Ep. 7: Memories and Scars

Last time: Rob and Mimi met with the others sometime after Davis was rejected from the Digital World and they were contacted by Azulongmon. He told them that they needed to find Veemon, the three missing Digi-Eggs, and the Crest of Miracles in order to find a way to defeat Dragomon. Meanwhile, Davis was brought before Dragomon, who made Davis the Digimon Overlord and created Black Agumon from one hundred control spires as his partner. In the end, Veemon and the Digi-Egg of Courage were found, but the task was far from over…

After clearing things up with the hotel clerk about their parents, Mimi returned to Rob and her room to find Rob on his bed with DemiVeemon asleep on him. She closed the door quietly before walking over to the bed and sat beside him. "He really does like you," she commented.

Rob smiled at her, then at his Digimon. "Well, we're old friends. It's been… I think about 8 years since I first met him." He stopped as Mimi laid down near him.

"Please tell me," she said, batting her eyes at him.

Rob smiled. "You have but to ask, my goddess. It was back in my hometown of Elysburg, PA. I was 7, I think, and it was the summer of 1994…"

* * *

Young Robbie Gittler watched as his older sister Katie played solitare on their father's computer. It was about 9 PM, close to their bedtime, but he was fixated on watching the game. Eventually, Katie won and shut the game off. "Go to sleep, squirt," she said as she left, turning out the light behind her.

Robbie was now alone, staring at the multi-colored screen in the dark. He turned to leave, but then the monitor turned to static. Just then, there appeared on the screen a large egg. It was a sky blue egg, with a gold symbol on its front. Robbie watched it as the egg flew out of the screen and into his arms.


Hearing his mom's voice, Robbie took the egg and carefully took it to his room, and right into bed with him. I wonder what's in here, he thought as he fell asleep.

* * *

Someone's voice woke Robbie up late that morning, and it wasn't his mother.

"Wake up!"

The boy opened his eyes to see a pair of black eyes staring right back at him. The eyes were attached to what seemed to be a blue ball with a floppy tentacle on its head. It smiled. "Good morning!"

Robbie blinked. "Who… are you? What happened to that egg I had?" He sat up and looked to see several eggshell pieces on his bed where the blue ball sat/stood.

"I'm called Chibomon. I'm a Digimon. What's your name?"

"My name's Robbie. Uh, how did you get out of my dad's computer? And what's a Digimon?"

"I dunno how, since I was a Digi-Egg at the time. Digimon is short for Digital Monster."

Robbie frowned. "I thought monsters were big and scary."

Chibomon shook his head. "Nuh-uh! Not all monsters are like that. At least, not me. I just wanna be your friend."

This made Robbie smile. "Okay! I'll go down and get you something to eat. Wait here, okay?" Not waiting for an answer, Robbie climbed out of bed and left the room to go downstairs.

Chibomon took this opportunity to look around the room. There lots of clothes and toys scattered about the room, making it a bit messy. Wow! This is a neat place! Hearing someone coming up the steps, Chibomon hid under the covers of Robbie's bed.

"Chibomon, where'd you go?"

It was Robbie. He had come back with a bag of cookies.

* * *

Mimi was astonished. "That was about the same way Kari and Tai met their first Digimon, except it couldn't talk until after it first Digivolved."

"Well, Chibomon didn't become DemiVeemon until after he I gave him some soda to drink. I had to wait until mom left for the store and Katie left to go to a friend's house. That was when the fun began. We played with my toys and watched TV, but we had several close calls buy the messes he made. Fortunately, my folks blamed it on the cat. Then, later that night, something happened. My folks were at a party and my sister was sleeping over at a friend's place, so we were left alone…"

* * *

Robbie brought DemiVeemon to the computer room and pointed at the screen. "Your egg came from outta there," he said.

DemiVeemon blinked. "I wonder how I did that?"

"Well, the screen turned to static… like that!" Robbie pointed as the monitor as the same event that occurred last night was happening again. Only this time, it wasn't an egg that was forming on the screen.

DemiVeemon frowned. "Robbie, I think we'd better turn off the computer. Like now!"

"I can't. Daddy wants it on all the time. Why?"

"There's another Digimon coming… and I don't think he's gonna be friendly!"

However, before either of them could get away, two large brown hands reached out of the screen and grabbed them both. "DEMIVEEMON!" Robbie screamed as they were both pulled into the screen and into another place. As they were being pulled through, DemiVeemon began to glow with white light and changed form again.


Suddenly, the two found themselves in a deep, dark forest. They looked to see a large brown bear-like creature holding them in his hands. "I am MudFrigdimon. I hate little Rookie Digimon and I hate little kids, so I'm gonna get rid of you two right now!"

