Words from the Heart

Five years ago, Anzu made the mistake of telling Seto Kaiba her feelings. Now a successful and happy dancer in New York, he comes back to torment her…or is there something deeper? (Seto x Anzu)

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Chapter One: Rainy Days

It was barely mid-November and already Manhattan was cloaked in rain clouds and the soft pit-pat of rain had begun to hum around the city. And while others mumbled and groaned, displeased with the gloomy weather, a bright blue umbrella was cheerfully held high in the crowd.

The owner of said umbrella was smiling without a care in the world and many looked at her enviously, hoping for that same innocent optimism that she seemed to possess. The rain was pouring, the skies were in turmoil, but she was smiling.

Oblivious to the stares, the young woman was happily humming 'Singing in the Rain' as she passed through the crowd. Manhattan was busy this time of day, with everyone rushing with somewhere else to be, but she took it all in stride. She walked comfortably through the throng of bodies, with agility but not any form of rush. No, why would she have to rush on a fine day like this?

Finally arrived at her destination, our young heroine slipped out of the torrent of people and under a large shining canopy that overlooked a pair of oaken doors. Above the entrance, a sign was brightly displayed: AVERY THEATRE. The woman sighed happily at the familiar sight.

A young bellboy stood outside, a bit bored with the dreary weather, but still alert. When he noticed the woman entering, he quickly held open the door and gave her a sincere, adoring smile, "good morning Miss. Anzu!" he chirped happily.

"Thanks." Anzu replied as she smiled at his kind enthusiasm.

"No problem! Just here to do my job." The boy explained happily. He tipped his hat as he let the door close behind her, shutting out the crowded, bleak world outside.

Anzu was sincerely happy and everyone knew it from her large smile as she entered the large theatre hall. Her life was perfect: her dream career, her perfect apartment, a wonderful, healthy family, great friends and a multitude of adoring, excited fans. What was there to not smile about? A small thought nagged at the back of her brain, like an off-key chord in her symphony of happiness. Something that she thought she had buried in her past and Anzu shook her head, burying it again.

"Good morning Anzu!" The dance director greeted as he waved from the stage where he was taping some markers onto the floor. Edward Chatterly was an aging dance director of much fame in New York. Under his large mop of scraggly white hair, his aging eyes always came to life around the theatre, for dance was his life. Anzu respected him very much, and was really thankful for his mentorship since she had arrived in New York those five long years ago.

"Morning Edward!" Anzu yelled as she walked into a busy hallway. Others greeted her and she responded warmly, knowing most of these people ever since she first came to New York and began her dancing career. The Avery was her home, and she loved her family.

"Anzu!" A voice called out as smart-looking lady walked up beside Anzu. She was tall and elegant with her long gray hair tied into a tidy bun.

"Hi Madame Defranc." Anzu smiled lightly, recognizing the stern costume designer. "How are you today?"

Madame gave her a no-nonsense look before peering through her crescent glasses onto a clipboard. "I am quite busy mademoiselle and I have you scheduled for a fitting at 10:00 today. However, Edward had just informed me that-"

"I won't be able to make it." Anzu finished. "I'm sorry, but there's been some new additions to the rehearsal schedule and-"

"That is quite unfortunate." Madame Defranc said dryly as she tapped her pen against her clipboard. "However, the performance is merely weeks away, and it would also be most unfortunate if you should find yourself performing in your slacks and a ratty shirt. So, Miss Mazaki, I suggest you find time soon. Costumes don't get made my magical little elves in a few days."

Anzu, familiar with this procedure smiled apologetically and glanced carelessly at her watch. "Oh! Look at the time! I really have to get going Sylvie. I'm really sorry about the rehearsals, but perhaps you could just use my old measurements."

Anzu began to walk down the crowded hallway, but Madame Defranc suddenly called her. "All right, Miss Mazaki! I understand that you're very busy, but for that ball scene, you know the one with the-"

"Yes. I know the one." Anzu finished.

"What color would you like the gown? I was thinking perhaps a vibrant orange…"

Anzu shuddered at the thought, "How about blue? Perhaps a darker shade?"

"Such as to match your eyes?" Madame Defranc wondered.

"Sure," Anzu shrugged, "whatever you think that shade is."

"Azure." Madame Defranc replied instantly, and Anzu halted in her steps. Who else had said her eyes were azure? Suddenly, another flourish of memories rushed in and Anzu's smile dropped. Why, did every thought in the world always lead to him? It would be so much easier if she could just forget.

However, she refused to think about it any longer and quickly recovered her smile."Azure is fine. Now, I really have to get going."


When Anzu got to her small room in the theater, she was surprised to find a beautiful bouquet of a dozen pink roses greeting her in front of her lightened mirror. She gasped and ran up to them, smiling as she smelt the delicate scent. She already knew who sent them as she broke the small seal on a thick red card.

'Best wishes for my rising star' read the neat handwriting. 'Love, Uncle Spencer.' Anzu smiled like a Cheshire Cat as she smelled the flowers. That was her favorite uncle, always ready to surprise her whenever she felt unhappy, even when he wasn't there.

