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Minerva Summers, called Mini by most, entered into her pre-teenage years a normal child. Well, as normal as a child from a single parent family usually is. She had short, choppy light brown hair, brown eyes, and was always a bit short for her age. Her mother, Tempest McGonagall, had always been a bit protective of her. She knew nothing of her father except his name, Hank Summers. However, that was all until she hit eleven.

Mini's mother disclosed to her one and only child a few secrets of her life and their family. It turned out that Tempest had not been the perfect daughter. In fact, she wasn't even a normal, or at least, not by the standards that Mini had been taught was normal, daughter. Tempest's mother, Minerva McGonagall, had been a witch. And all that Mini's grandmother had ever wanted for her daughter was that she become a witch herself. But Tempest wouldn't have it.

As a young girl, Tempest has always been fascinated by Muggles, or those who could not do magic. She had loved them so that she ran away from her mother, from the world that she had always known, to come to America. There, in a state called California, she met a Muggle man by the name of Hank Summers. They spent many a nights together in that hot, hectic town. Thus, Mini had been conceived. However, the two were never married. Hank had actually gone on to marry a woman named Joyce and conceived two more daughters by the names of Buffy and Dawn. The girls lived in Los Angeles while Mini and Tempest lived in San Francisco.

At eleven years old, Mini found herself wondering why her mother had decided to tell her this. She could've very well had gone on with the lie, never telling her daughter the truth. But then, something amazing was revealed to the quiet, obedient child. She had received a letter from a local Wizarding school. Madame Free's School of Magic in Mahogany…Mini had never heard of that place before. When she had inquired as to the location of this school, Tempest replied, "It's only a few miles outside the city. It's not a boarding school, like most Wizarding schools are."

"Why have I never heard of this place, Mom?" Mini asked.

"Because it's Unplottable. That means it can't be put onto a Muggle map. Now, darling, I won't make you go to this school if you don't want to. You don't have to be a witch…I won't force you like my mother was forcing me. It's your choice."

It didn't take Mini long to make up her mind.

"I want to go! I want to do magic!"

And so Mini went to this magic school. However, among the many amazing things she learned there, there was one that stuck out amongst them all. Her sister, Buffy as her mother had called her, was something called the Slayer…a vampire killer. She was relatively famous amongst the ranks of the mystical world.

Taking it upon herself, and the internet, she found out all she could about her long lost half-sister. By her third year, Mini had learned that Buffy and Dawn now lived in Sunnydale and that their mother, Joyce, had died. She had also learned of another branch, however not blood related, existed of her family. Joyce had a sister named Jamie, who had a daughter named Jade.

Tragedy struck Mini at the end of her fourth year at Madame Free's school. She had come home late one night from school to she discover her mother's body, with two puncture wounds in the neck, collapsed on the floor.

"Mother! Mom!" Mini had cried, running to cradle her mother's head in her lap.

But Tempest's body had long gone cold. Mini hesitantly ran her finger over the wounds on her mother's neck. With an anger and determination that Mini had never felt before, she gathered all the resources she had and took the next bus to Sunnydale.

Finding Buffy and Dawn Summers in the small town was almost laughably easy. However, convincing them of their sisterhood to one another was not. Seeing as Mini knew nothing of her father except for his name, Buffy and Dawn did not believe her easily. It was only after Mini had talked Buffy into looking at a picture of Tempest that she gasped.

"What? What is it?" Mini had asked.

"I remember…Dad had a picture of her that he kept in his wallet…" Buffy had stammered.

"Then, will you help me? Do you believe me?"

Buffy's answer to both was yes. After a quick description of the scene of the crime, Buffy concluded that Mini's mother had not been killed by a vampire. Through the internet and some other…resources…Mini discovered that a powerful Dark Wizard by the name of Lord Voldemort had ordered her mother's death.

"Why…why would he want my mother dead?" Mini had asked, tears welling in her eyes.

"We were hoping you could answer that," replied Giles, Buffy's Watcher. "Do you know anything special about your mother's past?"

Watchers, Mini had learned now from both school and experience, were those who trained the Slayer and, apparently, researched stuff. There was supposed to be an entire council over in England, Dawn had told her.

"No…nothing too important…"

"What about other family members? Maybe she told you a name?"

