I don't own a thing, Disney does. This story will be a prequel to Bonnie's Curse, but it is in no way necessary to read that first. Aside from one scene that I am planning, that you'll only really understand having read the story, this will stand completely on it's own.

Basically, it's Ron and Kim, from prom night on! How they began their relationship, and the love that fostered! Yeah, I know, corny, eh? What can I say, I figured I'd write a happy, flighty fic for a change, rather than action and angst and pain. Seriously, I'm not even going to torture a single character this time! I mean, you can believe me, I'll be good! I can do nice and happy. Seriously!


The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 1

No thoughts entered their heads as they stood on the dance floor. All thoughts of school, the food chain, Drakken and Eric, Bonnie, nothing could break this perfect moment.

Their kiss lasted through the end of the song, and on through the next. By now, most people could only figure that this had been so long in coming that they needed this moment together, and no one was going to begrudge them that.

When they finally separated, it was only by the barest of inches, as they looked into each other's eyes, seeing the love they held for each other held within. They began to dance again, not caring what the song was, only concerned that they were in each others arms, they're eyes locked on each other.

Monique stood by the snack table, keeping an eye out for Barkin as Rufus gorged himself on the food there. "It's about time, isn't it Rufus? I was beginning to think I'd have to tmimoh!"

Rufus stopped his snacking to look up at her curiously, but her eyes were on the dance floor, where his friends were dancing. He didn't understand what had taken them so long either. For him, it was simple. For humans, it never was. Rufus just shook his head as he looked up at them, smiled, and went back to snacking. If he hurried, he'd have time to finish off a couple plates before the big man chased him off again!


They were still dancing when Ron felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Stoppable, Possible. Time for you to get out of here so the janitors can do their job!"

Ron glanced up to see Mr. Barkin glaring down at them. He looked down at the watch on the big man's wrist, and saw the time. He turned a pale white.

"Um… KP… I think your Dad is going to kill me!"

Kim just laughed. "Oh, Ron, it can't be that…"

Ron grabbed Mr. Barkin's wrist, showing her the time, and she paled as well.

It was 1:30 am!

Steve Barkin had to hide the grin on his face when he saw their expressions. "And for future reference, I'll allow today's act of PDA to slip by this time, but I'm keeping my own on the both of you. Any slips, and its detention!"

Kim just nodded, still slightly pale. "No problem Mr. Barkin. Come on Ron, we have to go now!

Steve finally allowed the smile to approach his face as he saw he drag Ron out of the gym and a very high speed. "It's about bloody time! These kids can be so stupid sometimes." After a few moments more, watching the teens flee, he turned his attention back to the janitorial staff, pushing them to work faster.

The two reached Ron's scooter quickly, hopping on. Kim had barely put her helmet on when Ron stopped, patting his pockets frantically. "Oh God, where's Rufus?" He reached into one, and found a piece of paper inside.

Hey Ron

You two are really out of it if I can slip this into your pocket without you noticing, should be good for a laugh when I see you guys tomorrow. I figured you'd want some alone time, so I took Rufus with me. Have fun you two!


Ron breathed a sigh of relief, revving the engine and taking off, tearing down the streets, rockets in full gear as he raced to get her home. The trips took only a few moments, with the streets still empty, and Ron almost shot right by her house as he tried to break in time.

Kim hopped off, and Ron followed right behind, the sweat beading down his forehead as he contemplated what Kim's dad would do to him. Over two hours late for curfew, and he feared his first real night with Kim would be his last.

Kim stopped him half way up the walk, a look of concern on her face. "Maybe I should talk to my parents alone. You know, smooth things over?"

Ron was pale, but she could see the determination in his eyes. "No KP, it's my fault too. You shouldn't have to face this by yourself!"

She leaned in, kissing him, and he returned it, but they kept it brief. Kim turned, and reached for the doorknob, when she heard Ron make a sound behind her. She turned back to look at him, and saw a great deal of confusion on his face. She looked at him questioningly.

"Um… KP… I know your parents are used to the damage the twins dish out, but how'd they have time to fix all the damage to the front so quickly?"

Kim turned back and realized he was right. When they had left, the entire front door, and a good portion of the surrounding walls, had been leveled by the diablos. She reached out a hand to grip the doorknob, and was shocked when her hand passed right through it. Then she heard a voice.

"Kimmie-cub, just walk right through. Ronald, go home. We'll talk to you tomorrow!"

Ron's face just paled. "Yes Mr. Dr. P.!"

He leaned in to give Kim one last quick kiss.

"Now Ronald!"

He stopped just an inch away, and pulled back. "Goodnight KP."

"Goodnight Ron."

