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Written in Dust

The next time he found himself in the dream about Kaiba Land, Mokuba didn't even try to find his brother but went directly to the Duel Dome. Again he found himself back at the mansion, but was shocked at the sight of it.

Almost every white spot had vanished. Green and brown were again the dominating colours of the mansion. But it still looked better then on his first visit.

This time there was no need to call for the beautiful girl. She already awaited him with sad blue eyes.

"What happened?" he asked, while carefully approaching her. "Why did this place changed again? And what was this howl last time?"

She gave him a pained smile. "We are not the only ones who fight for your brothers soul."

"What…" He swallowed. "What kind of creature was it?"

The girl shook her head. "Not now. I explain to you later."

A sigh escaped his lips. Later, it was always later, but when things kept going like this, maybe soon there would be no later. For now he accepted her answer and looked around in the entrance hall. If this happened every time when he succeeded in helping Seto, this was really a hopeless business.

The girl watched him and seemed to read his thoughts. "No it's not hopeless. Look around and remember how the place looked like when you first came here. It's just a small change, but at least it is a change. It will take time and it will be hard, but no one ever said this will be easy." She looked pleadingly at him. Tears forming in her eyes. "Please don't give up, Mokuba. Please don't."

He blinked several times, and tried to concentrate on the ceiling. "He means a lot to you, doesn't he?"

She was surprised about his question but finally nodded shyly. "Yes." She whispered.

Mokuba sighed, took her hands and watched her, a bright smile appeared on his face. "Don't worry, I won't give up. I am as stubborn as him. He is my brother and I rather die then let him down. And besides this: things never are easy with my brother."

Now a tiny smile appeared on her face as well. "I think it's time to tell you everything."

As they walked towards the living room Mokuba noticed that she limped. "What is with you?" He asked as he supported her.

"Like I said, we are not the only ones who fight for your brothers soul." A grim expression appeared on her face for the split of a second.

They reached the couch, which was luckily still white, and sat down. For a moment the beautiful girl just sat there and looked at the floor. Mokuba gave her time to gather her thoughts, before she told him everything about what was going on.

"Long ago in an ancient past…" she started but Mokuba realised soon that this wasn't going to be a fairy tale but rather a horror story.

The girl told him tales about seven items, created with the blood of -if not innocent- but free people. These items were created to protect a country, but the price was terrible. Because those who created the items didn't knew that each of this items held more or less a part of an old evil. It was a spirit locked away to protect the entire world from it's reign of shadow creatures, and now was awakened with their creation.

This evil made use of the only survivor of the small village whose people were killed in the name of Egypt. Filled with hatred and accompanied by a mighty creature this man caused damage and destruction all over the country. He was about to create a new world covered in shadows and eternal despair. A world that would end in total destruction.

The pharaoh and his trusted high-priests tried to stop him. But one after one the high-priest were beaten by him, before he finally could be stopped.

One of them even changed sides. This man was the brother of the former pharaoh and the man who sacrificed hundreds of people to create the seven items. For this he had abandoned his wife and only son, who didn't knew about his noble ancestry. But through his son didn't knew about the royal blood running through his veins, he managed to become one of the mightiest persons in Egypt. Seeing this success his father decided that his son should be king of Egypt and not his brothers son.

Evil made him an offer the old man couldn't refuse: the promise that his son would be pharaoh. But the younger high-priest refused to betray his king and through his father tried to control his mind, he defeated him with the help of a dragon.

Meanwhile the evil truly awakened and began to destroy the pharaohs capital city. A fight in which many died and even the powerful dragon was defeated resulted. But finally the Pharaoh managed to unite the power of the Egyptian Gods and defeated the Evil. But again a high price had to be paid for victory. The Pharaoh needed to seal his own soul away with this of evil and leaved his destroyed country behind.

But before he did so he told his cousin, the young High-Priest, to rule over Egypt. And so a new era was born, the era of peace under protection of a dragon.

The beautiful girl told Mokuba as well another story. A sad story about an undying love.

A story about a young girl that were captured by bandits, and was freed by a boy with blue-eyes and brown hair. The only thing she knew about him was his name, but she swore to repay him for his help.

Meanwhile his village was attacked by the same bandits who had captured the girl, but when they burned down the boys house and attacked him a dragon appeared in the ruins and fire over the village and killed the men.

Years later the girl wandered through the desert to find the boy who saved her. She felt the time had come to repay him for rescuing her, and that he was in danger. But when she came to the capital, people treated her as a danger and threw stones at her. In this moment the boy appeared, now an outgrown young man in the status of a High-Priest and saved her again.

