes.

"It's not that the shampoo doesn't like you," states Dark as he chuckles a bit at his own statement " It's really my fault for not realizing you might not know how to wash your hair properly." Finishing with helping Krad, Dark then wraps the towel around Krad's body. "Next time I will help you." He says staring into golden orbs initially checking for redness but instead getting lost in them.
"Dark-sama?" asks Krad which shakes the other man out of his trance. Dark then slaps his hand to his forehead realizing he forgot an extra towel for the blonde and more importantly his pyjamas. He quickly exits and then re-enters the bathroom returning with a fresh towel and proceeds to dry the blondes' hair while explaining to the blonde how to dry off.


After the little issue in the bathroom Dark takes Krad to the bedroom and proceeds to locate some pyjamas for him amongst the many bags from the day's earlier shopping adventure. Once finding a pair for the blonde Dark frowns a bit as he notices the set he pulls out is for females granted, it is just a long shirt with some shorts but the fact that Daisuke got this for Krad is a somewhat worrisome next, he searches for and then pulls out a pair of undergarments and is thankful that these are for men, and places them on the bed with the pyjamas.
"Put these on and then go bed, I'll be back in a few minutes after I've had my shower." Dark says after pointing to the clothing for the blonde who, nods reaches for the fresh set of clothing as the other man leaves the bedroom shutting the door behind him.

After his shower Dark returns to the bedroom and sees that Krad has already fallen into a deep sleep on top of the covers. He stares at the blonde, envying how easily the he can get to sleep. Noticing the slight disarray of the room Dark, proceeds to pick up discarded towels that lay the floor and he also straightens the room up, moving many of the shopping bags to one side, neatly lining them up. When finished Dark pulls back the covers and moves Krad underneath them before he himself joins the blonde. Once again he finds himself staring at the sleeping blonde wondering how a man could look so innocent and so beautiful at the same time. While watching the blonde's chest rise and fall he, notices a stand of hair out of places and, proceeds to brush it off the other mans face. Dark inadvertently touches the blondes skin while doing so and remarks at how soft his skin is and continues to gently stroke the soft face and examine his features.
'What am I doing?' Dark asks himself as he pulls his hand away and turns to shut off the light keeping his body turned away from the blonde as he places his head on the pillow. Closing his eyes Dark begins to wonder what will happen in the days ahead while the blonde is with him but, not one to worry over what the future may bring he, quickly dispels those thoughs and begins to relax slowly slipping into reverie.

'Tomorrow morning I'll call Dai and see if he or the brat can watch Krad tomorrow while I'm at work."

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