Chapter 1—Take Care in Casting

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Many things in life must change;
Take me now to somewhere strange.

Let those in this place have power
That they not think me odd an hour.

Though I a stranger there will be,
Let them accept me for me.

If any change in me be made,
Let it be in body, not in my head.

Lady, grant this boon to me;
Through thy power so mote it be.

Her casting cleared away, Chessa Ohanzee closed the door to her workroom and locked it carefully. It wasn't much of a workroom—little more than a broom closet—but it was all she had. Her parents tried so very hard to accept her beliefs, but she could tell every time they looked at her that they thought that what she was doing was Satanic.

Eventually every look from her parents cutting her to the quick became too much, and Chessa had sought out a solution to her problem. Spells could change others' views, but those also did harm, and so were against the Rede she lived her life by. In the end she had found the perfect spell. It could very well take quite some time before it was effective, but she could and would wait.

The spell had called for change, but had not demanded the change be immediate. It called for acceptance, but did not define who should accept her. It called for a path to peace, but left her to find it on her own. It was not the easiest way out, but it was the only one she had found that she felt could help without breaking the Rede or setting her path too firmly.

Upon leaving her room, Chessa's expectations were shattered. Upon stepping through the doorway she had entered not the hall outside her bedroom, but a hall that was completely foreign to her. She turned, half hoping to see the familiar bedroom behind her, but the room she had just exited appeared to be a little-used storeroom. In a way that the unfamiliar hall had not, the sight of the storeroom brought a rising fear with it. Something had happened that she hadn't intended.

Closing her eyes, Chessa braced herself against the wall behind her and spent several moments simply breathing. Once she had herself more grounded, the girl opened her eyes and started tentatively down the hall. It didn't take long before she found an open door. She entered, hoping to find something familiar, and found only a bathroom that she had never seen before. When she looked in the mirror, the sight that greeted her was equally foreign.

Long deep brown hair fell to her hips in gentle waves, auburn and sun-gold highlights playing through it in the sunlight that spilled through the opened window. Her eyes sparkled like night-dark topaz in a fair face that had been palely gilded by the sun. She was dressed in something like the light white robe she worked in, but it was somehow even thinner, clinging to a buxom yet perfectly toned form she had never possessed in a way her robe never had. What was more, as she stood staring in the mirror, a silken tail the same color as her twilight hair came into view over her shoulder.

At the sight of the tail, Chessa fainted.

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