He brought her to the palace and hid her from his king. But another Priest, then man who was his unknown father, put her in a fight of life and death against prisoners and their soul monsters.

The young priest couldn't stand this and helped her by summoning his own soul monster. For a moment it seemed as if they both were save, but one of the prisoners was saved by his monster and was going to attack them. Unable to move or to make use of his monster, the priest and the girl hang over a dark pit. But in this moment the Dragon returned, more powerful then ever and rescued them.

The girl was unconscious and only awakened when she felt that he was in danger. The dark priest wanted his soul but she swore this man would never get the soul of her High-Priest. She came in time to rescue the one who once saved her, but to protect him she had to sacrifice herself.

Her life ended in a brilliant flash of white light, and in it was born a creature which was virtually invincible. The Dragon awakened and would never leave the one it protected.

At this time the girl stopped and stood up; her hand pressed against her mouth.

"Is everything alright?" Mokuba asked concerned.

She shook her head. "Yes, yes everything is all right." It was only a whisper.

He studied the beautiful girl intensely before he spoke again. "Kisara?"

She spun around and stared at him in shock.

"Is that your name?" He said softly. When she had started to tell the story Mokuba had been aware, that this must have been the story Yugi had mentioned sometimes. That this was the past of the spirit that had lived in his puzzle for a long time – and the past of Seto. And Mokuba had remembered the night when he had seen his brother having nightmares. The two names that had escaped his mouth; and if Mokuba remembered right he was sure that Thea once used the name Atemu to refer to the other Yugi.

It just leaved one name to figure out, and after all the beautiful girl had told him, he was sure that she was the girl High-Priest Seto once loved. That her name was Kisara.

Finally she whispered. "How do you know?"

"Seto, he talked in his sleep." It was the only answer he could give her.

She nodded.

"So it is? Are you Kisara?"

Again she stood just there and stared at him, then she turned her gaze away. Somehow she seemed to be lost. "I don't know." She said, her hands dropping to her side.

"I don't know."


Mokuba gave her time to think and left the room to take a walk around the mansion. He still absolutely wanted to know what was going on with his brother and more then this he wanted to know what her story had to do with it.

But he assumed that this wasn't the right time to ask her.

So instead he walked around on the ground floor and opened some of the doors, but never did he found something interesting. Most of the rooms looked the same: A mixture between present reality and memories. Finally he decided to go upstairs and take a look on Seto's and his own bedroom.

Slowly he went up the creacking wooden stairs, which he had hated so much. Fortunately Seto had replaced them with marble, at least in reality. The corridor that followed it, didn't lifted Mokubas mood in a bit. Dark and empty it seemed to end in nothingness. Mokuba shuddered.

They were definitely in trouble. He approached the door towards his own room and opened it.

A small gasp escaped his mouth as he looked inside.

Mokubas own room wasn't in the state like every other room in this mansion. There was no struggle between the present and the past form of it. In fact it looked exactly like it did in reality. Every bit, including the colour of his sheets, looked like his room. When he went inside and dared to open he wardrobe he found out that even his clothes were the same.

It was just amazing and Mokuba run out of his door to the other side of the corridor, where Seto's room was. Maybe it looked as well as it did in reality! But as soon as he flung up the door Mokuba stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh no…" he whispered in slight shock.

It was the exact opposite to his own room. Instead of looking like it did in reality, or like a mixture between reality and past as the rest of the mansion, Seto's room looked exactly the way it once had been. Like in the time were Gozaburo still lived. Just with one tiny difference-everything was covered with a thin layer of dust. Mokuba frowned. Whatever was going on with his brother was definitely worse then he could have ever imagined.

Carefully he stepped into the room, small clouds of dust began to swirl around his feet. His hands wandered over one of the shelves, leaving traces of his presence. Following an idea Mokuba began to write something in the dust on the window seat.

I will always love you, big brother. Never forget that. Mokuba

He smiled as he reread it again. Yes, should Seto know that he had been here, should he keep it in his heart. Mokuba stepped back and exited the room, silently he closed the door. Again he was surprised as was back in the corridor. Everything seemed to be a bit lighter this time.

As he went back to the entrance hall even the amount of white marble had increased again. Mokuba took a look inside the living room but the girl wasn't there. He could have searched for her but decided otherwise. Maybe she truly needed her time and beside this it wasn't easy to find someone in this large mansion.