"Yeah!" Mini had suddenly cried, remembering, "she mentioned my grandmother…a witch named Minerva McGonagall…I would never forget…it's my name…"

Thanks to Giles's keen research, it was discovered that Mini's grandmother was actually Deputy Headmistress of a Wizarding school called Hogwarts, apparently the best in the world. It also just so happened to be the school that this Lord Voldemort was from as well. Mini decided that the only way to solve the mystery of her mother's murder was to go to the very place that it had seemingly began. Giles had thought she might say that, for he also had found a way to contact the Headmaster of the school, Albus Dumbledore.

Which brought Mini to the present point in her life, now at fifteen years of age. She was standing quietly behind Buffy's red-haired, wandless witch friend Willow, with her hands clasped behind her back. Willow's finger was tapping the mouse of the computer in front of her impatiently.

"He hasn't emailed us yet," Willow announced.

It was all Mini could do not to give a sigh of disappointment.

"As I see," she said quietly.

They were both in the magic shop that Giles owned, aptly named the Magic Box. Mini looked up as Buffy's friend, Xander, entered with Dawn.

"Any luck?" Dawn asked, pushing a lock of her long, light brown hair out of her way.

Dawn and Mini actually looked a lot alike, except Dawn was a bit taller. Buffy had been the contrast. Buffy had bright blonde hair and her facial features were that of a fun-loving, typical California valley-girl, unlike her half-sister's stern features. Buffy and Mini were only alike in a sense of moral values and height.

Mini didn't answer Dawn's question. Instead, she found herself looking at the goofy, dark haired Xander, reminding herself of a conversation they had had shortly after they had scientifically proven--a simple blood test--their sisterhood.

"But, you're my age, Mini!" Dawn cried, after the doctor had announced the test results.

Mini nodded. Xander had decided to add his two cents.

"But not really because your parents would have been divorced already if your creation had not been inserted into their memory. So your dad probably thinks he had a fling, but he really just had a relationship directly after the divorce. Is that a fling?" Xander spouted.

Mini rolled her eyes. "Yeah, thanks for clearing that all up for us, Xander," she replied, sarcastically.

A scratching noise on the window sill outside broke into Mini's thoughts. A large brown owl was pecking at the window. Mini rushed to let it in.

"This is it! It's a Wizarding owl!" Mini cried.

"They use owls?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, as mail carriers," Mini explained. "Mom told me about them right before she gave me my letter."

Mom may have put it nicely, but she had wanted me to go to Wizarding school, Mini thought. She might have run away from Grandma because she had thought her too over-bearing, but they sound just alike to me.

Mini detached a rolled up bit of parchment from the owl's leg and shooed it away. Xander raised a rolled up newspaper in defense, as if expecting the owl to attack him. Instead, the animal did as it was directed to do and left.

As if the owl would have him, Mini thought, a half-smile on her face. She quickly unfolded the letter and read it to herself. Then, she smiled widely. Buffy came in from the training room, adjoining with the shop.

"Any word from the witchy, training facility thingy, Mini?" Buffy asked, wiping her brow with a white hand towel.

Mini excitedly handed Buffy the letter. "I'm getting trained."

As Buffy took the letter to read for herself, Mini sighed. It'll be hard to leave them, even if I've only known them for a couple of weeks. I've finally found a sense of family with them…but…there's more…I know there is, she thought.

"I leave tomorrow with a girl named Marnea Griyl," Mini declared.

0 0 0 0

Jade Snape was exactly like her father in personality…or so her mother always told her. Jade had never really known her father, just known of him. His name was Severus Snape, former Death Eater, a servant of the Dark Lord Voldemort, and current Potions Master at the European Wizarding school of Hogwarts.

Jamie, Jade's mother, had met Severus when she had been just a girl…and he, just a Death Eater. It was quiet a shock to the young Death Eater when Jamie had said those fateful words, "I'm pregnant."

Severus's beliefs in his Death Eater life-style were already being shaken. But to find out that Jamie…this Muggle that he loved, was pregnant with his child…He knew the dangers this could implicate. So this left Severus with one solution…get his family out of the country.

Jamie told him of her sister, that Joyce would help her. So as soon as Jamie and Severus had gathered enough Muggle money, she and the unborn Jade were off to L.A.

Jade grew to have long, black hair--like her father's, only with less grease--and brown eyes. She often had a stern, sarcastic air about her and showed early on a great talent in the field of magic. This made her mother very happy.

