DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything from Once Upon A Time In Mexico, if I did I would have a lot more money! This is all from my own head and my imagination, if it resembles any real life incidents it was totally by accident.

Megan rolled her eyes as the headmistress of her private boarding school continued on with how she was a disgrace to the school and how none of her actions were acceptable anymore. Megan had heard it before, but this time she picked up on a phrase she had never heard before. "We're sending you home Megan…we're not tolerating this behavior anymore." The headmistress said sternly. This would have been a dream come true, save for one thing…she didn't really have a home.

"Ms. Jenkins, please, that's not necessary, is it? I mean my father is paying you a butt load of money for you to clothe, shelter and feed me. You don't want to miss out on his tuition, do you?" Megan countered, she could be quite persuasive when she tried, much like her father she was told.

"Megan it's not going to work, you've been warned. You've finally reached the end of my mercy, we're going to notify your father and you'll be sent home as soon as it can be arranged."

"Yeah, good luck with that one.." Megan muttered under her breath.

"What was that young lady? These are the things we're talking about…you're so disrespectful…and such a terror." Ms. Jenkins said with a prissy attitude.

"I said good luck trying to reach him, even I can't do that…or I would have asked to be out of this hell hole long ago.." Megan said challengingly.

Ms. Jenkins' face turned red. "Get out of here right now…go back to your room and start packing." She ordered.

Megan stood up and left the room without another word. She went back to her boarding room, locked the door and sat on the bed. This was a nightmare. Her life had been a nightmare since her mom had died a year and a half ago in a plane crash. Everything turned for the worse when she was told about her mom. She had built a wall around herself, not letting anyone know how much she was hurt. She'd always been a little bit of a rebel, but it got worse…so much worse she was being kicked out of school-a school she paid a large amount of money to go to. She used to go home on the holidays and over the summer, but since her mom died there was nowhere to go. She hardly knew the man that was her father. She hadn't seen him since she was 7 or 8 years old…she was 15 now. It wasn't like he didn't do anything for her though, he paid her hefty tuition to go to the most prestigious private girls school in the country. And he sent her money on holidays and pretty much anything she wanted he'd pay for; she just charged it to an account he paid. But he was so private, to be honest she didn't know anything about him, except the basics: He was Agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands of the Central Intelligence Agency and he was stationed in Mexico…