He sat down at the couch and thought about what he could do next. His eyes wandered over the fireplace to the window. For some reason he had never looked outside, or better to say he never noticed.

Slowly he stood up and moved closer to the window and with each step he came closer, the outline of the surrounding became sharper. First he only saw the wide grey sky, covered with dark rainy clouds and the green park outside the mansion. But the closer he came he saw more and more the things that laid behind the border of their estate; or better to say what didn't laid behind.

There was nothing, absolutely nothing but a great sand plane and the dark sky above it, occasionally illuminated by lightning.

"I really don't like this." He murmured to himself and rubbed his arm.

"Mokuba?" The boy almost jumped. "Sorry, I didn't wanted to frighten you."

"It's okay, but next time: don't be so silent, okay?" He smiled at the girl. She nodded and returned a faint smile. For a moment they both remained silent, before she decided to speak.

"Do you want to hear how the story continued?"

Mokuba was surprised by her question. He had thought that she maybe wanted to talk about her name, but she seemed not ready for this. So he decided to leave this topic until she decided to tell him what she had thought about as he had left her. If she ever wanted to talk about it...

"Yes, of course I want to hear the end." He answered and gave her a reassuring smile. She took his hand and manoeuvred him back to the couch.

"No one said that the end is already written." She said mysteriously and then she continued.

"Most of what happened, you already know, maybe not consciously, but you do. You were there when it happened."

Mokuba looked at her irritated, but didn't disturb her.

"Millenias after all this happened what I told you already, the story continues…" and so Mokuba learned more about the millenniums artefacts. The girl told him that the soul of the pharaoh had been locked away in the millennium puzzle which could only be solved by a human with a kind and pure heart, someone like Yugi Muto.

But with the release of the pharaohs spirit this old evil would as well be released, inherit in a ring with more dark power then any other item. Nevertheless the puzzle needed to be solved, because the pharaoh needed to go to afterlife and find his rest. If he didn't a danger greater then this old evil would arise. A danger that meant all worlds – the world of the living, monsters, shadows and the world of death- would merge into another and no shadow game or punishment would be worse.

To find his rest the pharaoh had to bring all millenniums items together and open the door between live and death. Before he could bring them together those items needed to be purified.

This could only be done by beating their recent owner in a shadow game or with a creature of pure light. And so the battle began again. And finally every item had been purified from the evil that had laid inside them, except the puzzle. Last item had to be freed from evil by the one who solved it and this was as well the only way to free the pharaohs soul and open the door to afterlife.

At this point Mokuba recalled the events of battle city and the duel of Yugi against his other half.

"So finally every owner of an item had been beaten, right?" he interrupted her.

The girl nodded. "Yes, in one or another way." Something like a proud expression ghosted over her face. "And not all of them by the pharaoh." She added.

"My brother?" Mokuba guessed as he thought about the duel of Seto against Ishizu.

The blue eyed girl nodded. "Yes, he beat the owner of the millenniums necklace. That naïve woman who thought the future can not be changed and that Seto Kaiba would trust a god more then me."

Mokuba looked at her in surprise, he hadn't thought that she could be so, well, jealous. More then that he wondered what she meant by her last statement. "…more then you?"

Again she nodded, and some more strands of her white hair felt into her face. "I thought about what you've asked me before." With a swift move of her hand she put them back. "if I am Kisara."


Her hand played with one of the strands, before letting go. "I once was her, once I was Kisara, yes. But now…" Her hand came resting in her lap. "I am not anymore. I lived too long under another name. My entire being had changed. I am not the girl I once was and never could be again." She said with a determined and firm voice.

"Now I'm a guardian for the one I love, his treasure and his trusted partner. I'm not Kisara anymore." At the last words her beautiful eyes closed and a smile played across her face and somehow it gave her the air of something wild, uncontrolled and truly powerful.

"I am not Kisara anymore." She repeated and her eyes opened again, now containing a freedom that hadn't been there before. "I am the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Seto Kaiba's Blue-Eyes."

The beautiful girl looked at Mokuba and her smile widened a bit. "And I definitely don't like it if someone plays with his mind. No human and no monster either."

Mokuba starred at her as if she had really become said Dragon. After a while he found his voice back, but the only think he managed to say was: "Wow!" He repeated it several times, before he could think of a real sentence. "You mean you are one of the White Dragons? I mean you are the White Dragon?" By now the girl had started to laugh.

"Yes I am."

He starred a moment longer at her then sighed. "Okay so it would be okay if I call you Blue-Eyes."