Jade was sent to a Wizarding Boarding School off the coast of California. There, she found the studies quite interesting, but the salty ocean air was unbearable for her. However, she did recover some useful information there about her father. Or rather, her father's family. It turns out that Severus Snape's father, Tobias, had once been the leader of a group called the Listeners, an off-set group of the Watcher's council. They had once been apart of the Watcher's council itself, but Tobias and many others didn't agree with their "hands-on" methods with the vampire Slayer. Then, mysteriously, Tobias stopped coming into work. However, there were still ways to get in contact with him.

This was perfect! Jade and her mother had grown far apart in the last few years of Jade's life--mostly due to some of Jade's early conducts in life--so she wanted to get away from Jamie as much as she could. What better way than to attend Hogwarts? And what better way to get Hogwarts to notice Jade's talents than to call upon her influential grandfather to talk to the Headmaster…and her father.

Of course, this wasn't all that Jade had found out in her research. She also found out about her mother's now deceased sister and the woman's two daughters, Buffy--the vampire Slayer, and Dawn. She also found out about Mini Summers…the half-sister of the Slayer through their father's side. It seems that she had started making a lot of noise on the internet, trying to find a way into Hogwarts herself.

Jade simply owled her long, lost grandfather and asked him for a meeting. Weeks went by, and Jade's sixth year at her school was coming to an end. Finally, Jade received a reply owl. It stated that Tobias would meet with his granddaughter at no later than twelve, midnight. She was to be out on her school's lawns but hidden to avoid any unwanted attention. She had found the meeting time and the whole cloak-and-dagger thing unusual, but nevertheless, she was out on the lawns at midnight.

This brought Jade to her present place in life, ducked behind the large fountain in the school's courtyard, awaiting any sign of her grandfather. Her long, black hair was tied back tonight at a knot at the nape of her neck and her brown eyes stung with the cool, salty breeze.

She hugged herself against the breeze that was rapidly becoming stronger. Her long, jade-colored dress clung to her body as the wind blew, revealing her average figure.

If he doesn't show up soon, I'm leaving, Jade thought. And then I'm sending him a hex.

But no sooner had the though crossed her mind did Jade spot something amazing. In the sky, hurtling toward her, was a figure of a middle-aged man with short, dark hair and blue eyes. His skin was unusually pale, and he was dressed in gray business robes. Without even processing the thought, Jade ducked down further behind the fountain, sensing a dark nature around this man. He landed gracefully.

"Jade? Are you here, Jade?" he called, his voice ringing with an elegant, English accent. "I won't hurt you. Let me explain."

And then he smiled. And Jade's eyes widened. She could see the long, pearly white fangs from where she crouched. Suddenly, she felt a cold hand on her shoulder. Jade jumped up and whirled around. The man was smiling at her.

"I won't harm you. I'm Tobias Snape…your grandfather," he said.

Jade began to try and back away, but then stopped, on an afterthought. This panicky Jade was not who she was. Jade Snape did not scare easily over such frivolous things as meeting with vampires. With a calming sigh, Jade crossed her arms in front of her.

"Very well. Yes, I am Jade Snape. I trust you know why I asked you here?" she asked, in a force of forced sophistication.

Tobias laughed. "Oh, so business like! You are so much like your father! Yes, child, I know why I'm here. And I bring you good news…"

He reached into his inside jacket pocket and pulled out a letter, written on some parchment. Jade took it and read it eagerly.

"My acceptance letter?" she asked in wonder.

"Yes. Headmaster Dumbledore and your father were delighted to hear that you wanted to attend Hogwarts."

Jade smiled widely. She even whirled about once or twice in joy…then, remembering that she was not alone, she stopped and returned her face to its normal, sarcastic stance.

"Thank you very much, Grandfather. I don't know how I'll ever repay you," she said.

"Don't worry about it. Just know that we'll always be there watching over you…"

"We'll? What do you mean?"

"The Kane Clan."

"Of vampires?"

"What else would it be of? My kind have taken a keen interest in you, my dear. We want to keep you safe."

Jade didn't reply, only arched her eyebrow. Tobias laughed.

"I'd wager everything I own that you get sorted into Slytherin."

"And why have they taken an interest in me?"

"I don't know. Some of them seemed impressed by some of your…previous doings…"

Jade shuddered. Tobias caught this and pursued this conversation no further. Instead, he told her that he would deliver her to Hogwarts tomorrow night…one night before the start of the new year of school…and Jade's seventh year at a Wizarding school.

0 0 0 0

Gabriella Kimberly Lupe Gray, simply known as Kimmi, loved life on her parent's ranch in Ireland. Though both her parents were American, and Kimmi had been born there, she had grown up her entire life in Ireland. Her parents, shortly after her birth, had been offered jobs in the English Ministry of Magic in the Department of Secrets.

