Digimon: The New Path

Digimon: The New Path

Episode One: Letting Go

By: Robster80


Author's Note: This begins several days after episode 21 of Digimon 02, after the downfall of Ken/The Digimon Emperor and the discovery of the crest of Kindness. By then, Ken has changed and Wormmon has been reformatted. However, Veemon has not reached his Champion level yet. Also, the defeat of Ken was slightly different. You shall see.


"I love him," Kari told Gatomon in her room late that night. "I really do love him."

The cat Digimon was worried. "Are you sure about this? He may not really be in love with you, and I don't want to see you get hurt, Kari."

"I'll be okay, Gatomon. I thought you'd support me here."

"I do, Kari, but… him?!"

"Yes, I know. He may just have a crush and nothing more. But, when I'm with him, I feel… so alive. I just feel so good. My mind's made up, Gatomon. Tomorrow, I'm going to tell him. And you can't say a word about this to anyone!"

Gatomon nodded. "You have my word." She then curled up in the desk chair and tried to sleep, but her worries were too much for her. Kari, I think you're making a big mistake.

* * *

"What took you so long, TC?" Davis said as TK came in last to the computer room at school that afternoon. Though Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Kari, as well as their Digimon had just arrived themselves, he didn't appreciate waiting for his rival.

TK frowned as Davis had once again said his name wrong. "What is it with you and mispronouncing my name, Davis? It's TK."

Kari intercepted the coming fight by placing her hand on Davis' shoulder and spoke. "Relax, Davis. He's here and that's all that matters. Let's just go now. We have a lot of cleaning up to do in the Digital World now that Ken's been defeated."

Davis looked at her and smiled. "Whatever you say, Kari."

No more words were said, except for Yolei saying "Digi-port open," and the ten of them were back in the Digital World. Cody pulled out a map of the area they were in.

"We'll work on five areas today," he said. "Yolei will take the lake area, TK the mountain, Davis the beach, and the large plain will be divided up by myself and Kari. If we start now, we'll be done in just a few hours."

The team nodded, and then went off to their areas to help restore the Digital World. As he walked, TK thought about Ken. He remembered how lost he was after being defeated by Davis and Magnamon, thinking that the Digital World was all a game to him. That illusion ended with Wormmon's death, and Ken had to face reality. TK also remembered finding the Crest of Kindness, and, figuring it was Ken's, gave it to him. The others were shocked about this, because they probably couldn't forgive Ken for all he had done with the Dark Rings and Control Spires.

However, TK had forgiven him. In his eyes, Ken was a lost child who needed help, and they were the ones to guide him. Only he saw this, though, and he wondered how the others could be so cruel, even Kari still didn't trust him that much. I'd better talk to her about it, he thought. But before I tell her how I really feel towards her. Well, better get to work.

* * *

Kari and Gatomon finished their share of work quickly with the help of some Gazimon, and Kari decided it was time to find her guy. "You stay here, Gatomon," she said. "And look after the Gazimon. I'm going to see him."

Gatomon nodded, but didn't look at Kari. "Just be careful," was all she said. There was more she wanted to say, but knew nothing would stop her friend.

Kari smiled, then headed off.

* * *

TK had also finished his work early, and he and Patamon then headed off to find Kari. When they came to the field, they only found Gatomon, who seemed a little nervous around them, especially TK.

Patamon looked around. "Where'd Kari go, Gatomon?"

The cat sighed heavily. "You'll find her by the beach. We finished early, so she went there."

TK nodded, then faced his Digimon. "Why don't you keep Gatomon company, Patamon? I'll be back." With that, he headed for the beach.

Gatomon tried to stop him, but she knew she couldn't. He has a right to know, even if it's the hard way.

Patamon flew down to her, worried. "What's wrong, Gato?"

"Patamon… I can't tell you just yet. I made promise."

"Oh, okay. Then you keep your promise, Gato. I know how important they can be."

He turned to move away, but Gatomon hugged him tight, her eyes filled with tears. "Please don't leave," she begged.

Patamon slowly hugged her back. "I won't."

* * *

TK was almost to the beach when he saw Veemon gathering sticks. The blue Digimon looked up and smiled. "Hiya, TK! You got done early, too?"

TK walked up to Veemon. "Yes. Have you seen Kari? She was done as well and Gatomon said she came in this direction."

"I did. She stopped by as I was gathering sticks for firewood. We're cooking some grub for the Numemon who helped Davis and I at the beach."

"Cool. Need some help?"