"That would be nice. It sounds better then Kisara." She agreed.

Mokubas mind was reeling. "So in the fight of my brother against Ishizu, did you interfere?"

"Like I said, I don't like if someone plays with his mind. That's why I, well, reminded him of our bound." A faint flush appeared on her cheeks. "With some unorthodox methods, I have to admit."

Suddenly Mokuba flushed as well as his imagination gave him a not so appropriate idea. "Oh…"

The girl noticed it and her flush deepened. "No, I mean not in this way." She said hastily and as Mokuba catched her eyes they both smiled at each other.

"Sorry." He murmured.

"No it's okay. I think I should have said it different." She sighed. "I activated the millenniums rod to show him something from the High-Priests past. After all it wasn't that hard, because it once belonged t the old Seto and wanted to help him."

"Oh…" it seemed as if he was repeating himself, but neither of them minded. For a moment they both sat there in silence, thinking for themselves about the recent conversation.

It had been a surprising revelation to Mokuba that she was the Blue-Eyes White Dragon he had been so familiar with all his life. The creature that was the symbol of his brother, Kaiba Corp. and a new era. But what surprised him even more was the fact that he wasn't so much surprised at all, that it was so easy to accept her words for true.

"Blue-Eyes? Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"When I was a child, I drew a card for my brother, you know? I was having a dream afterwards that we would fly on the back of a white dragon. Was this just my imagination or was…" he shrugged.

"If it was me? Yes, yes this was me." She answered softly.

Mokuba nodded and they went silent again. It was a comfortable silence, but soon a thought entered his mind again. The same he had before, where this story was leading to. It was very interesting, but he had no idea what this all had to do with his brothers situation. And hell he needed to know what truly was going on. So he asked.

The white haired girl looked him deep into the eyes again and nodded. "Right you need to know." But as she began to talk, they were interrupted.

By nothing but a loud howl. The same dark howl that had interrupted them the last time.

Her face lost all it's colour instantly and became grey. "No, not again, not so soon." She whispered in shock. Mokuba had frozen in his place. Blue-Eyes was the first of them to overcome the shock and dragged him up.

"You must go. I never thought that he would come back so fast, he never did…"

But Mokuba freed himself from her grasp. Instead he took hold of her shoulders and forced her to look into his eyes. "No I am not going. Tell me first what you were going to tell me! Please." He added the last world softly.

"We don't have the time…"

"Yes we have!"

A new howl shook the walls of the mansion. She looked around, haunted. "Mokuba please go." She begged.

"No!" He insisted and again forced her to look up on him. "You're right we don't have time. We don't have time to argue about this. Tell me now, because I can't wait any more. I waited long enough for an answer."

She nodded hastily. "Right…" Blue-Eyes tried to calm herself down. "Right." She took a deep breath and Mokuba felt her shudder.

"Remember what I told about the creation of the seven items, about the evil living in them and the old evil that awakened with them? How they could be purified? Did I told you that the evil inside the items could influence a weak soul, or that they could bring a bit of this darkness into a heart?

All of them were purified in the end, but there was a mistake. One of the items, the first one that had been purified had gotten into the hands of the body that was possessed by this old evil and so was infected again.

This item, the millenniums eye, was given by the old evil to your brother.

It infected him with the seed of this evil and now it's growing, it had grown all the time over the years. It has grown faster every day and now it's barely awakened."

All this was said in a rush. So fast Mokuba barely understood what she said, but his mind took hold of the most important.

"So this thing, this creature outside there, this is the old evil you talked about?"

"Yes this is it, the old evil, this is Zork." Blue-Eyes said, her look now hard and full with anger. "And it wants your brothers soul, his mind, even his body to reawaken and destroy the world. "

Mokuba froze. A howl let the glass of the windows vibrating. And as he looked outside them, he saw it.

He saw Zork.

His breath hitched and his eyes widened in horror.

Blue-Eyes turned around and yelped, than she pressed him back. "Go." she whispered. Her voice trembling with determination. "Go!"

Her last demand brought him out of his stupor. "But…"

"Go!" she yelled at him.

"You're still hurt!" he pointed out.

"Don't worry." She said darkly as she went towards the windos, still slightly limping. "I have fought worse fights then this, in worse states then this. And now GO!"

With this Mokuba sat up in his bed, covered in sweet, his heart beating hard against his chest.

Things were going down fast, but little did he knew that soon everything would come crashing down. And that he would find himself in a fight not only for one soul, but three souls.

If not more.


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