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How many times had he been through this? One hundred? Two hundred? He was just leading a normal life, not bothering anyone or doing anything to upset the natural balance of his or anyone else's life. So why then did he suddenly find himself here? On Spira of all places! This place wasn't real! It was just a game! A bloody videogame! None of it was real, just images on a screen that a player with a controller could manipulate. But for near that hundredth time that night he looked down at the small sleeping form who'd curled up and snuggled closer to his side for warmth, she had lots of energy even in her sleep and showed it whenever she moved or murmured something in Al Bhed in her sleep.

The young man turned his dark brown eyes toward the sky again and watched the stars twinkle, the occasional pyrefly wandered into his vision and moaned it's soft, sad song. Like the other denizens of Spira, he'd grown used to it and often ignored it. But at times like this, when he was the only one still laying awake at night and watched the pyreflies dance and sing softly. It brought an odd sense of comfort to him, he couldn't really explain why. How long had it been since he first arrived? A year? Or was it two? In truth he'd been there for nearly six months before he followed Yuna as one of her guardians during her pilgrimage.

"When did this all start?" He whispered to himself softly so as not to disturb Rikku in her sleep and thought back to the beginning.

Chapter 1

The real world

Nathan was a 23 year old man living at home with his folks until he could find his own path in the world. Though his father often said it, Nathan didn't believe that he had a handsome face or that he was good looking in any way at all. His eyes were a very dark brown that looked black from any distance beyond three feet. His head was crowned with curly, jet black hair. You know, the kind that could be grown into an afro if he wanted, but he never did despite other people urging him to do so. His skin was naturally tan, not darkly though and he never had to fear sunburn do to the genetic inheritance from his Africana American father. The reason Nathan thought himself unattractive was the fact the he weighed nearly 280 pounds, in his own mind he believed it something of a blessing as he carried it well and honestly didn't appear to be that heavy. He knew he'd always be a big guy, it was just the way he was built, like his father.

In any case, despite his weight he took good care of himself and was proud of the fact that unlike a few other people he knew who were his weight or even less, he could walk without panting after only a few steps. Like any young man, Nathan was an avid lover of videogames and anime and took great pleasure in playing or watching. True he did finish RPG's slower than others did but he enjoyed taking things slow and enjoying every minute of the game. However, his parents had been giving him no end of grief about how much he played. They had no problem with his playing, but they thought he played far too much and after years and years of bickering it all came to a head.

Nathan and his father finally had an out and out fight, neither were blessed with long fuses and now they argued heatedly. In the end though, both had walked away angry enough to punch holes in walls. In fact, his father did and it scared him and his mother to no end. In a rage of his own Nathan stormed to his room, ripped the PS2 free of it's cords and took it outside to the paved driveway where he proceeded to throw it down and jump up and down on it with both feet until it, the poor game inside and the controller that was still attached were destroyed.

After that, Nathan returned to his room and changed clothes. He left his room wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt that was tucked in along with a blue button up shirt with black tribal patterns on it. The shirt itself was unbuttoned and fluttered behind him as his favorite steel toed work boots thudded heavily on the wood panel floor of the dining room. He passed by his stunned father who'd witnessed his rampage upon the game system that he had for the past four years, cared for lovingly and protected as he would a child. Nathan slammed the front door and passed his mother who'd opted to stay out of the fray and smoke a cigarette or death stick as Nathan had come to call them in an effort to get her to stop smoking them.

"Where are you going?" She asked him, concerned but still upset that he and his father had managed to piss one another off yet again. "Out." Was his terse reply and gritted his teeth audibly when she spoke again. "When will you be back?" Unable to hold his temper at such a stupid question, Nathan turned and raised his voice to bellow at her loudly enough to be heard from three blocks away. "WHEN I'M NOT ANGRY ENOUGH TO BEAT THE HOLY LIVING SHIT OUT OF THE IDOIT YOU CALL MY FATHER!" With that he spun on his heel and stormed off down the sidewalk, he didn't catch the hurt look on his mother's face and at the moment he wouldn't have cared if he did. She knew he'd taken walks like this before when his father made him angry so that he could calm down and think things through then come back and work things out as a reasonable adult.

Of course, reason was the farthest thing from his mind at that moment.

Nathan walked for over seven hours, muttering to himself and throwing angry looks at anyone who either approached him or stood in his path. Twice he'd walked into traffic and the driver of a car that nearly hit him swallowed his angry comment to tell the kid in the road to watch where the hell he was going when Nathan glared at him, daring him to start something. The main problem that Nathan faced now was that his enjoyment of videogames wasn't just because it was fun but it was an escape. When he played a game he could visit exotic worlds, meet strange and interesting new people or girls that didn't run away or avoid him because they saw his fat and not him as a person. For him, it was a way to become someone who wasn't him, and now he'd destroyed that only comfort. True he had quite an imagination and loved to write stories like Xenosaga: The beating of her heart. (Hint hint….laugh) But it wasn't enough.

It was well past dark when he returned home, and though he knew both his parents were angry at him they obviously weren't going to kick him out since the front door was still open. As quietly as he could he crept in and locked the door behind him then went to his room. By now he'd had time to calm down and think things through like a rational adult, even so he knew that he'd be walking on paper thin eggshells for awhile. Tired from his walk as well as viscously stomping the life from his PS2 and yelling at his father, Nathan climbed into bed fully clothed and sighed. "I'm really in it now….aren't I? I wouldn't be surprised if Dad really did throw me out this time. I know Mom probably isn't too happy with me after I yelled at her….maybe I should get up early and stay out of the house as long as I can the next few days…." He yawned loudly and pulled his cell phone from his pocket to check the time, it was three in the morning. Well he'd get a little bit of sleep at least, with that last thought he rolled over and let himself drift off to sleep.

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