Character Bios

Little Fighter

Age: Roughly over 22

Height: 5'9

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair/eye color: Auburn/green

Personality: Little Fighter finds it daunting and often dangerous melding into the Predator culture. Her self doubt, coupled with the hindering influences of the other Predators often thrusts her into a highly submissive personality. She is a very quick learner and readily does what she's told. Eventually as she grows older she develops a strong will which is one characteristic that keeps her alive in the brutal Predator society. Her temper is keen as is her aggression but she knows when to suppress it. She is inhumanly brave but has deep seeded fear of being alone and/or having those who are closest to her come to harm. For a short time Little Fighter was intrigued by her own species when she met Jake, a human soldier, whose short love for her was abruptly ended. But after her first hunt on Earth when Hunter was killed Little Fighter developed a bitter disdain for her species and denounced her humanity. To this day she wants nothing to do with Oomans or their society other than to hunt them like a Predator. Her ultimate goal in life is to be seen as an equal in the eyes of her Predator comrades and to bring honor to her name.

Combat Style/Preferred Weapons: While physically inferior to her Predator counterparts Little Fighter manages to hold her own in terms of fighting. Her greatest strength is strategy and agility which often save her life when dealing with much more powerful opponents. In hand to hand combat she doesn't stand much of a chance, but her quickness and nimble mind seem to compensate. Little Fighter has also managed to develop a great deal of resiliency for pain which helps her when dealing with the brutal fighting techniques of the Predators. She's most proficient with the combi-stick fighting as well as dagger combat.


Age: In human years he'd be a in his upper 40s Deceased

Height: 7'11

Weight: 385 lbs (no fat on this guy!)

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin pattern/color: Pallid cream undertone with black speckling and blotches (much like the Predator from Predator 1)

History/Personality: Hunter is the leader of his clan, not an elder, but could be if he so chose. Since he's the leader of his clan he is also the teacher of Young Bloods in the ways of hunters/warriors. Hunter is tough on those beneath him and does not accept disloyalty or defiance in any form, but he's just and honorable in all he does. He's the most skilled warrior in his clan and has never been beaten in a serious fight which is how he remained leader of his clan for 30+ years.

During a leisurely hunt on the planet Earth, Hunter killed a large group of human males but found something unexpected amongst them: a little girl. Hunter is a ruthless killer when hunting but also very observant and curious toward his prey. He followed the little survivor out of curiosity and saved her from death out of pity. He intended to just leave her there as soon as his curiosity was satisfied but she displayed an inexorable boldness that he couldn't ignore. So he decided to keep the young one with the intent of using her for new hunting and teaching techniques. He named her Little Fighter because of her feisty personality and soon became very fond of the Ooman girl as she grew up under his care. He inadvertently becomes a 'father' of sorts to her. Hunter shows little of his personality to those around him other than his mates and occasionally to Little Fighter. He is level headed, stern, but hides a tiny bit of caring compassion.

Combat Style/Preferred Weapons: Hunter is probably the most skilled fighter ever born to his clan. A perfectionist in his own training he has to make sure no flaw is left unattended. Often his personal training borders obsession. His speed, strength, and precision are all top ranking. Even among his kind his senses are highly attuned to his surroundings. Hunter often surprises the young Predators as well as Little Fighter with his keen observations. He prefers the combi-stick and glaive which he wields with unmatched lethality.


Age: In human years he'd be in his mid 20s

Height: 7'8

Weight: 357 lbs

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin pattern/color: Pallid cream undertones with very bold reddish brown stripes (tiger-like)

History/Personality: Garv is a young Predator with much promise in his clan. He takes heed to the codes of honor laid down by his people and on top of that possesses a great skill in the arts of combat. As a child his prodigy-like fighting qualities sparked jealousy amongst his peers which made him an outcast. Once he reached adult-hood and achieved an honorable status through hunting rituals his former outcast role was shed and a respected warrior of the clan took its place.

