A/N- The title is taken the tag line of Cowboy Bebop (my all time favorite anime). Jack has always reminded me of Spike a little. I was into Bebop first so it's not the other way around. I've always been interested in the darker side of Jack that you see glimpses of now and then. They say still waters run deep and Jack has a lot churning under the surface. The Jack in this fic will probably be a little darker than the Jack in my other fics. I'm experimenting to see what happens when Jack is forced to leave everything he cares about behind and how the rest of SG-1 copes with his absence. Also look for the random crossover characters and locations (I love crossover cameos). A No Prize for who spots them (you Marvel people know what I mean). Oh, yeah the quotes at the beginning of each part are from Roger Clyne songs from the Refreshments and the Peacemakers. So many of his songs scream Jack to me. That's enough rambling from me, so on with the story.

Season 5- AU after Desperate Measures

Warnings: Major character deaths (eventually); Sam/Jack UST


See You Space Cowboy



So forgive me Father if I have sinned,

But the old wood cracks before it bends

Sin Nombre, The Refreshments


'Dear George,

I can call you George now, seeing how you have my letter of resignation on your desk. Maybe I'm a coward for not handing this to you personally, but I know you'll try to talk me out of this. Just like I tried to talk you out of your resignation. Trust me. This is for the best. I'm a tired old man with bad knees and it's time for me to retire. I'll only get someone hurt if keep going through the Gate like this.

Carter's ready for her own command. She's been ready for a while. I've probably held her back. I recommend that she get SG-1, but I doubt the brass will go for that. If you have to have a Bird, Dave Dixon is a good choice. He'll look after my kids like they were his own. He's got a twisted sense of humor. They'll like that.

It's been an honor, sir.

Jack O'Neill

PS- Just let me go. You won't find me."

"I don't believe it, sir," Major Samantha Carter carefully set the letter down on the table and looked up at her commanding officer. "Colonel O'Neill wouldn't just resign like this."

"I agree, General Hammond," Teal'c said. "Something is amiss. We must find O'Neill immediately."

"I'm not sure that's wise, Teal'c," General Hammond told him in a tone that could only be described as weary. "I doubt we could find him if we wanted to." He stared down at the letter scrawled in Jack's bold hand, before turning his attention back to the pair before him. "I'm sure you both want to get back to the hospital."

Sam gave him a hard searching look at his effective dismissal. "Yes, sir," she said grudgingly and turned to leave the conference room.

Teal'c gave the General a brief nod and followed her out.