Chapter 29—Awakening

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Author's Note: It occurred to me that I could just be mean and have it all be a dream … and then decided I might get flamed to death if I did that. So. Finishing the story like a good little author.

The first thing she noticed was the stillness. She could remember, vaguely, that they were supposed to be traveling to Vegeta-sai. Was everything supposed to be so still? And why did everything smell like lavender?

Groggily, Chessa opened her eyes. They were all still strapped in their spaceship, and Saiyans and humans alike were slowly starting to stir. She twitched her nose; the perfumed air was making it itch. She looked around, her vision slightly blurred. Blink. Blink again. There, it was clearing. There was Celri, looking furious. Vegeta, who looked positively normal—which is to say, furious. Hmm, actually it looked like all the Saiyans looked pretty pissed off.

With a sneeze, Chessa glanced at Yuki-chan and Bulma. Both of them looked rather peaceful; Trunks, Goten, and Bra looked less angry than Vegeta and Celri. Hmm, and now that she was waking up, she was starting to feel quite angry herself. Maybe it was something about that weird, lavender-scented stuff …

She sneezed again, and swore loudly. What the HFIL was that stuff? For all that it smelled of lavender, it was the most irritating and infuriating stuff she could imagine! She could hear Trunks growling now, and it was not the sort of growl she was used to hearing out of him.

Bra seemed peaceful, though, and Goten was just plain confused.

Growling, Chessa sneezed again. The growl turned into a cough, and she looked up to see Bulma rapidly working on that same panel she had been fiddling with before. There was a chiming, and some flashing lights, and the horrible lavender fog dissipated. "Sorry, that was supposed to be calming!"

Vegeta (the remark had been directed at him) grunted, looking slightly less angry, though Chessa was not feeling enough calmed to say for certain whether the Prince of all Saiyan's suddenly milder demeanor was a result of the stuff going away or his mate's apology. Ripping the stupid harness away from her body, the pregnant Saiyan stared, eyes wide, at her stomach, which was noticeably larger than she remembered.

Turning furiously towards Bulma, she growled, "How long were we out?"

The blue haired female swore loudly about lavender having the opposite effect on Saiyans, Bulma flipped open another panel and checked the readout. "Two and a half months," she answered promptly.

Chessa's nose flared, her eyes wide, as her hand went instinctively to her stomach. So much time lost; that made her a total of four and a half months along.

For some reason, Vegeta seemed just as alarmed as she was. "Woman! Why didn't you tell us it would take that long?"

"She's still in her second trimester," Bulma quipped, hands going to her hips in what had to be pure reflex by this point.

"Saiyan gestation is six months, fool woman," Vegeta hissed, glancing over Chessa with a sort of possessive concern that further irritated the already aggravated Saiyan female, "and during the final two and a half months the child goes into a growth spurt."

Chessa froze, attempting to process the information that had just been divulged. The first thing to properly register was the fact that she only had a month and a half until delivery, three months sooner than she had expected. Second she realized that she was a month into this fetal growth stage that would prepare her child to enter the world -- and there had been no preparation made for that stage.

Trunks was at his mate's side in the space of a breath, his hand over her stomach, carefully checking what he could tell of the health of their child. Bulma was with her soon after, having produced something that looked like a modified stethoscope with odd dials and a digital read out from somewhere. Chessa willingly allowed the attention that she would have usually been annoyed with, and in a few moments the blue haired human pulled back. "The baby is fine," she said with a relieved smile, and Chessa pulled back to her mate's side, crossing her arms under her bust.

"There is no more time for this," Celri said sharply, looking over in the direction of a city, similar in form to the towns of the Native American Cliff Dwellers. The buildings, just close enough to see, were red and angular, looking as though they had been carved from the stone of the desert world. The sky blended with the desert, another shade of red and housing a huge orange sun.

There was not long to take this in, because the real reason for Celri's attentiveness quickly became apparent. A group of warriors with stiff hair and tails was coming towards them from the city. The five of them were dressed in armor that seemed to be a cruder version of that worn by Vegeta and Celri, and two of them carried short, bladed weapons similar to a half length spear. It seemed it was time for them to make a stand.

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