Veemon quickly broke free. "I won't let you hurt my buddy! VEE HEADBUTT!" The little Digimon then leapt headfirst and rammed into MudFridgimon's skull hard, causing the evil Digimon to release Robbie.

"Let's get outta here!" Robbie cried, and he and Veemon ran away deeper into the woods.

MudFridgimon shook his head and then chased after them. "You can run, you little pests, but you can't hide!!!" He smashed down every tree in his path to find them.

Veemon looked back to see falling timber heading for Robbie, and gasped. He leapt at his friend to push him out of the way, not caring what would happen to him. Again he began to glow and felt himself changing. "LOOK OUT, ROBBIE!"

The boy looked to see a tree coming towards him, and froze. He shut his eyes and waited for the end, but then he felt a strong breeze.

"You're safe now, Robbie," a deep voice spoke. The boy looked to see a familiar set of eyes and blue skin. "DemiVeemon?"

"Close. Call me ExVeemon."

Robbie then looked to see that they were flying high above the forest. "Wow! MudFridgimon won't think to look for us up here!"


A large chunk of mud suddenly flew up and hit ExVeemon in the stomach, hurting him a little and causing him to fly lower to the forest. "Then again," he said. "We didn't count on his Mud Ball attack. But, I have an attack of my own!" He landed on the ground and carefully placed Robbie down. "Stay behind me, and say good-bye to the mud monster." The boy hid behind ExVeemon's leg as MudFridgimon appeared, knocking down a few more trees.

"I have you now, brats! No more mister nice Digimon! HEAVY PUNCH!!"

ExVeemon crossed his arms over his chest where a large X was, and it began to flash. "Chew on this! X-LASER!!" He uncrossed his arm and a laser beam shaped like an X fired from his chest. The beam hit MudFridgimon's incoming fist, tearing it apart along with the rest of him. He roared out in pain as he was broken down into data and disappeared.

Robbie looked up at ExVeemon and smiled. "Thank you, ExVeemon. But, I wanna go home now." Just then, he found himself back in his dad's office. "ExVeemon?" He looked around, but found that he was alone. The computer monitor was normal, too. Did I just imagine it all?

Just then, his father came into the room. "What are you doing up, Robster? You should be in bed." Robbie nodded, and then rushed out to his room. The Digi-Eggshell pieces that were there that morning were nowhere to be found as he crawled into bed. I guess I did imagine it all…

* * *

"…And that was it. I never saw Veemon again until now. I just assumed it was either my imagination or a bad dream, since I later had nightmares of a big, black bear chasing me."

"You mean the one from that old 'Peanuts' movie?"

Rob blushed. "Well, yeah… but I was only a kid."

Mimi giggled before hugging Rob around the neck. "You're cute when you blush, you know that?"

"So are you two guys going steady?"

Rob and Mimi looked to see DemiVeemon looking back at them and smiling. "Well? Inquiring minds wanna know. And don't try to deny it from me! We've already got enough guy/girl trouble with TK and Kari."

* * *


Arukenimon snorted as she watched the new Digimon Overlord and Black WarGreymon training their new powers of destruction on several control spires set up in the Dark World. We shouldn't be relying on this human and only one Digimon, she fumed. Nor should we waste perfectly good control spires by using them for target practice! Dragomon said not to interfere with his training… but he did not say I couldn't go after the Kids alone.

Quickly walking away, the female Digimon walked through a portal into the Digital World into a desert filled with fresh control spires. A sinister plan formed in her mind as she pulled out thirty strands of her hair. "Three Ultimate level Digimon should be enough. After all, they can no longer Digivolve to Ultimate without their crests. And without the Golden Digi-Egg of Miracles, there will be no Magnamon this time. SPIRIT NEEDLE!"

The thirty strands of purple hair flew from her hand, each one striking a control spire and sinking into it. The hit spires were collected into three groups of ten and melted together to form three familiar Digimon.

"Those kids had more trouble with these three Digimon alone, so together, my terrible trio will finish them off before the 'Digimon Overlord' and Black WarGreymon finish their training. Tomorrow will be the day…"

Little did Arukenimon realize that she was being watched from a nearby mountainside. It was what looked like a man but with Blue robes and a blue hat. "Yes," he whispered. "Tomorrow will be the day, but not for your triumph, dear sister…"

* * *

The next day found Rob, Veemon, Mimi, Palmon, TK, Patamon, Kari, and Gatomon in the desert where the Digi-Egg of Friendship had been discovered. TK checked his D-3. "It's not too far from here," he said. "We'll just fly around and… Oops! I forgot not all of us can fly."

"Oh really?" Rob pointed his D-3 at Veemon. "You up to it, buddy?" He got his answer as Veemon began to glow. "I'll take that as a 'yes, I am.' Go for it!"