She watched him hop on his scooter and take off before she walked into the house. Both her parents were there, and her Dad did not look happy. She glanced back and saw why; the hologram was one-way. From inside, it was as if nothing was there. They had seen everything!

"Do you know what time it is? I was starting to get worried. You could have called!"

Kim just winced at that. "I'm really sorry Dad, but we were dancing and we got caught up in the moment and…"

"That's no excuse!"

The tiny chitter of little voices reached their ears as there was a pause.

"Oh, Kim's getting in serious trouble."

"This should be good!"


Andrea just placed a hand on her husband's shoulder. "Hon, maybe you should put the boys to bed while I talk to Kimmie."

"But Dear, I…"

She gave him a look that told him she would brook no argument, and with a sigh, he trudged up the stairs.

Andrea walked into the kitchen, and Kim followed a bit trepidatiously. She reached into the freezer, pulling out a quart of ice cream, grabbed two spoons from the drawer and sat down. She placed one spoon on Kim's side, popped the top on the ice cream, and began to dig in. Kim sat down, not quite sure what was going on. Andrea moved the ice cream closer to her daughter, who after picking up the spoon, decided she might as well. If this is my last meal, I might as well enjoy it!

"So, this being late with Ron is a one-time thing, correct?"

Kim had to swallow her ice cream quickly as she replied. "Oh, definitely. It's a one-time thing. We'll never be late again!"

"Good. Than I think I can settle things with your father, calm him down."

The look of shock on her face must have been evident.

Andrea just smiled. "I do think you should have called, to let us know you were going to be late, but I'm not mad. I do understand a thing or two you know."

Kim just looked up at her mom. Her reply was almost a whisper. "So, you're not mad?"

Andrea just laughed. "No, I'm not. I understand what it's like to be in love."

"But I'm not… it's not… is it that obvious?"

"Honey, it's been obvious for some time! I think everyone knew by now!"

"I didn't know!"

Andrea just smiled, scooping another spoonful of ice cream. "I think you were just scared, especially after the whole modulator issue. You two never really talked about that, just tried to move past it, and in the process your feelings as well."

They sat there silently for a minute, as Kim tried to process everything.

"I'm sure you want to get to bed, you must be exhausted. And I'm sure you'd like to spend time with Ron in the morning."

Kim just smiled as she stood up. Walking around the table, she gave her mom a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Mom!"

Andrea just smiled as she watched her daughter head upstairs. It had been so long in coming, that she felt relieved that the moment was finally here. Now she only had to deal with James.

Placing the ice cream back in the freezer, she headed up to her room for what she knew would be a long conversation. She just felt glad she didn't have any procedures in the morning.


Ron took his time heading home, enjoying the night. He hadn't wanted it to end. Just the memory of holding Kim in his arms gave him such a warm feeling, and when they had kissed, it had felt electric. His face fell briefly when he realized he would have to face Kim's dad in the morning, but he hoped Kim was right, that she could smooth things over. Otherwise, this would be probably the shortest relationship in history!

He saw a light on as he pulled into the driveway, and realized his parents were up, waiting for him. Now he knew he was in trouble. Looking on the bright side though, if his parents killed him, at least he wouldn't have to face Kim's dad in the morning!

He opened the door slightly, and saw his parents standing there, waiting for him. Taking a deep breath, he walked the rest of the way in.

"Ronald, you do know what time it is, don't you?"

"Yeah dad, I'm really sorry, but Kim and I got caught up and…"

"This was about the mission?"

Ron felt so tempted to tell them it was. If it was mission related, his parents wouldn't have a problem. He'd have to explain the tux, but that wouldn't be too hard.

He sighed as he realized that he couldn't do that.

"No, it wasn't mission related, it was… was… okmeandkimwenttothedanceandwelosttrackoftimeandnowe'redating!"

Ron took a deep breath after getting that out so quickly. He looked up at his parents expectantly.

"Did Kim's father talk with you yet?"

Ron looked reluctant. "No?"

"OK, then, we'll let him talk to you first!"

Ron thought he was going to pass out! "No, please, talk to me, punish me, please!"

"Oh, I think James has something much more appropriate in mind, don't you dear?"

His mom just nodded. "Oh, I fully agree. We'll let this drop till tomorrow. Goodnight dear!"

"Yes, Goodnight Ronald!"

Ron watched his parents walk up the stairs before his legs gave out on him. He was not looking forward to tomorrow!


Author's Notes – OK, so I tortured Ron a bit. It doesn't really count! After all, it's a prequel, we know he's fine, and Kim and him were happy. Besides, to me, its never about the end result, but the journey that takes you there!

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