When Odaiba gets a new transfer student, the Digidestineds' lives are turned upside down. Ken is spending a term at their school…and he's far from happy about it.

Pushing everyone, including Davis, away from him, Ken treats everyone as insects, and does his best to aggravate people. But when a new friendship is forged after an unforgettable event, a young emperor finds himself choosing between his destiny…and his humanity.

Only when someone reaches out, will the damned be saved…

Chapter One; Transfer Student

TK yawned, leaning back in his chair as the teacher droned on. >Still five more minutes until lunch…could this stupid class go any slower?> He mentally groaned. Beside him, Kari giggled, poking him in the side as she recognized the look of complete boredom that was appearing on her best friend's face.

TK turned and glared at her. Kari just smiled, and mouthed something to him.

"Did you know, you looked just like Davis then?" Turning pale, TK twisted in his seat to look, and choked. Sure enough, Davis was sitting there with an identical look of boredom.

As TK began to panic, Kari covered the grin that was beginning to show on her face.

"So…have you guys heard the news?" Yolei asked, sitting down at the gang's lunch table. She sighed at TK, Kari, Davis and Cody's blank expressions, and began to dig into her ravioli.

"Man, do you guys live under rocks or something? The whole school's been talking about it!"

"Talking about what?" Cody asked.

"The school's getting a new transfer student…he normally goes to the posh school in Tamachi, but someone decided it would be a good idea if he spent a term in a 'normal' school." Yolei explained.

"Wow…they're all really brainy there…he's going to run circles round us." Kari mused, playing with her own meal.

"Do you know what he's called, Yolei?" TK prompted. Shaking her head, Yolei sighed.

"No…nobody knows…"

"Alright! I've got it all planned out!" Davis suddenly yelled excitedly.


"I'll show the new student that posh schools aren't everything! I'll impress him with my athletic abilities, my intelligence, my…"

"Modesty?" TK suggested, a small smile on his face.

"Yeah!" Davis shot the blonde the thumbs up sign, having obviously not realised that TK was being sarcastic.

"Slow down, Davis. Who said they'd be in your class? He could be in mine, or Cody's. We don't even know how old he is." Yolei pointed out. Davis visibly deflated.

"Guess you're right…even if he's my age, he could be put in the other side of the year. It's not fair!"

Rolling their eyes at Davis' childlike behaviour, the group ignored him, and went back to eating their food.

By the next day, Davis had decided that there was no way in hell that his class would be lucky enough to get the new student, but had realised that there wasn't much point moping about it. He even managed to put it out of his mind…until the teacher walked in.

"Class, I've got some exciting news. Guess which class the new transfer student is in?" Mr. Yakamushi grinned. Davis sat up straight, his heart beginning to race. >Could it be…?>

"That's right! Ours!" Mr. Yakamushi beamed. The class erupted into cheers – with Davis being one of the loudest. Glancing over to where TK and Kari sat, he noticed to his slight annoyance that they were talking quietly. >Typical. Even news like this can't break them out of their own little world.> He thought in disgust.

"Now, I'd like you to give a warm welcome to our new student…Ken Ichijoji!" The class stopped cheering, and began to murmur in disbelief. >Oh come on! Like Ken would ever transfer here!> Davis sighed, wondering why Mr. Yakamushi was being so cruel.

"Come on in, Ken!" the teacher called.

As the door slid open, Davis watched as the newcomer entered. >No way!> Shoulder length blue-purple hair, violet eyes…it really was him! Gulping, Davis continued to stare at his hero, his pulse beginning to pound in his ears.

"Greetings." Ken murmured softly, looking round at his new classmates.

"Right…you can sit next to Davis Motomiya, Ken. He's the one wearing goggles…" Mr. Yakamushi began, but Ken held up a hand, stopping him in his tracks.

"It's quite alright, Mr. Yakamushi. I know who he is." Turning to face Davis, Ken smiled faintly.

"He's quite a player on the football pitch." Blushing at what Ken had said, Davis looked away. He remembered that match…he'd knocked Ken over and injured his leg…but instead of being mad at him, Ken had just called him a worthy adversary and shaken his hand.

"Oh, good. Then I guess I can count on Davis to show you around, right?" Mr. Yakamushi winked at Davis, laughing at the frantic way the teen was nodding his head.