Uncle Spenser was her only relative in New York, or rather, all of North America. He was an aging man who fiercely loved his niece, and showered her with happiness. When Anzu had first arrived in the Big Apple, he had picked her up and had taken care of her, never questioning her about her unhappiness, even when she was healed.

For that, and all his care, Anzu loved her uncle very dearly.

"Anzu!" a steady knock came at the door, followed by the familiar voice of Edward, his voice light and kind. "Get ready, recital begins in ten minutes."

"Alright, thank you!" Anzu called back as she quickly put down the precious gift. She quickly tied up her hair and changed her shoes into her favorite black ballet shoes before running out.

"C'mon Anzu, show's starting!" a set producer yelled as he saw Anzu rush onto the back stage.

Anzu yelled back, "I'm ready!" as she did some warm up exercises amid the hustle-bustle of last-second preparations. She hummed along with the familiar tunes as she awaited her cue.

The Manhattan Ballet Company was putting on a production of Sleeping Beauty and Anzu, being an acclaimed rising starlet was the star of the show.

Suddenly, the final chord of warning struck and Anzu's muscles tensed as she prepared for her first few hops onto stage. "Okay, wish me luck!" Anzu whispered to herself as she leapt onto the floor amid a sparkle of lights and blasts of music. Although they were only using tapings now, they would have an entire orchestra in the stands later.

Edward was already sitting in the front row, his legs crossed and hands wringing in nervousness. Though the dancers were the stars of the show, the director was the one whose head would be on the stake if the production was poor. "Careful Anzu!" he yelled over the music as Anzu continued dancing, "Stay within the boundaries, or you'll crash into set!"

And so the recital ran on.


It was nearing sunset when Anzu exited the theater, a scarf wrapped tightly around her neck and mittens on her fingers. Her cheeks were flushed from her recent recital and she didn't bother to raise her umbrella as she hailed a cab.

She opted out of her normal walk through the crowded streets because she was running late and her Uncle Spenser had called her to tell her that he was taking her out to dinner tonight.

Today's recital was tough, but it was to be expected as opening day ran closer.

Anzu walked to the side of the street and gave a shrill whistle as a car finally stopped and she hopped into the back seat. "Where to miss?" The driver asked politely.

"812 159th Ave, please." Anzu directed, before leaning tiredly onto the seat. Not only was dancing tiring, but it was very stressful. She had a good run last season as a secondary character, but this would have to be her breakout role for any success, for competition was stiff.

The cab slowly shifted into motion as the cab-driver drove towards Anzu's apartment. She watched out of the side windows as her world flew past her. She hadn't always lived in such an environment. In fact, she had always enjoyed the quiet and peaceful environments, like Domino City Park.

The Park was like a catalyst for more unwanted memories and Anzu sighed bitterly. She also liked New York because it was so busy and didn't allow for moments of lapsed thinking, like now.

Soon enough, the cab pulled up by an elegant apartment in a respectable part of town. Anzu was home.

"Thanks." Anzu said as she paid the cab-driver before stepping out of the cab. As the driver turned to say something, she smiled and told him to "keep the tip."

"Have a good day miss!" The cab-driver said thankfully before driving off.

Anzu ran under the dripping overhang that covered the entrance to her home. "Hello William." She greeted the man who always opened the door for her.

"Good afternoon Miss Mazaki." William tipped his hat. He liked Anzu Mazaki, who sometimes stayed to talk with him or tip him. "How is the ballet coming along?"

"Great!" Anzu exclaimed, although another glance at her watch caused her to say apologetically, "Sorry, but I have a dinner I have to catch, can't stay to talk. It's been a hectic day."

"Oh, don't worry about it miss, enjoy your dinner." William said kindly before returning to his post.

"Thanks." Anzu said as she stepped into the empty elevator, waving goodbye to William as the doors closed.


Although the bleak weather hadn't gotten to Anzu's spirit, it had still done its damage. Within a few minutes of arriving home, the sneezing had begun, then came her irritable nose. Within half an hour, Anzu was lying on her couch, groaning slightly at her pain.

One hand lay over her burning forehead, the other lay limply by her side, holding her phone.

She didn't want to do it, but she knew she would have to call her uncle and cancel their plans. She was hoping that her cold would clear up, but now she couldn't go out in this state.

However, before she could dial, the phone began to buzz and ring in her palm. Anzu mumbled something before slowly bringing it to her ear.


"Miss Mazaki?" It was William. "There's a man downstairs come to see you."

"Hmm…Could you tell him-" Anzu halted. "Actually, never-mind, could you just send him up to my floor? Thanks William."

"But-" William began, but Anzu had already hung up.

As Anzu prepared to greet her uncle, she suddenly realized something. "Odd. I thought that William would be able to recognize Uncle Spencer by now…"

The doorbell suddenly rang and Anzu rushed to the door, a glass of water in one hand to soothe her aching fever.

"Hi Uncl-" She froze mid-sentence. It wasn't her uncle. Her uncle wasn't tall. Her uncle didn't dress in designer suits. Her uncle didn't have icy blue eyes. Her uncle would never have such a stern expression

And her uncle was most definitely not named Seto Kaiba.


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