Harry Potter and the Kelidoball

S.K. Rowling

Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine, not mine at all. They belong to J.K. Rowling and Scholastic. I do this for fun, just plain old fun. Hope you like it.

A/N: I am not big on Author's notes, so this will probably be my only one. This happens IMMEDIATELY after HBP ends, so if you haven't read it or finished it, please don't read it! Please! This is a big SPOILER I thought about it for hours after I finished reading it. So in this story there will be some partner switching, and some Horcruxe hunting. I am a big Harry and Hermione relationship person, but one cannot deny the feelings within the pages of the book do not get mad at me at the way I get around to getting my way (In the relationship front)

Kings Cross

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny sat silently in their train compartment. The atmosphere is subdued, for the funeral a few hours before was weighing heavily in their minds.

"Hermione?" Ron started looking to his friend, whom had silent tears streaming down her cheeks. She sat next to him, his right arm wrapped around her attempting to comfort her. He knew now that he loved her and did not want to waste anymore time pretending not to.

Hermione looked at him her eyes swollen from tears that she shed over Dumbledore's death. She loved Ron, maybe more than a friend, and was glad to have him back in her life. Almost loosing losing him to a badly executed attempt on Dumbledore's life awakened her to the fact that life was incredibly short. "Yes?" She answered.

Harry saw the look of need in their eyes. They needed each other in a way that Harry had never seen before; they needed to be alone. He turned to Ginny "Let's go, I think the cart may be on the way, I want to get some snacks," he said as he took her hand and she followed him understanding and guided her out of their compartment.

"Do you think they'll finally make it official?" Ginny asked Harry, in a whisper once they were out in the hallway.

"I think so," Harry said softly leaning against the wall. Ginny stood in front of him putting her hands on either side of him trapping him there. "Ginny I can't," Harry said as she moved closer.

"I just want you to know something," she started moving his head down so that their foreheads touched. "I will wait for you. I know what you must do, but please come back to me. Promise me."

"Ginny, I..." Harry started.

"Promise me Harry."

"I do, I promise," he said as he moved closer to kiss her. Ginny and Harry snogged away their pain in the nearly empty corridor, parting only because the snack cart was starting down the row of compartments.

They could hear Neville's voice coming from one of their compartments, and after buying chocolate frogs, headed in that direction. "Hey Harry… G-Ginny." Neville said.

Luna looked up from her latest issue of the Quibbler and smiled at her friends. "Hello you two. Out for a snog?"

Harry and Neville blushed violently. Ginny only laughed and sat next to Luna. "We've been kicked out of our compartment," Ginny said peeking over Luna's shoulder.

"We weren't…" Harry said

"Ron and Hermione needed time together. Alone," Ginny said

"Oh… it's about time." Luna said softly, and then with a sigh she looks at Ginny. "I guess all hope is gone for me now."

"Did you like Ron?" Harry asked curiously.

"Oh, yes. He's very handsome, and nice. He'd been a lot nicer to me since he was ill this year," Luna answered earnestly. "I love his hair," she added looking back to her issue of the Quibbler.

Neville was quiet in his corner. He looked extremely uncomfortable next to Harry. "Wouldn't that be rather uncomfortable for you?" Neville asked, then quickly added, "I mean Ginny does so many things that don't involve you, but you three are always together."

"Yeah Harry, you don't even have me to keep you busy any more, I mean this summer is going to be a bit of close quarters isn't it?" Ginny stated. Harry hadn't thought of that.

Neville was now looking at Ginny wit renewed interest. Had he heard right? Had Ginny and Harry broken up? He felt himself staring as the conversation continued around him so he quickly turned to face the window.

When they parted, Ginny took Harry's hand and opened the door to their compartment. Inside Ron and Hermione quickly separated themselves from what seemed to be a kiss. Both blushed violently at being caught. Harry and Ginny grinned at them.

"What?" Hermione asked

"Finally," Ginny said. Harry grinned at his friends, hoping that it wouldn't get uncomfortable around them from now on. He looked at Ginny, whom was still holding his hand and felt sad that he would not have what they have, - that is until his work was done. He kissed her hand then let it go in an attempt to get back to normalcy.

As they arrive at Kings Cross station, the four friends gather their things. Harry hangs back as Ron and Hermione head out, but before Ginny can leave, he pulls her back and gives her one last sound kiss. "Good-bye Ginny," he says softly

Ginny throws herself into his arms and sobs. "I'm going to miss you. I'll wait for you Harry," she says then she disengages and they both head out of the train. When they get out onto the platform, Mrs. Weasley was hugging Ron.

"Now dear, you know how these particular muggles are, so be on your best behaviour," Ron and Hermione were both coming to stay with Harry at Privet drive for his short visit there.

"Yes mum," said Ron

"Oh Ginny," Mrs. Weasley said as she looked at her daughter's red and swollen features, misunderstanding the reason for her tears. "We will all miss Dumbledore." She signalled for all three of the others and pulled them all into her embrace.

"Harry," Mr. Weasley said coming up to him with two other wizards in tow.

"Yes Mr. Weasley," Harry answered eyeing the two members of the Order that he knew.

"We will be looking in on you from time to time while at Privet drive, to make sure the death eaters do not attempt anything brash," he started. "We have a car for you if you wish."

"Now Harry dear," Mrs. Weasley interrupted, "we will let you know when the wedding is, you will be coming won't you?"

"Yes Mrs. Weasley," Harry answered, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Good-bye then my dear boy," she said giving him a hug.

When the embrace broke, she took hold of Ginny and walked away. Harry turned and spotted Neville and went over to say good-bye to him properly.

On the way out of the station, Hermione said, "Harry, Ron can't go out there looking like that."

"Like what?" Ron asked. Harry looked at him - he hadn't thought of that. He preferred the wizarding world to this one so the way Ron dressed seemed normal to him now.

"You're right. He looks a right prat in that," Harry said

"These are quite fashionable I'll have you know," Ron stated indignantly.

"Not out here in the muggle world," Hermione retorted.

"Mr. Weasley," Harry said turning to the members of The Order. "I think we can manage without the car." Then turning to look at Ron he says, "We've got to do a bit of shopping."

"All right Harry, but Nymphadora will come with you none the less," he said as Tonks came around to meet them.

Before they exited the platform they went to the booth to exchange some Galleons into muggle money and they headed to the shops in London. As they walked along Harry looked around them noting with suspicion, a few people in dark robes. They were scattered around. Never found together. He sidled over to Tonks and whispered. "Do you see what I see?"

She looks around and nods, "Just as long as they don't see you, we'll be all right." Harry nodded and continued on his way.

When the three friends got near the shops, they turned into an alleyway, and hid their baggage with an invisibility charm.

They went from shop to shop, as Hermione did all the shopping. She dressed her boyfriend from head to toe, delighted because most girlfriends rarely had a chance like this. Harry bit back a laugh when Hermione suggested that Ron try on the clothes. Ron refused, as it is the man's prerogative, but when she suggested that she help him, his face turned a shade similar to his red hair.

After coming out of the shops, the three friends and Tonks, headed back towards the alleyway where they had left their things. They had decided that it was private enough for them disapparate to Little Winging. "I don't know if I can assist you," Hermione stated. "I've never apparated after the test, I haven't enough practice."

"Don't worry, I'll help. And you concentrate too Ron," Harry said. "Besides Tonks is here." They linked arms with Ron and Harry in the middle. They concentrated on their destination and with a loud CRACK all four Disapparated.