Sitting down in the seat next to Davis', Ken bowed his head in greeting, and faced forward before Davis could say anything. Davis blinked at him for a moment, before starting to pay attention to the teacher. Maybe Ken would be more willing to talk after the lesson finished.

"So Ken, is there anywhere in particular you want to go?" Davis asked as he packed up his bag for break. Glancing up, Ken shook his head, hair swishing slightly as he moved.

"It's fine, Davis. I can find my own way around."

Davis frowned slightly.

"No way, dude! I'm not letting you get lost here!" He argued. Ken raised an elegant eyebrow at the comment.

"In a small school like this? Trust me, the one in Tamachi is far bigger, and I was never lost there." He sighed. Davis scowled.

"Yeah, but you're new here…" He began.

"For god's sake, Davis! Aren't you listening? I don't need a guide!" Ken snapped suddenly. Davis stared at him, wondering why Ken was yelling at him – he only wanted to help.

"Ken…?" He whispered in bewilderment. The other boy closed his eyes, visibly getting himself under control again. When he looked back at Davis, all trace of anger had vanished.

"I'm sorry. I just don't want a guide, that's all."

Smiling broadly, Davis grabbed Ken's arm and began to pull him out of the class.

"Well that's just too bad, because you're not getting away from me that easily!" He laughed.

Looking at the clock, Davis groaned. Break had ended way too fast, and lunch seemed years away. Glancing to his left, he saw that Ken was looking straight at the teacher…but his eyes were glazed, as if he wasn't paying any attention. >Poor Ken…he knows all this…he must be bored out of his skull. >

Davis briefly wondered how Ken felt at being forced to enrol at a new school for a term. The genius certainly hadn't been especially friendly so far…in fact, at times he'd been down right rude. He'd spent the whole break trying to get away from Davis.

Jerked out of his thoughts by the bell, Davis turned to Ken with a grin – only to realise that the boy genius wasn't there. >Oh man! He must have left as soon as we were dismissed!> He mentally moaned.

"Uh, guys? You haven't by any chance seen Ken around have you?" Davis asked his friends worriedly. Yolei rolled her eyes good naturedly, taking a delicate sip of her drink.

"Don't tell me you've already lost him." She smirked.

"He gave me the slip!" Davis wailed miserably. Mouth twitching in a smile, Kari coughed slightly to get his attention.

"I think I saw him going round to the sports area." She said helpfully. Davis shot her a grateful look.

"Thanks, Kari. Better go find him, then." As he ran off, the others stared after him.

"Are any of you getting the impression that Ken really doesn't want to be here, especially with someone like Davis?" TK asked dryly.

"Yep. Pity that Davis can't see it, though." Cody sighed.

"Damn Davis and his friends. It's bad enough being here, without having to face those annoying brats every day!" Ken snarled, kicking the ball viciously into the goal. God, he hated this place. If he'd had his way, he'd never have come here. But his stupid parents had decided that it would do him good to be around 'normal' people for a change.

>Depends how you define normal.> Ken smirked.

"Hey Ken!" At the sound of the enthusiastic shout behind him, Ken growled. Despite his best efforts, he still hadn't managed to evade the cinnamon haired boy.

"What do you want, Motomiya?" He challenged. Davis pulled up short, caught off guard by this aggressive greeting.

"I'm meant to be showing you around, aren't I?" He reminded Ken tentatively. Ken let out a short bark of laughter, and began to silently glare at Davis.

"I told you this morning. I don't want, or need, a guide. Now leave me alone."

"What's up with you? You weren't like this before…" Davis murmured. Ken stepped forward, his hands balled into fists.

"Yeah, well, I'm tired of acting like the precious idol you want me to be, so I've decided to drop the pretence. I don't like you Davis. I don't like you at all. I don't like this school, or the teachers…you're all just below me." Ken snapped. Davis reeled back as though he'd been slapped…which in a way, he had.

"You don't mean that…" He gasped. Ken's violet eyes flashed dangerously.

"Yes I do. Now get out of here, you insect!" Watching with satisfaction as Davis retreated, Ken moved back into the shadows, grinning nastily.

>That's right, you Digidestined brat. Fear me…just like you should.>

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