When Odaiba gets a new transfer student, the Digidestineds' lives are turned upside down. Ken is spending a term at their school…and he's far from happy about it.

Pushing everyone, including Davis, away from him, Ken treats everyone as insects, and does his best to aggravate people. But when a new friendship is forged after an unforgettable event, a young emperor finds himself choosing between his destiny…and his humanity.

Only when someone reaches out, will the damned be saved…


Three weeks had passed since Ken had returned home with Davis. Three weeks since Davis had seen the purple haired genius.

Davis rung the doorbell, and rocked back on his heels, nervously inspecting his hands. He wanted to check up on his friend, and see how he was. Although Ken hadn't said anything more on the way back to Tamachi, Davis had been able to read him as clearly as ever.

Ken was terrified. Not only of his parent's reactions but also of himself. He felt extremely guilty over his actions as the Digimon Emperor, and just wanted to run away from all the pain and sorrow that he'd caused, from all the aching grief he held inside of himself. No matter what Davis said, he was convinced that even if Davis himself didn't hate him, the others certainly would.

Since his return to Tamachi, Ken hadn't made any further contact with the Digidestined, and had turned down all interviews with inquisitive reporters. So Davis had decided to initiate things himself.

The door swung open, and Davis was faced with a very weary looking Mrs. Ichijoji.

"Hello…? Oh, it's Davis, isn't it?" She asked. Davis nodded.

"Yeah. Could I speak to Ken please? It's been three weeks since he came back, and I wanted to see how he was…"

Mrs. Ichijoji's face softened.

"Of course you can, honey. If he'll let you in, that is."


"He won't come out of his bedroom, and he won't let anyone in, either. I have to leave his meals by the door."

Davis frowned in determination.

"Don't worry, Mrs. I! I'll get him out of there!" He announced certainly, striding towards Ken's bedroom.

Knocking on the door and not waiting for an answer, Davis barged into Ken's room, letting the door swing shut behind him. Ken, who'd been sitting at his computer, jumped, staring up at Davis uncertainly.

"Davis?" He murmured in bemusement.

"Yes, Davis. A Davis who wants to know why you haven't let him know how you're feeling!" Davis exclaimed, leaning against the wall. Ken shrugged apologetically.

"Sorry. I've…I've been trying to figure that out for myself." He sighed. Davis smiled gently at him.

"That's alright, I understand. You fell apart at the seams, and need to put yourself back together again. It happens to us all. By the way, I've got some messages for you."

Ken raised an eyebrow, turning back to face the computer screen.

"You do?" He asked distantly. Davis grinned.

"Yup. TK and Kari want you to go to the next town talent contest and watch them perform their duet, Cody wants you to support him during his next kendo tournament, and Yolei wants to know if it's okay to start sending fan mail again."

That got Ken's attention. Mouth hanging open, he stared at Davis in disbelief.

"You're…you're kidding, right?"

"Nope. Told you that they didn't hate you. Oh, I forgot. There's another message for you as well."

"What?" If possible, Davis's smile grew even bigger.

"A certain green worm digimon wants to know when you're going to collect him and bring him home." Ken's purple eyes filled with tears of happiness, and he gazed through watery eyes at Davis.

"Wormmon still wants to be with me?" He gasped in wonderment. Davis nodded, pressing two things into Ken's hand.

"Yup. Ring me to arrange a pick-up time, alright? See you Ken." Still grinning, Davis bounced out of the room, leaving Ken on his own again.

For a moment, Ken sat perfectly still, staring after his friend. Then, he slowly opened his hand to see what Davis had given him, his eyes widening.

His D-3 and crest.

Ken glanced up at the door again, before looking back down at the items in his hand. A small smile tugged at his lips, and he carefully stowed the precious objects in his drawer, away from prying eyes.

Maybe he wasn't quite ready to face the world again quite yet.

But he would be.

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