Summary: Everyone knew something happened to Jack before Evelyn Mercer was able to get ahold of him, only, no one knew what. The story takes place after the events in the movie ' Four Brothers', obviously its Alternate Universe, Jack is still alive.

Rating- R, mostly for safety incase the content gets too out of hand

Disclaimer- I only own the plot and the characters I make up. Anything else is property of...i don't know, but it's not me

The room was bright, there was something about bright rooms that was intiminating, impersonaly. Like someone was trying to pry into him, get him to say more than he really wanted to say. And all it was was sunlight peering through an office window.

Then again, he was in a therapist's office, that's exactly what was going to happen.

But at the moment, he was the only person in the room. He had the chance to slowly putter himself across the crusty carpet, eyeing things he really didn't care that much about, but he just wanted to kill time. That, and he wanted to get his mind off being in that tiny room in the first place. The oak book shelf was lined with leather titles tha the had never heard of, but figured they were only there for show, that no one really did read them. Degrees from countless different schools hung off the wall about standing potted plants. It seemed like this person was showing off, when really they wanted to give off a sense of security. They wanted him to think that the person who was about to go ' one on one' with him was well educated to do what they're doing.

But he didn't care, he didn't even want to be there. He knew what was going on in his own head, what had happened to him before that day, and he sure didn't need some Harvard graduate to listen to him. Then again, it was either this, or two years in a correctional facility, at least thats what he called it.

The door open, and like a British soldier, he snapped back into a straight standing position. For the past week he had expected to be sititng in front of a woman old enough to be his grandmother, who would smile and nod a lot, write down a few things on a pad he'd never see, then come to the conclusion that soon enough he'd be shooting pedestrians from the top of the Sears Tower. Actually, he didn't even know yet, his back was to the girl.

" You must be Jack" a soft voice said from behind him.

He stepped around to see a face just as young as his kindly smiling back at him. Alright, so she may be his age, but she didn't seem like she wanted to look it. Dressed in a nice plaid suite, her hair slicked back into an elegant money tail. He wore the same clothes from the day he stopped growing, and air traffic control couldn't get a radar on his hair. He wasn't intiminated by her, and already, he was letting his gaurd down.

" Yeah" one word was hardly spoken without a crack in it, to think, puberty ended five years ago.

She made the first move, closing the distance between them and extending her hand, " nice to meet you, I'm Evelyn Jaeson".

Figures he'd get assigned to the therapist with that name. Thought it didn't seem to be a concern at the moment, he shook her hand in return, but could not direct his glare elsewhere. " Hi" he responded.

Evelyn polietly gestured for him to seat himself in a leather arm rest only a few feet from where she sat down herself. It felt like the electric chair, and any moment someone was going to pull the switch. She opened a begie folder across her lap on top of her clipboard, eye surfing a few pages, which were obviously all about him. She looked up at him and smirked. " There's no need to feel nervous".

Yeah right, he thought. He had the idea of switching seats to see if she still felt the same way.

He knew that she was staring at him, but he convinced himself that he was more interested in the boring pattern that was laced across the carpet. It was getting old rather fast. " Jack, why don't you tell me wy you're here".

Obviously, it was her job to make him feel like she was his authority, and for the next eight weeks, she was going to be, despite them obviously being part of the same generation.

" Read whats in that file, it should tell you everything". He still couldn't look at her.

" It'll let me in on a few things, but to be honest I'm not too concerned on how old you were when you had the chicken pox".

Jack's eyes perked in her direction, " that's in there? How old was I? I can never remember".

Her smile seemed to have shifted downward a bit, " you can feed me bullshit for as long as you want, I'm well prepared for that".

He mocked an eyebrow, " of course you are, you get paid either way". Great, less than ten minutes and he was already beginning to give her a hard time.

It didn't seem to bother her though. " Look, anything you say here, its not like I go to a bar every night and broadcast these things to my friends. No ones going to know".

" Except the judge, right?".

She leaned further back into her chair, " no, that's not how court sessions work. All the judge is going to read is my final evaluation. It's basically a summary of whether you're safe to be free, or if you have to be locked up with injections by the hour. No one is ever going to know anything personal about you. And by the looks of it, no one ever has".

Inside his jaw, he was knawing away at his tongue, she couldn't tell. " Yeah, that's how things work when you're a fucked up foster kid. You're never with anyone long enough for them to start acting like they give a shit".

" Your adoptive mother cared".

" Yeah, and then someone shot her. Maybe that's not a risk you're willing to take".

Evelyn pressed the tip of her ballpoint pen into her cheek.

" Try me".