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The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 19

October 13th, 2005

"Ron, I really wish you'd work harder on your schoolwork. It's important!"

Ron just groaned as he leaned against a neighboring locker. "KP, the fine art of procrastination has served me quite well in the past, and will continue to serve me well in the future. Besides, why is it so important?"

Kim just looked at him, concern in her eyes. "It's important because I want us to go to the same college after high school, and you might not be able to if your grades don't pick up."

Ron sighed, looking down at his feet. "Fine… for you, I'll get my work done. But I'm really spoiling you, you know?"

Kim just laughed. "I know!"

At that moment, the screen before her came to life, the frowning expression on Wade's face telling her everything.

"What's the sitch Wade?"

"Finally got a lock on Drakken and Shego, they really went into hiding this time."

Kim just smirked, eager to get back at Shego for her comments before. "So how'd you get them then?"

Wade almost grinned. "You're going to love this… they stole the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer again!"

Ron just moaned. "Again? You'd think that guys smart like that could actually install a security system that is… well… secure?"

Wade just shook his head. "I thought they had, it all looked good. Somehow though, they were able to slip in and out with the device."

Kim placed a comforting hand on Ron's shoulder. "Don't worry about it, we'll get it back… again. Where are they now?"

Wade resumed typing, and a map quickly popped up on the screen. Looks like they're in some kind of time-share lair, over in Oregon. After it was stolen twice, I slipped a tracker on it, to make it easier to find. I've already got your ride waiting for you outside!"

Kim just smiled. "Thanks Wade. As always, you rock!"

Wade just grinned. "I do what I can."

Kim shut her locker, and grabbed Ron's hand. "We should get going."

A voice behind her interrupted her train of thought. "Oh look, the princess and the frog! I don't think he's gonna turn into that prince you've been looking for!"

With a flash, Kim turned around, with a none to pleasant look on her face. "Bonnie, I don't think…", halting only when Ron placeed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"She's not worth it"

With a final look from Kim, she turns on her heel and storms down the hallway, her hand in Ron's, as they made their way out of the school. When the pair cleared the doors, Kim felt the need to vent. "That Bonnie… she just drives me so crazy! I mean, it's one thing to bug me, but to insult you like that, treat you like you're not even there, especially after what you've done for her…"

Ron just grinned. "It's no big KP. Bonnie just doesn't appreciate the Ron-shine the way you do! Come on, we should get going!"


"Why do we always have to go through the ventilation shafts? There has got to be an easier way!"

Kim just sighed, as she followed Ron through the metal ductwork. "Would you rather fight your way through a dozen henchmen?"

"Well… we usually end up fighting them anyways. Wouldn't it just save time?"

"Ron, can we discuss this…"

A loud explosion interrupted her, and the shockwave struck a moment later. The ventilation shaft rocked violently, and she could see Ron tossed upwards, bouncing off the top of the shaft. He landed with a crunch, but quickly scooted backwards, rubbing his arm and shoulder.

"Ron, are you all right?"

Ron winced. "Yeah, I'm good, just hit my shoulder when we got rocked. I'll be fine. What happened?"

"I'm not sure. Something obviously exploded." Kim crept forward, until she found a grating that she could look down through, moving carefully in case the explosion had loosened the vent. Below her was a scene of devastation, as smoke billowed from a device in the corner, flames licking at the walls. A couple of henchmen, thrown clear of the explosion, lay on the ground, but Kim could see them stirring already. At the center of the confusion stood Drakken, appearing very irritated and upset. Though not nearly as upset as Shego appeared to be as she came storming through the door behind him.

"DRAKKEN! What the hell are you doing? I thought you had that device working already. That bloody thing is too damn dangerous to be playing around with like this!"

Drakken just brushed himself off, looking very distraught. "I thought I had! I took into account every variable, every possibility. It should have worked!"

"Well obviously you didn't account for everything! I don't even know why you wanted that bloody thing anyways, never causes anything but problems."

Kim could see Drakken looked hurt by that. "But Shego, this device has limitless possibilities! If I can just develop a compatible laser, I can use the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer to open a dimensional rift to any number of universes. The advancements we could discover are endless!"

Shego didn't look the least impressed. "I don't really care. Besides, we should get out of here anyways, Kim Possible and her sidekick will be here any minute, and that will be the end of your little experiment."

Kim knew an opening when she heard one, and kicked open the grate with ease. Before it could hit the ground, she had already fired her grappling hook to the support beam above her and dove. Adjusting her angle briefly, she swooped down, scooped the device in her arms, and glided back up against the opposite wall, bracing herself in the corner, keeping herself about fifteen feet off the ground. "Playtime's over!"


Shego just moaned. "Seriously Doc, you have got to stop being so surprised." With a grin, she lit her hands and glared up at the teen hero. "Time to play Princess!"

Kim just smiled, and quickly tossed the device to Ron, who had just finished shimmying out of the vent. "I so owe you for last time!"

With a leap, Kim rode the line down swinging directly to Shego, who stood her ground and waited, the smile never leaving her face. Kim let go as she reached the bottom of the swing. She had barely touched the ground when she almost bounced up, her legs driving forward and aimed at Shego's chest. The older woman just stepped backward, knocking the legs away, and aimed a chop for Kim's neck. The blow fell short as Kim twisted away, and the two opponents found themselves facing off.

