Cracker Jack

Authors Note: Yeah about that delay…well, I'm the author I don't have to explain it. I finally bought the DVD do the spark came back. Well, I hope you will re-kindle your interest in the story. Enjoy! P.S- Happy New Year

Chapter Seven

" I'm sorry".

Her voice was silent and weak. She wasn't even sure that he heard it. Bobby sat on the very edge of the couch cushion in the living room, head in hands, lightly tugging at the roots of his hair.

" Don't worry about it" he spoke, indicating he had an acknowledgment of her speaking. Another moment later, and he gazed up at her, " this isn't your problem, I didn't mean for you to get dragged into this".

Why was she becoming intimidated by this guy? " I already was, and it was my own decision. This isn't your fault".

Bobby looked away again, " I'm his older brother, the entire role of that was to make sure nothing ever happened to him. This was going on under the same roof as me, and I did shit about it!".

" You're not responsible for Jack's life. Not for what happened to him now, and not what happened to him when he was six! Especially not when he was a little kid, you weren't even in his life yet!".

" But I'm here now!" his voice became louder than he expected, and he didn't find it fair directing it towards her, " I'm here now".

Evelyn sat herself in the arm chair parallel to the couch, " and that's all that matters, okay? What's done is done, no one is ever able to change things that have already happened".

He glared at her and let out a small laugh, " you're really good at dishing out this therapist crap aren't you?".

" Well sometimes all those clichés are really what I want to say, it just comes out cheesy. But, if Jack doesn't have you, who does he have?".

As though he was waiting for that exact cue on the other side of the front door, Jerry burst into the house, standing in a rather angry position before the two. " Just what the hell do you think you're doing Bobby!"

" Oh for crying out loud!" Bobby jumped to his feet in a fury, " I didn't have sex with her!". Silence, and immediate confusion to go along with the size of Evelyn's eyeballs, but then Bobby realized that was not what his brother was aiming at. " Never mind, Jerry this is Evelyn, she's Jack's therapist. Evelyn, this is Jerry, another brother".

Jerry ignored the introduction, as well as Evelyn's presence, and returned to his younger brother. " What made you stupid enough to put Jack under a DNR!"".

" DNR?".

" Do not resisitate! If Jack's heart stops beating again, he's going to die, they're not going to do anything to save him because they don't matter to him since we aren't exactly higher class!".

The deep color of Bobby's eyes darkened, " what the hell makes you think I'd do something like that to him?".

" Well a family member has to do it, and you're the only suspect since it wasn't me, Angels gone, and mom is dead!".

Evelyn stood up between the brothers, " no, hang on, that's not how it works. A family member is the only person that can remove it. But, Jerry's right about why it was signed on to him".

Bobby shrugged, " so then we just go down there and get rid of the damn thing".

" You're not blood related" she said it so quietly, as though it was her fault that it was even a problem to begin with.

" Would they even know the difference?".

" Birth certificate, hospital record, the nurses would have both on file".

Both Bobby and Jerry returned to the couch, ignoring their brawl that had just occurred. Evelyn couldn't help but feel out of place. Jack wasn't her brother, she barely knew Jack let alone the other two men in the room.

" I should get going" again, she was quiet. She was sure she could slip out undetected, but Bobby was quick to respond to her attempt.

He quickly stood between her and the front door, " Evelyn, you might have friends in certain areas". She paused, only because she wasn't sure on how she was going to get home in the first place. " Maybe you can help, with the whole family thing. For Christ sake, he's only a kid, he can't die, especially on purpose".

" Bobby, if you can't do anything, I sure as hell can't".

Robotically, Bobby began shaking his head in protest. " No, but maybe…maybe you can help to try and find his sister".