Kimmi was a Pureblood witch and knew very little of the Muggle world. She had also attended Hogwarts her entire life, being in the house of Gryffindor. However, as much as she loved school, the ranch would always be her true home. She loved her Winged Horses and her broomstick. In fact, she just loved the feel of the wind in her face. And she loved nothing more than to play a friendly prank on her brother, J.M or to compete in a Winged Horse Show.

She had not yet celebrated her sixteenth birthday, but she would soon enough. However, the end of the summer was coming and the owl from Hogwarts arrived sooner than she might've hoped. Kimmi entered her large, country home after a day of riding her beloved, mystical creatures. She pulled her long, blonde-brown hair back into a pony-tail and wiped the sweat that had dripped onto her thin-rimmed, oval glasses.

"Kimmi!" her mother, Belinda, called to her. "You have your Hogwarts letter! I left it in your room!"

"Thanks, Mom!" Kimmi called back, then mounted the stairs to her room.

Once inside her room, she shut the door, and her eyes immediately fell upon two things. Her Hogwarts letter and the picture that the letter lay by.

Picking up the letter, Kimmi stared at the picture of the young, oriental boy, smiling up at her. Subconsciously, she began to rub the purple amethyst amulet that she always wore about her neck. Her blue eyes dimmed, and she ripped them away from the picture, opening her letter instead. It was a standard, sixth year supply list from the school, and Kimmi sighed.

Same year, same routine, she thought.

0 0 0 0

It was highly unusual for a Head Girl to be called into school before the official start of term. But Marnea Griyl didn't mind. Her mother, Julia Griyl--a clerk for Gladrags, the family store, had been so proud of her appointment as Head Girl of Hogwarts that she didn't find the Headmaster's request the least bit unusual.

"You should be proud that the Headmaster wants to give you a bit more responsibility than any other Head Girl ever," she had said the morning that Marnea had left.

However, Marnea's father, Alex Griyl, was suspicious. But that went along with his line of work. He was Auror, and seeing as Voldemort had risen again, he was even more protective of his daughter than before. In fact, it had nearly taken an army just to get him to let Marnea return to Hogwarts.

But here she was, her long, wavy brown hair hanging loose this morning and her greens eyes lit with anticipation. She found the gargoyle to the Headmaster's office had been left open, in expectation of her arrival. She climbed the revolving staircase quickly and knocked on the door.

"Enter," came the voice of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

Usually not very shy, Marnea was very shocked to find how timidly she allowed herself into the office. The elderly Headmaster sat behind his desk, his half-moon spectacles down low on his nose.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Marnea asked, her voice coming out lower than she had wanted it to.

"Yes, but first, might I inquire as to two facts about you, my dear?"

"Of course, sir."

"First, you are a Pureblood and a Ravenclaw, am I right?"

"Yes, sir."

"Second, yet your family chooses to live in a Muggle neighborhood and blend in accordingly, correct?"

Marnea blushed. She was very proud of her parents, and their accomplishments. But explaining their eccentricity to other people often embarrassed her just a little bit.

"Yes, sir."

"Ah!" Dumbledore exclaimed happily, standing. "Than you are the perfect girl for the job! You see, we have a new student coming to us all the way from America. An exchange student, of sorts. However, I cannot go and collect her myself. I also understand that you have your apparition license, do you not?"

"Yes, sir."

"Perfect! Then, may I ask you to go forth and retrieve her for me? Her name is Mini Summers."

Marnea smiled widely. "I would love to."

"Fantastic. Now, first, Floo to Hogsmeade, then apparate to this address," Dumbledore directed, handing Marnea a piece of parchment. "I would've asked our Head Boy this year to help you, but I'm afraid he rather dislikes Muggle-borns. I thank you for your help, Miss Griyl."

"No problem, sir," Marnea replied.

Dumbledore told her to use his fireplace to Floo directly to the fireplace in the Three Broomsticks. From there, she stepped outside the door of the pub and apparated directly to the front door of a nice-looking, suburban home. The sun had not yet risen, but it was awful close to sunrise. That meant that no Muggles had seen her. Taking a deep breath, she knocked.

The door was quickly answered by a short girl with short, choppy light brown hair and brown eyes. She was dragging a few bits of luggage with her.

"I take it you are Mini Summers?" Marnea asked.

"Yes, and you are?" the girl replied.

"I'm Marnea Griyl. I'll be your transport to Hogwarts today."

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