The pair stood motionless, sizing each other up, waiting for the first to move, to make that fatal miscalculation, but the seconds stretched on. Finally, with a roar, Shego charged, driving her fists at both Kim's head and stomach. Both moves were blocked, and Kim returned the favour, only to find Shego not where she struck. Shego grabbed Kim's arm, but before she could do anything, Kim twisted, throwing her into the wall. Hardly fazed, Shego's hands flared brighter as she charged, a low growl emanating from her throat.

Kim was smiling as she blocked the anger-driven blows. "That temper is getting you into trouble again. Works for me though, makes this almost easy!"

Shego was almost swinging wildly as she replied through clenched teeth. "Yeah, it's not like the Ice Princess would understand how anger could drive someone. After all, how could someone as frigid as you possibly understand?"

Kim dove under a right to deliver her own kick upwards, which Shego blocked. "I am NOT frigid!"

Now Shego was smiling as she pressed an advantage. "Oh, but you've been denying that poor boyfriend of yours so much, it's hurting him! You can see it in his eyes. You know, he's starting to fill out nicely, maybe I could cure him of that frostbite you've given him? I think he'd like that!"

Kim blocked the ax handle kick, and pushed up, beginning to press the battle herself. "And what makes you think Ron would actually be interested in Drakken's sloppy seconds?"

"WHAT?" Shego paused briefly, and that proved a mistake, as Kim drove an elbow into her nose, drawing blood.

Kim continued pressing. "Oh come on, we both know you two are making with the mad jungle loving, no point denying it. Now, while the phrase wrong-sick comes to mind here, I guess if it makes you happy." Kim ducked a high kick and delivered a shot to Shego's solar plexus, driving her back further. "After all, blue… green… I guess you two could make a cute couple. Kids will look pretty weird, but who am I to judge!"

Shego rubbed her gut, eyes almost flaring, as she dove back into the fight. "I'm not doing Drakken!"

Kim just laughed as she blocked a low punch. "Oh come on, you guys must be like rabbits. I mean, that whole modulator thing had to come from somewhere. In fact, you probably started the whole thing! Not like he would have much of a chance to say no if you wanted to. Besides, he's lousy at everything else, can't take over the world, his inventions backfiring, can't fight, that must be the only reason you would stick around. He must be damn good in the sack! Come on, you can tell me, just between us girls?"

With a roar, Shego drove a kick hard into Kim's stomach, knocking her back and to the ground. Hands clenched, she advanced on her fallen opponent, only to stop when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She whirled quickly, only to see the very pained look on Drakken's face as he cringed back. "WHAT?"

Drakken took another step back. "Umm… we really need to get out of here. Global Justice… they just arrived… we really should…"

Shego just glared at him, then back to Kim, who was watching the pair, a smile on her face. "Fine. Next time Princess, you and me settle this!" Grabbing Drakken, almost dragging him, she headed for the nearby ship, and quickly took off.

Kim resisted the urge to laugh as she watched them fly off, and turned back to see Ron, his face twisted in a look of sheer disgust. She walked up to him, waving a hand in his face. "Hello? Ron? You in there?"

He never moved, the look remaining on his face. "That was just… wrong! That was beyond wrong-sick! I'm going to have nightmares for weeks. You could have warned me you were going to say stuff like that."

Now Kim couldn't hold it in, and began almost giggling. "I'm sorry Ron, but I couldn't help it. Did you see her face? It was priceless!"

Ron just shook his head. "Wrong-sick I tell you!"

Kim just laughed again, and took the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer from him. "Come on Ron, we should get going. Besides, I'll make it up to you on the flight back. We have an hour till we get home, and I have a couple ideas that will help take your mind off the trauma I inflicted on you."

Ron's head turned at that, the expression lightening. "Make it up to me? Ideas?"

"Yup! I figured, start with a nice, light massage, and go from there."

A grin now broke out on Ron's face. "What trauma?"

Kim took his hand, and she practically had to run to keep up with him as they headed for the plane. "That's my Ron!"


Ron was leaning up against the locker while Kim grabbed her books for first period, and Kim smiled. "So, did I chase away all those bad thoughts from yesterday?"

Ron just grinned. "Most definitely! I had no idea you could do that with your hands like that."

Kim just looked at him. "OK, that almost sounded dirty."

Ron grin widened. "And when you mouth got in on the action…"

She slapped him playfully. "Ron! It was just a massage!"

"Oh, I know, but most people don't have the most beautiful woman in the world kissing their neck and shoulders while they are getting a massage."

Kim grinned at him, and with a quick look around to make sure they wouldn't get caught, grabbed Ron to her, pulling him in for a kiss. She held him there for longer than was safe, and when she pulled away, she could see the goofy grin on his face, the almost stunned look in his eyes.

"Hey Kim, hey Ron, how are you two doing today?"

The pair turned their heads to find Tara standing there, and both teens smiled. It was Kim who spoke first, since it looked like Ron wouldn't be able to speak for a couple minutes still. "We're doing good, just trying to spend some time together before we head for first class."

Ron could see by the expression on Tara's face that there was something wrong, and Ron snapped out of his reverie. "Tara, what's wrong?"

Tara seemed to fidget for a second. "I was wondering if you guys could help me with something, in room 107? It's kind of important!"

Kim and Ron shared a brief look. Obviously something was wrong. "No problem."


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