TK took some of Veemon's load and they began to walk towards the beach. They were almost at the clearing when TK stopped dead in his tracks. Before them were Kari and Davis, in each other's arms, and kissing. He watched as they slowly broke the kiss and Kari said, "I love you."

Veemon saw this, then looked back at TK, who gripped the sticks in his arms tightly. Oh no! Davis finally got the girl of his dreams, but TK loves her, too.

They listened as the two new lovers began to talk: "Kari… I love you, too. But, I thought you liked TK more than me."

"Never! TK's my best friend, and I haven't seen him in so long. Maybe it was wrong to flirt with him, but I couldn't help it because I wanted you to be jealous. I owe you and him an apology for that. I just hope it doesn't ruin our friendship with each other."

TK felt his heart sink. I'm just her best friend, and a tool to make Davis jealous! She loves him…and he her back. …So be it. I love her, too, and I want her to be happy.

Veemon looked back at TK. "You okay?" he whispered.

TK just nodded. They listened as the talk continued.

"I have an idea, Davis. We could pretend that things are still the way they are; I could still be flirting with TK to make you jealous."

Dvais liked this idea very much. It was a great scheme to toy with TK's heart until the right moment and then shatter him completely. "That's cool, Kari."

TK had heard enough. He walked up to them. "That wouldn't be fair to the others, let alone to me."

Kari and Davis turned and gasped as TK and Veemon appeared. He continued. "They're your friends, and you should be honest with them or else they'll begin to doubt their faith in you. Friendship is based on trust, and so it love."

Kari paled. "TK, how long have you been listening?"

"Ever since you two stopped kissing."

Davis got a little angry. His plan was now ruined. "So, you cut out from your work to spy on us?"

TK put the sticks in his hands down, then pulled up his arm and extended his hand, confusing Davis. "Congratulations, Davis. I hope you and Kari will be very happy."

The other boy was surprised, but took the hand and shook it. "Thanks. But… aren't you angry?"

"Only that you planned to keep this from your friends. But other than that, no I'm not. And for the record, Patamon and I are finished working. Speaking of Patamon, I left him with Gatomon, Kari. Is it okay if I leave him here with you guys? I have some things to take care of back home."

Kari smiled. "Sure, TK. Thank you for understanding."

TK just turned around and waved as he walked back into the woods. He didn't look back, or else they would see the pain on his face.

"TK, wait up! I got to ask you something!"

The boy looked to see Veemon run up to him. "TK, I want you to know I'm very sorry about what just happened. I can see how much you're really hurting from this."

"Please don't tell anyone this, Veemon. I don't want to come between Kari and Davis."

"You have my word."

* * *

TK came home to an empty apartment that late afternoon, which didn't surprise him the least. His mother was off at work and wouldn't be home for another few hours. He was alone, and he wanted to be that way right now.

After returning, TK thought about going to see Matt. Then he decided not to. He was too old to be running to his big brother for help, and there was nothing anyone could do to help him.

Kari loved Davis. He had accepted it, and also hated it.

TK made his way into his room, tossing his hat onto his desk before falling onto his bed. Once his face met his pillow, he released all his tears that had been building up inside of him, and wept bitterly. He was only her friend, even after the times he saved her from Piedmon and the Dark World. He was a friend to her and nothing more. Those words stung his heart terribly. "I love you, Kari," he said to the silence as he cried. The day he told her he cared about her replayed in his mind. Had he the courage to tell her what he meant then, or that he loved her sooner, maybe she would be with him now, and not Davis. But wishful thinking only made his pain worse.

"Goodbye, my angel of light… time to let you go."

There would be another love someday, somewhere. TK just had to hold on to whatever was left of his dying hope until then.

* * *

Patamon didn't know what was worse: that Kari loved Davis, or that they planned to keep it secret from everyone until TK found out and told them to come clean. In hot anger, he flew away from the group because he didn't want to hear the two of them talking anymore. How could Kari think about tricking TK like that! She's supposed to be his best friend, and he even said that he cared too much about her.

The winged Digimon finally sat down to clear his head. He was scared that Gatomon would probably do the same thing to him with Veemon. Knock it off, Patamon! You've known her for some time now, and she would never do something like that… would she?


Patamon looked to see Veemon standing beside him. The blue dragon-like Digimon looked sad. "This is hurting me just as much as it is to you, pal. I saw the look on TK's face before he left. It's killing him that the girl he loves doesn't share the same feelings."

Patamon looked away. "Veemon, I thought you'd be happy for Davis. He is your partner after all."