Everyone but Rob was shocked as Veemon grew. His limbs and horn grew longer, and two of his five fingers of each hand were gone. On his chest was a large V with two short legs at the bottom, making it look like an X. Two white dragon wings sprouted from his back, completing his change. "So," he said. His voice was much deeper than before. "What do you think?"

Rob smiled. "You look better than I remember, ExVeemon. You up to carrying two people?"

"Will never know until I try." The large Digimon knelt down. "Hop aboard!"

Mimi and Rob got on ExVeemon's back while Patamon and Gatomon armored up into Pegasusmon and Nefertimon and gave TK, Kari, and Palmon a lift. They all flew over the desert, searching for the cliff that bore the large Crest of Friendship. That had been the spot where the Digi-Destined had found the Digi-Egg of Friendship, and that would be where the Egg would have been returned.

Mimi smiled as she held onto Rob. "It seems you're more at ease flying on ExVeemon's back than yesterday with Birdramon."

"That's only because we're not up so high as last time."

TK looked at them as he flew on Pegasusmon's back. I always thought Joe or Izzy would become Mimi's boyfriend… then again, I had similar thoughts about Kari and I. Still do, too… but not as much. After what happened with Davis, I doubt she knows what love is. He resumed his gaze to the front. At least we're still friends, and are trying to mend the damage between us.

To his right, Kari and Palmon rode on Nefertimon alongside of him. She also saw Rob and Mimi together, which made he look at TK. He didn't notice her looking at him as he was lost in thought. Well, our friendship's begun to heal up… but now I think he doubts what love really is, and it's all my fault! Why couldn't I see that he really had more feelings for me than he was letting on?! Now I'm scared to tell him I'm in love with him. I just hope time will heal this all soon.

"There it is!" TK shouted while pointing down. "The cliffs of Friendship! That's where the Egg is!" He flew down on Pegasusmon, followed by the others on Nefertimon and ExVeemon. Sure enough, the small crater with the Digi-Egg of Friendship was there.

Rob and Mimi got off before ExVeemon changed back into Veemon. They walked over to the crater. "So," Rob said. "The Digi-Eggs differ with each Crest. Weird."

TK scratched his chin. "Actually, we haven't found the Digi-Egg to go with Ken's Crest of Kindness. Maybe we'll find it, or it'll find us like with the Egg of Sincerity."

Rob walked down and bent over to pick the Egg up. He took it in both hands, but it wouldn't lift. Oh, a wiseguy, eh? He kept pulling, but failed to budge it. "I think it's glued down or something. I can't lift it!"

"Whoa, déjà vu!" Kari said. "This happened before, though Davis eventually started acting like a friend and lifted the Egg. Mimi, you try lifting it."

Mimi stared at her. "Why me? I don't have a D-3 like you guys do."

"Because TK and I haven't been exactly friends since recently…"

"Say no more. I'll give it my best." Mimi walked down to beside Rob and tapped his shoulder. "Lemme try it, Sweetie." Rob moved aside and Mimi bent down to pick up. She also couldn't lift it up. "Wow, this thing is stuck down tight!"


The shout made everyone look to see two strange missiles heading for the cliff. An explosion upon impact caused an avalanche of rock to fall towards the group. "AM-SCRAY!" Rob shouted as he pulled Mimi away just in time. Veemon looked in the direction the missiles had come from, and gasped.


The others looked, and there indeed was the blue Metal-Greymon flying at them. Only this time, he didn't have a Dark Spiral on him anywhere. He roared at them as he stared with pale yellow eyes.

"It must be a Digimon created from control spires," TK said. "We'll have to destroy it and fast!" He tried to mount back onto Pegasusmon, but then the earth began to shake.

Out from a patch of sand a few kilometers off, another Digimon rose up and glared at the kids. It was Skull-Greymon, also without a Dark Ring or Spiral on him. His red eyes gave Mimi chills as she remembered her first sighting of this killer. "Oh God, not him again!"

"And that's not all, kiddies!"

The group looked again to see yet another familiar evil Digimon, Kimeramon, flying towards them. Upon his back rode Arukenimon in her human guise. "Now this is a proper reunion of some of your deadliest foes," she said. "Evil Metal-Greymon, Skull-Greymon, and Kimeramon; the ultimate trio of terror. Once you four kids are out of the way, the others will fall faster than dominoes. Kill them!"

Rob pulled out his D-3. This would be his trial by fire, and if he failed… he didn't want to even think about the consequences.

End Ep. 7

Next: Ken and Stingmon arrive to lend a hand, but even with their help and the power of the Digi-Egg of Friendship, is it enough to face off three deadly Ultimates? Azulongmon sends help from his limbo prison, and the mystery figure reveals himself, much to the horror of Arukenimon. Is this new figure friend or foe?