"I don't know why Kai sent us to the village," Ian said, as he, Bryan and Spencer wandered the streets. "Tala would never come here to be alone."

"Maybe he didn't want to be alone?" Spencer suggested, by Ian shook his head.

"Nah, Tala's been acting weird for a few days now, ever since he could get us and walk around."

"I suppose." Bryan replied. "But our priority is finding him, then finding out what's up."

Spencer nodded and Bryan sent Ian a glare just as the midget opened his mouth to protest. They trudged along, looking down random alleyways, through shops and bars. By the time they had searched the whole village, the sun had set fully and the full moon shone brightly.

"He's not here. Let's go back to the cabin." Ian sighed.

"I thought Kai told us to stay here for the night?" Spencer asked.

"I'm not spending another night here. I want my bed." Ian whined.

"There's no harm in going back."

"Apart from the fact that Kai'll rip us apart for doing so." Bryan pointed out.

They stood there, in the middle of the lit road, staring at each other. They shrugged and walked towards the forest.

(1) Kai looked back at his redhead lover, who was lightly snoozing, red hair out of place and a few strands falling on his face. Kai brushed them away and smiled. The blue-eyed wolf belonged to him. Speaking of wolves…

Where was Moon Child?

The lone wolf trudged through the low foliage, towards the noises. Upon reaching them, she realised it was Ice, Man Mountain and Shrimp (2). She smirked and followed them at a distance. When she realised they were heading back to the house, she ran ahead, still unknown to them. When she reached the cabin, she crawled through the small makeshift flap and snuck through the place, looking for Gravel Brains and Pack Leader.

She heard low voices coming from the bedroom, so she crept up to it, pressing her non-floppy ear against the hard wood, listening intently.

"I love you Tala. Never forget that." She heard Gravel Brains say.

"I love you too Kai" Pack Leader replied.

Moon Child smiled. They had done it. They belonged to each other and Moon Child wouldn't let the others ruin the moment.

Without a sound, she rushed out of the house, towards the others direction.

She found them on the outskirts of the forest, in deep conversation. Or rather, Shrimp and Man Mountain were; Ice was just walking along, staring at nothing in particular. She sat a little way before them and yapped, getting their attention. They stopped dead and looked at her intently.

"What?" Shrimp asked.

She just stared, not moving.

"What?" The Shrimp repeated, sounding agitated.

Moon Child rolled her eyes and gave a low whine.

'I wanna play.'

"Listen, if you get out of our way, I'll give you a bone." Shrimp tried.

'Oh joy to the world. A bone. Go throw it to a frickin' dog, not me!'

"I don't like her tone." Ice commented.

"Ah, you're just chicken."

"Shut up, Ian. I'm not the one who screams and shrieks like a little school girl when she nicks my stuff." Ice snapped back then smirked. "Even if she did nick my stuff."

'Oh, come on! I wanna play! Fine. If you won't play, I'll have to force you.'

She ran at the Shrimp and jumped, catching the goggles in her mouth and yanking them off. She ran around, Shrimp chasing her. Ice and Man Mountain just sat in a tree, watching with humorous looks.

"Hey, Kai?"


"I'm gonna go take a shower."


Tala rolled his eyes and got off the bed, walking into the bathroom. He turned the shower on and checked the temperature, before stepping in. He sighed as the hot water pounded on his skin, relaxing his muscles…

Hang on a moment! This is so Déjà vu. Damn it. Do I have another fever? Has this one come back? Will Kai come in and surprise me, etc? I mean, I'd love to take a shower with Kai but I don't want this to be a- ARGH

"Kaiiiiiii!" Tala cried out, as two arms circled him, belonging to the said Russian.

"What? And do you have to yell so loud?" Kai replied, kissing Tala's neck. Tala moaned.

"Is this a dream?" He whispered, barely heard above the pounding of the shower.

"Does it feel like it?"

Tala shook his head; red hair now down to his shoulders like it normally was in water. He sighed and rested his head back on Kai's bare shoulder, closing his eyes against the falling water. Kai chuckled.

"Don't fall asleep on me, Tala."

Tala growled.

"Don't bet on it." He said, biting back the moan that threatened to rise from his throat; Kai was massaging his chest and stomach with his hands. "Any…way. I don't- ah!"

Kai's hands travelled down past his manhood and began to massage his inner thigh. He moaned again.

"Horny…bastard…mmm." Tala managed to say.

Kai smirked, grey bangs sticking to his face. "Oh come on. You are so enjoying this. You're the horny one."

"I may be enjoying this…but…you're the one doing it, so…we're both horny-ah!"

Kai's hand was slowly rising up, pressing harder against his skin.

"You know… I haven't seen… or heard Moony today…mmm." Tala moaned.

"Don't worry. She'll be fine."

"You just had to anger her, didn't you?" Bryan snapped.

They were sitting in the tree, and angry Moon Child below, teeth bared.

"Not my fault. I just told her where to-" Ian began.

"Don't say one more word, or I'll chuck you down there." Spencer threatened. "If we get out of this alive, I'm never going to rescue you from anyone wrath…not even Kai's."

Ian gulped. This would be a long night…


(1) This happens after Moon Child's bit. A long way off.

(2) Nicknames for (in order) Bryan, Spencer and Ian.

Tis the end! WAAAA! Oh wait! Do not despair, fellow yaoi fans! I might consider expanding this with a sequel…

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