Veemon shook his head. "As strange as it sounds, I'm not. And don't get any ideas about Gatomon and I hooking up behind your back, because that will never happen. I admit I'm jealous of you because you have her, but I just want to be friends with her, nothing more. Besides, you're all she talks about when I hang around her."

Veemon watched as Patamon gave him a "are you serious" look. "Hey, if I'm lying, I hope I get hit by a street car and die! I just wanted you to know how I feel about all of this." He looked to see someone rushing up to them. "Here comes Gatomon now. I say you talk to her."

Patamon watched as Veemon left and Gatomon came up to him. "I'm so sorry about all this, Pata," she said. "I wanted to tell you and TK about it…"

"What's done is done, Gatomon. I just hope TK will be okay. He loves Kari, you know."

Gatomon looked at him. "I know this isn't the time for what I'm about to do, but…" she then pulled him into a kiss, wrapping her paws around him.

Patamon liked the kiss, but gently pulled away. "I'm sorry, Gato, but I can't. Not with TK dealing with his heartache. But, I love you, too."

This made Gatomon smile at least. "We'd better get back and have someone give you a ride home."

* * *

TK didn't know how long he had been lying in bed, nor did he care. After what seemed like an eternity of crying, he got up and dragged himself to the kitchen for dinner. He didn't feel like a TV dinner, and he didn't want to go out to eat, so he had trouble deciding what he wanted. His appetite was mostly gone, but it still tugged at his stomach a little. Finally, he fixed himself a small sandwich and some chips.

However, after the first bite, TK felt he couldn't eat anything else. So… this is what is feels like to be in love… He sighed heavily.

Just then, someone knocked on his door. TK slowly got up and opened it to see Tai standing there with Patamon in his hands. Both of them looked at his face, and frowned. "I was afraid of this," Tai muttered. He gave Patamon back to TK as he said, "Mind if we have a chat?"

TK nodded and let his old friend inside. He then told Patamon "Go to my room. Mom won't be back for a while yet." The winged Digimon obeyed and flew off silently, leaving the two boys alone to talk. "Want a drink?"

"Sure, thanks."

Tai sat down while TK got out two glasses and some water. "So, what brings you here?"

Tai ate one chip from TK's plate. "I stopped by the school to pick Kari up on my way home. She told me that she was dating Davis now, and when they said you came home early and left Patamon behind, well let's say my suspicions were confirmed when I got here." He took the glass from TK and took a sip before going on. "TK, I know you're in love with my sister. You've saved her more times than Davis has, and you've always looked out for her when I wasn't there. How come you let this happen?"

TK starred at his glass. "I do love her, Tai. That's why I'm not going to get in the way of their relationship anymore. I want her to be happy."

"At your own expense? Takeru Takaishi, you just as stupid as your brother! I got nothing against Davis, or against the feelings of my sister, but… damn it, TK, you should at least tell her how you feel! It's no good for you to just sit on your ass and cry your eyes out when you could-!"

The sound of shattering glass cut Tai off as he looked at TK's now bleeding hand. Tai's words had made him so angry that he tightened the grip on his glass of water and it broke. Shards and water now covered parts of the table, and fresh blood was dripping onto it from TK's palm.

It was then Tai realized that he had said too much. "TK… I-."

"Just finish your drink, and get out!"

Tai winced a little at the coldness in TK's words. He quickly got up and went to the bathroom to look for the medical kit. He returned and bandaged the hand before apologizing. "I'm sorry about this, TK! I didn't-!"

"Just. Get. Out!"

Tai bowed, then walked out quickly. Patamon flew in and asked what happened when he saw the bandaged hand. "It's nothing," TK said. "Mind finishing my sandwich for me? I'm not hungry."

* * *

Davis laid in his bed, smiling widely. "I won!" he exclaimed to Demi-Veemon, who sat on the floor. "I finally got Kari as my girl, and TJ got left out. He even chose not to fight. The fool. I guess TB finally-."


Davis sat up and looked down at his Digimon. "What was that?"

"His name is TK, Davis. And you don't need to rub it in. You're his friend."

"Friend? The guy's a jerk. He kept getting in my way, and now he can't anymore. It feels sooooo good to finally have Kari's love!"

Demi-Veemon frowned. He sounds more like he's obsessed with Kari rather than in love with her, and the way he's dissing on TK… I wonder if he actually deserves the Digi-Egg of Friendship…

End Episode 1


Next: TK and Patamon walk into Ken and Wormmon, who are destroying some of the remaining Control Spires. A new friendship is made, but can TK convince the others that Ken is no longer the enemy while trying not to go insane from Kari and Davis' budding romance? This series has already begun, and a turning point is right around the corner.