From the first time Garv witnessed Little Fighter take her first honorable kill he harbored a secret desire for her. To show this he spent most of his time with her to develop an unbreakable friendship. But since she was not of his species, he could never fully express his desires. That is until he got some competition from the human male Jake, whom Little Fighter briefly became attracted to. This sparked a fierce jealousy within him and made him realize his feelings for her were real. Finally after defeating Little Fighter's enemy Algar in a fight to lead the clan, he asked Little Fighter to be his mate.

Garv has strong emotions for a Predator though he tries to suppress them for his reputation's sake. He's very fierce in combat but has a gentler side that he mostly uses when around Little Fighter. His protectiveness toward his mate is often dangerous sometimes irritating to Little Fighter who doesn't want to be sheltered all the time. Garv can take matters in stride unless they involve his mate, then his heart gets in the way. But for his young age Garv is a wise leader who will gladly put himself in harm's way to protect his mate, his honor, and his clan.

Combat Style/Preferred Weapons: Garv is strong in strategizing but he's a well rounded fighter, excelling in all aspects of combat and weapon play. His speed and precision in fighting make him deadly to any opponent he faces. He's most proficient in the use of wrist blades.

Fire Blood

Age: In human years he'd be in his mid 20s

Height: 8'4

Weight: Near 400 lbs

Eye Color: Two toned- red with yellow rims

Skin pattern/color: Dark cream undertones with jagged blackish brown blotches

History/Personality: Though no one would believe it given his mostly humored demeanor, Fire Blood has a bloody past which he keeps to himself. Orphaned at a young age when his Bad Blood father savagely murdered his mother and all his siblings, Fire Blood endured most of his childhood alone and Honorless. It wasn't until his aunt Ta'buka returned and took it upon herself to train him so he could kill his father and return honor to their family name. When he was nineteen seasons old he killed his Bad Blood father and soon after earned back his honor.

If there's one thing to be said about Fire Blood it's his raging libido. Forever on the hunt for new mating opportunities, this big guy doesn't pass up a chance to flirt with any female he finds attractive. Having 13 mates makes him a busy fellah and he's always looking to have more—even if it means irritating Garv by flirting with Little Fighter.

Even amongst his own kind Fire Blood is a giant in size and strength. His temper is razor sharp and if he gets provoked enough he will not stop until the offender is dead. This makes him extremely dangerous to fight against. Though Fire Blood is very big and is a definite force to be reckoned with, he has an unusually acute sense of humor…a lewd, often dark humor…but a humor none-the-less. He is also very passionate and fiercely protective of his mates and offspring.

Combat Style/Preferred Weapons:Fire Blood is a true master in the art of disk throwing which is rather odd considering his size. His style is simple: utter destruction. Being so big and strong he knows how to throw his weight around but is not so keen on strategy. This sometimes gets him in trouble when dealing with more delicate or precise combat.


Age: In human years she'd be in her early 30s

Height: 8'0

Weight: 300 lbs

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin pattern/color: Bright green speckles with light cream undertones

History/Personality:From her birth, Jet'rikna was a female of privilege. Being the daughter of an elder she was richly bred to fight and later become High Eldress. But a young head strong male named Fire Blood stole her heart and she denounced the role. This enraged her mother Yii'ra who vowed to kill her daughter's suitor. Yii'ra almost succeeded but Jet'rikna protected Fire Blood and slew her own mother.

This brought the pair even closer and to this day Jet'rikna is the dominant female in Fire Blood's harem. Jet'rikna is stolid and is neither easily excited nor angered. But when she is angered the wise give her a wide berth. Her temper, when aroused, is legendary in itself. Jet'rikna is ruthless and always blunt when training others in combat. She's never afraid to speak her mind and will assert her dominance in almost every situation. Despite her often cold façade, Jet'rikna is a caring mother to her offspring and a very passionate lover. Her mate Fire Blood usually manages to melt this huntress's icy demeanor…when she lets him.

Combat Style/Preferred Weapons: Jet'rikna's style is very precise and beautiful. Though she is very strong she often resorts to less physical means when defeating her opponents. She's a sly, graceful combatant who can make the most bloody of fights seem like a choreographed spectacle. Her preferred weapon is a double-bladed glaive.


Age: In human years she'd be in her mid 30s

Height: 8'2

Weight: 315

Eye Color: Amber with green nearest the pupil

Skin pattern/color: Very light cream with teal stripes

History/Personality:Being the daughter of Hunter, Renata was born to lead. But unlike Jet'rikna she stayed the course of her destiny, taking Eldress Ku'ranya's place after her death. Renata is one of the youngest High Eldresses the Clan has ever had but her age doesn't affect her ability to command.

Renata is stolid like Jet'rikna but much icier in demeanor. Not one to give anyone her notice or her praise she is very difficult to impress. This does not bode well from her long time suitor Fire Blood who persistently seeks her favor. She, however, does her level best to ignore his advances.

Renata takes her position as High Eldress very seriously and is not one to shirk her duties. She could be described as cold and haughty. But inside this ice queen burns a passion for her Clan as well as a temper that rivals that of a vengeful goddess. No one dares to cross her except Fire Blood who tests this Eldress's patience.

Combat Style/Preferred Weapons: Though she is High Eldress and is always surrounded by personal body guards, Renata is a professional in combat but excels in stealth tactics. Her weapons of choice are a set of daggers and a knee blade.


Age: In human years she'd be around 18

Height: 6'10

Weight: 255

Eye Color: Dark Green with light green flecks

Skin Pattern/Color: Creamy brown base with small black stripes

History/Personality: Amerra was always the smallest female no matter what age she was at. The other larger females dominated her easily leaving her on the lower rungs of the Clan's female hierarchy. For much of her life she was timid for a female Predator and was more willing to back down than fight. But when push comes to shove she can be a very fierce fighter.

From the very first time she saw Fire Blood she was in love with him. He was equally attracted to her but Jet'rikna didn't think she was worthy. When Fire Blood finally asked Amerra to be his mate Jet'rikna only grudgingly accepted, vowing to make Amerra's life miserable. After several seasons of humiliation and torment, Amerra finally stood up for herself and fought with Jet'rikna. She received a nasty scar for her efforts but also Jet'rikna's acceptance.

Amerra is the gentlest of Fire Blood's mates and is not easily angered. Even though she is the lowest ranking of his mates Amerra still holds a special fondness in Fire Blood's heart which makes him much more defensive of her.

Combat Style/Preferred weapons: If she's ever brought to fight Amerra can be a fierce fighter, often preferring her claws to a weapon. With her smaller size she is extremely agile and a master of stealth. She's probably one of the few huntresses who can disappear without technological camouflage. Her favorite weapon is a dagger and net gun.


Age: In human years he'd be in his mid 20s [DECEASED

Height: 7'5

Weight: 330 lbs

Eye Color: Reddish orange

Skin pattern/color: Darker cream undertones with jagged dark camo-green blotches and small stripes

History/Facts: Algar was born a fierce and volatile Predator with undeniable skills in the combative arts but his unpredictable nature hindered his ability to gain much respect as Garv had done. He values honor but only to an extent and relies mostly on his own ambitions and capricious temper to rule his actions. Ever since he first learned of humans as a child he wanted to hunt them and the presence of a live Ooman on his own world that he was not allowed to kill sparked a horrible anger within him. He particularly loathed the idea of an Ooman, especially a female Ooman, achieving warrior status or equality in the clan as Little Fighter was slowly achieving. More than anything he wanted to lead the clan so he could make changes according to his ambitions. Algar is highly aggressive and holds grudges readily and without regret.

Combat Style/ Preferred Weapon: Algar is the type of Predator who will attack without much provocation and sometimes is known to attack from behind. He's fast and hard hitting. His preferred weapon is the wrist blades and plasma gun.